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Are you thinking about a holiday to Guatemala?

Guatemala is a lot of fun and we want to help you with finding the best Guatemala travel information you need!

Just scroll down and you will find a lot of valuable info to plan your trip to the land of Eternal Spring.

The Guatemala backpackers guide is a treasure chest full of extensive knowledge about the country that can be super useful if you travel to Guatemala.

We also created 7 awesome itineraries if you need some inspiration for a travel route.

On top of that, you will discover in-depth posts about top cities, freakishly cool nature, ancient Mayan ruins, and many more.

If you are wondering what is the best place to stay to uncover all these destinations?

We’ve got you covered! Next to the top destinations you can find the coolest hostels and hotels to make your Guatemala holiday a real winner!

In addition, for our LGBT+ readers, we’ve dedicated a full page to LGBT+ travel in Guatemala. Expect info about your rights as an LGBT+ traveler, LGBT+ friendly places in Guatemala, useful links, and info about safety.

Your Guatemala travel trip starts here

Top destinations in guatemala

These are some of the top destinations to put on your Guatemala bucket list.

Next to the destination you find some of the best hostels/hotels to stay at.

lgbtq+ Guatemala travel

A page dedicated to our LGBT+ readers.

What are your rights as an LGBT+ traveler to Guatemala?

Included are some of the destinations in Guatemala which are most open to the LGBT+ community and you will find some useful links that can help you answer some LGBT+ related questions you might have.

As a final, we added a story of our experience traveling as a lesbian couple through Guatemala.

One of us is gender non-conform.

This might give you an idea of what reactions to expect in this rather conservative but lovely country.

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