4 Best train apps for Europe

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Planning a train trip through Europe? You either want to choose to buy a rail pass or you can buy your separate tickets for each leg of your journey. We listed some of the best train apps for Europe that are available right now. Most of these offer the option to buy train tickets online with their platform and services.

We created a few very cool Interrail itineraries too!

Eurail and Interrail are two platforms by the same company to plan your train trip through Europe. Eurail is the platform for non-European travelers, while Interrail is the platform for European travelers. Both platforms work similar in order to book your train tickets online.

Eurail and Interrail work with rail passes for one or more countries in Europe or global passes you can use in all of Europe. Don’t fancy using a rail pass? You can use the mobile app without buying a rail pass. Keep scrolling to find more train travel planners!

Interrail also offers a splendid mobile app to help you find real time train schedules. The app also informs you about whether or not you need to make a reservation for a certain train or if you can catch it with your rail pass.

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Rail Europe

Rail Europe is an international online train booking platform. It’s one of the most popular train apps for Europe and the UK.

You can search and book train tickets in over 30 countries. 

Rail Europe offers rail passes for a variety of countries, as well as single tickets. They have some of the iconic routes available, like: The Orient Express and the Trans-Siberian.


Omio, previously GoEuro, is the best train planner and booking app in this list!

Their platform platform helps you find train schedules, train tickets as well as bus schedules and flights.

The Omio platform and mobile app is a great resources for all travel within Europe.

Omio allows you to compare different modes of transportation all within the same app and that makes Omio the best website to book European train tickets.


Trainline is another popular train journey planner app and website for travelers within Europe.

The Trainline apps helps you find train schedules and bus schedules and allows you to buy your tickets online, from your mobile device.

Conclusion - the very best train apps for Europe

For us, Omio and Rail Europe are the best apps to book trains in Europe.

Both apps and online platforms allow you to find the cheapest transportation quick. You can find train schedules, and book your tickets right away. 

Of course, there are many more train journey planners and rail planner apps out there, but these four are the most complete apps and online platforms that will complete your entire booking for you.

You’ll be able to find train schedules and real-time train times as well as booking your ticket or rail pass straight away.

Let us know which is your favourite train planner app!

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