Lobke & Inge

Team Only Once Today

Hi there! We’re Lobke and Inge, two passionate travellers uncovering the world together with our crazy-ass dog Jack.

We Love To Explore New Worldwide Destinations

Our own adventure started in 2012 with a yearlong backpacking trip in Central and South America.

Since then, we’ve been trying to travel as much as possible.

This website offers a variety of travel guides, backpacking guides, accommodation guides, stories, anecdotes, and travel tips.

At the end of 2020, our family of two became a pack of three with the addition of our pupster Jack.

We also bought a van and converted it into a camper. To travel and work full time, the van turned out to be a bit too small. So we sold it and bought an old Hymer instead. Now, we’re back on track, making new memories.

Hope you’ll find this website useful and that you enjoy the ride!




Inge is a free-spirited dreamer with a passion for travel. Loves photography, writing, gadgets, and everything geeky.

Bucket list item number 1: Northern lights



Partner in crime

Lobke is a travel addict who loves long walks in the woods, fresh mountain air, cuddling with our dog Jacky, and reading.

Favourite place on earth: Iguazu Falls




Jack is a goofy and energetic Border Collie that loves a game of hide and seek, eating stuff he shouldn’t, hiking and rolling around in the mud.

Favourite place on earth: anywhere outside 🙂

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