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Travel to Guatemala, a gem in Central America with lots of natural beauty. Many ancient Mayan ruins, lush rainforests, and colourful colonial cities await your exploration. We visited Guatemala on our own a few times now and want to share all the information you might need. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through the land of eternal spring. 

Discover the rich culture, history and natural beauty of Guatemala

Guatemala’s allure lies in its diversity. Guatemala has stunning ruins, serene lakes, and impressive volcanoes. Visit bustling indigenous markets, wander through Antigua’s cobblestoned streets, and experience local traditions. 

Not sure which way to go? We created 7 itineraries to inspire you. Mix and match and make your own route as you go. 

Know what to expect at the border

How to cross the border between Mexico & Guatemala?

Top destinations in Guatemala



Explore this beautifully preserved colonial city. Visit its colourful markets and enjoy its welcoming atmosphere.


Lake Atitlan

Make a tranquil escape to this serene highland lake. Nestled amidst majestic volcanoes and lush greenery.


Semuc champey

Visit the turquoise limestone pools cascading through lush jungles.


Rio Dulce

This scenic river meanders through lush rainforest to the Caribbean Coast.

Ancient Mayan culture.
Majestic ruins.
Mystical Yaxha.

Uncover Guatemala’s second-largest city: Quetzaltenango.

Explore this captivating highland destination. It’s known for its indigenous culture, vibrant markets and stunning natural surroundings. 

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