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Spain by rail in 12 days

Planning a trip to Spain? How about leaving the traffic jams behind and go on a train adventure! Explore Spain by rail in 12 days and have a great mix of culture and beach fun.  Follow or mix up this itinerary that will take you to the top cities in Spain. These are...

Night Trains in Europe

Night Trains in Europe - Europe by Rail - Only Once Today

Traveling Europe by rail is an adventure and we recommend everyone to try it at least once! This type of trip is suitable for every traveler and it can be a romantic and relaxing journey.

High-speed trains in Europe

High-Speed Trains in Europe

Train travel in Europe is more popular than ever and most of the train lines in Europe have been upgraded to transport passengers at a high speed.


Looking for some inspiration to make an unforgettable trip by train? Take a look at our itineraries.

China Train Guide - Travel China by Rail Guide - Only Once Today

Travel China by rail

Although an airplane ticket might be cheaper, the real China-experience is to be found on the trains in the epicenter of Chinese culture. That’s why we created this China Train Guide to help you out!

China Rail Guide

8 Most scenic rail rides in Europe

1. Jacobite Railway

Jacobite Railway is one of the great rail journeys that take you back in time.

2. The Bernina Express

The Bernina Express connects Italy and Switzerland while you can watch glaciers slide by.

Jacobite - West Higland - 8 Most Scenic Train Rides in Europe
Jungfrau Railway - Interesting train trips Europe - Did you know about these? - Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Extreme train rides Europe

Luckily, the deadliest and most dangerous trains are not the European ones. That doesn’t mean that Europe doesn’t have any exciting train specials to offer.

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China Train Guide – Beginners Guide for Travelers

Belgium fits into China 314 times. One hour of train-sitting won’t bring you to the next big city, like in Europe. That’s why night trains are a perfect way to cover ground in China. Although an airplane ticket might be cheaper, the real China-experience is to be...

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