Train travel

All you need to know to create your perfect train holiday


We love traveling by train and here we share all we’ve discovered on our adventures. Mostly we traveled Europe by train but we did do our fair share of China train travel as well. 

There is a lot to know if you want to go on a train holiday. That’s why we’ve created this page for you.

You’ll find info about how to travel Europe by train, and will learn more about high-speed trains and night trains, plus a lot more!

Above that we’ve created a bunch of cool train itineraries to inspire you to go on your own train vacation.

Let’s take a look!

Travel through Europe like a boss

Train travel speaks to the imagination and has the power to take you back to times that are long gone. European train travel is no exception. Check out how to travel through Europe and let this be the start of a great train holiday.

Planning a train trip through Europe?We listed some of the best rail planner apps available right now. Most of these offer the option to buy train tickets online with their platform and services.

High-speed trains & night trains in europe

Train travel in Europe is more popular than ever and most of the train lines have been upgraded to transport passengers at high speed. We listed the most important and most used high-speed trains in Europe to give you an idea of how high-speed trains in Europe work and which options you have when traveling by train.

Traveling by train is so relaxing. You don’t have to keep your eyes on the road the entire time and you’re allowed to nap every once in a while. You can even cover ground while sleeping on a night train. Ultimately, I can’t express enough how interesting and exciting it is to travel through an entire continent by train.

What to pack for train travel?

How to buy cheap train tickets for europe

amazing routes for train travel in europe

did you know about these train rides?

china train guide

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