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Colombia is one of our favorite countries in South America. The country has beaches on the Atlantic as well as the Pacific side and the inland region has a lot to offer. Metropolitan cities like Bogota, Medellin, and Cali each offer their own vibe and specific culture. Smaller colonial towns have a lot of character and are often used as hubs to explore the more rural areas and gems like the coffee region and Guatape. The North of Colombia is known to be incredibly hot and visitors usually travel through Cartagena to make their way to the beautiful beaches of Tayrona and the Cuidad Perdida ruins. Colombia borders Panama in the North, but the passage is not a trip most tourists dare to undertake as it goes through the Darien gap, a vast jungle that used to be controlled by the FARC. The Southern part of Colombia is mostly unvisited and difficult to reach as it is part of the Amazon basin and consists primarily of a jungle. If you rather visit Colombia with a group, we recommend this G Adventure tour that has a little of everything! One alinea won’t save me and I could talk for hours about the variety Colombia has to offer. Check this page to find a little more information about LGBT laws and safety in Colombia!


Colombian Peso







Parque Tayrona



Coffee region - Salento

Valle de Cocora

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