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Germany is the largest country in Central Europe and it’s a very diverse country with a lot of interesting and thriving cities, but Germany offers a lot of natural beauty as well. Each of the German regions and states has a slightly different culture and you could immerse yourself in the German regions for months on end. We think we haven’t seen enough of this vast and interesting country just yet. We did include some of the German gems in different posts and here’s what to know about Germany.

Germany has a very elaborate and fast railway system and Germany can be traveled by train easily using the services of the Deutsche Bahn. It can be included into a nice Central Europe rail itinerary. Roads and highways are in very good shape too and we decided to travel to Hamburg by car.

Each year, L Beach festival returns to the beaches in the north of Germany. L Beach is the largest festival for women in Germany and it is a lesbian party you’re not allowed to miss! Every large town in Germany organizes a pride and no matter where you travel to, there will be a pride festival nearby to spice up your summer of pride.

Berlin is the gay and lesbian capital of Germany. Yes, it is also the regular capital of Germany, but doesn’t lesbian capital sound a lot better? This is why we included the city in our list of best lesbian cities in Europe. If you’re traveling through Germany as a lesbian traveler, you might want to turn your trip into a romantic lesbian getaway while staying in lesbian owned lodging.







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