One day in Lillafüred – Quaint village in the Bükk mountains

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What we talk about in this article

Explore the scenic beauty of Lillafüred in the Bükk mountains. Uncover the top things to do in Lillafüred for an unforgettable adventure.

The cute little mountain town of Lillafured is located in the Bükk mountain region in Eastern Hungary, not too far from the city of Miskolc and Eger.

Mostly known for being a tourist resort, the town has quite a bit to offer for visitors. Whether you go there on a day trip or you want to stay longer, this place has something for everyone.

Lillafüred is named after the daughter of a baron who lived in the castle. This palace or castle is probably the best-known picture of the small town. The renaissance castle first opened in 1930. Now it’s a hotel where you can spend the night if you like.

You can visit this traveler highlight on a day trip from Miskolc or Eger.

In this article, we tell you all there is to know about Lillafured: things to do, where to park your car, where to eat and sleep.

Morning in Lillafüred

Maybe you’ve woken up in the beautiful Hunguest Palota Castle Hotel in Lillafüred, or maybe you woke up in one of these great wellness hotels in Eger. Either way, you probably need to catch your breath for a few minutes.

If you woke up in Lillafüred, great! You’re already there and ready for this quaint little village. And if you woke up in Eger, also great, but you still have a short drive ahead in order to get here.

Scroll down this page to find out how to get here from Eger.

Great activities and things to do in Lillafüred

For this guide, we decided give you a list of things to do, as there are quite a few things to choose from and it’s hard to fit it into one day. This way, you can select the activities you like best and create your own perfect day in Lillafüred.

Castle view from Lake Hamori

Steadily on the first place, as this one is not to skip!

Walk partly around the lake, until the lake is between yourself and the castle hotel. There, you get the most picturesque view over the lake and the fairytale castle in the background.

One day in Lillafüred - Quaint village in the Bükk mountains
One day in Lillafüred - Quaint village in the Bükk mountains

Hunguest Hotel Palota: Castle Hotel in Lillafüred

The hotel’s location in Lillafüred holds great significance, serving as a prominent landmark within the town. When searching for this charming mountain town, the Palota hotel immediately catches the eye. The Hunguest hotel chain acquired this castle and transformed it into a luxurious hotel.

The Hunguest Hotel Palota of Lillafüred boasts a rich history, having welcomed Hungarian high society since its grand opening in 1930. During World War 2, the Palota Hotel briefly served as a military hospital, providing aid and care to wounded Russian soldiers.

Today, the Hunguest Hotel Palota in Lillafüred invites guests from all walks of life.

Room prices are budget-friendly, especially if you compare to other places around the world. Here, you can book a very nice room for under 150€.

The hotel offers a range of luxurious accommodations and is home to two award-winning restaurants. Additionally, guests can indulge in the wellness center, complete with a sauna, pool, salt chamber, beauty salon, and massage center.

In my opinion, it’s one of the most beautiful castle hotels in Hungary.

Garadna Hamori Lake - summer activities on the lake

Garadna Lake, situated near Lillafüred, is an artificial reservoir that came into existence with the construction of a dam to regulate the flow of the Szinva and Garadni rivers. The Hamori Lake transformed into its present size as a result.

Spanning approximately 1.5 kilometers, the Garadna Lake offers a host of water activities that visitors can indulge in during the summer months. Its presence adds to the charm of the town and serves as a picturesque backdrop for capturing the Palota Hotel in all its glory.

Kayaking, swimming, and fishing are popular lake activities during the summer months. The crystal clear waters of the lake provide a perfect setting for water sports enthusiasts to explore its depths. Visitors can also take a boat ride around the lake and enjoy the scenic views of the surrounding hills.

For those looking to relax and unwind, there are plenty of opportunities to lounge on the shore or have a picnic by the lake.

Anna Cave (Anna Barlang)

Located in the heart of Lillafüred, not far from the Hunguest Hotel Palota, is Anna Cave. This limestone cavern, dating back to 1833, was discovered and later relocated during the construction of the Palota hotel in the early 1900s.

Stretching over 560 meters, the cave offers a glimpse into its fascinating depths, with the first 200 meters open to the public. Inside, visitors can marvel at the intricate limestone formations, adorned with dripstones and nestled plant fossils. Interestingly, the cave once served as a place of worship.

As you explore, you’ll encounter the Szinva River, meandering through the limestone passages, leaving behind unique and captivating patterns. Over thousands of years, water has carved intricate designs around long-gone plants, rocks, and trees, creating a mesmerizing tapestry frozen in time.

  • Address: Kisfaludy Sándor u., 3517 Hungary
  • Opening hours summer (April – September) : Daily 10 – 16h
  • Opening hours fall (October) : Daily 10 – 15h
  • Opening hours winter (November – March) : One tour around 12 o’clock daily
  • For actual ticket prices: check the official website
Anna Barlang
Anna Barlang

St Stephen's Cave (Szent Istvan Barlang)

The St. Stephen Cave, also located in the town center, is a limestone cave worth exploring. Although it stretches over 1 kilometer, only the first 230 meters are accessible to the public. Legend has it that the cave was accidentally discovered in 1913 when a dog fell down the only entrance, a small shaft in the ground. While searching for the lost pup, the cave was stumbled upon, but it took years before it was fully excavated.

Today, visitors can enter the cave through a replaced entrance, allowing for a more convenient exploration. During a guided tour, you can even spot the natural entrance to the cave, known as the “dog hole,” embedded in the ceiling. Inside, the St. Stephen Cave showcases an impressive array of stalactites and stalagmites in various shapes and sizes. Many of these formations have been given whimsical names, such as the “mammoth denture.”

Notably, due to its high humidity, the St. Stephen Cave has become a destination for those seeking respiratory treatment. Its healing properties make it an ideal environment for individuals with respiratory conditions.

  • Address: Kisfaludy Sándor u., 3517 Hungary
  • Opening hours summer (April – September) : Daily 9 – 17h
  • Opening hours fall (October) : Daily 9 – 15h
  • Opening hours winter (November – March) : Daily 9 – 14h
  • For actual ticket prices: check the official website

Hanging Garden of Lillafüred

The Hanging Garden of Lillafüred, situated at the Palota Hotel, is a captivating oasis. Comprising a series of meticulously designed gardens and terraces, each possesses its own unique theme and charm. From the terraces that offer breathtaking views of the Szenta waterfall to those adorned with vibrant flowers, there is something to delight every visitor.

As you descend to the lowest terrace, you will find the entrance to the enchanting Anna cave. The Hanging Garden exudes an air of regal elegance, reminiscent of a castle garden. It is a place of tranquility, free to explore year-round.

While the flower terrace may not showcase its full splendor during winter, this season holds its own allure, and the Hanging Garden remains an extraordinary destination throughout the year. It is worth noting, however, that the garden features several steps and is not wheelchair accessible.

Our leisurely stroll through the castle garden left us thoroughly enchanted. The atmosphere is undeniably romantic and exudes a sense of serenity, making it the perfect retreat for relaxation.

  • Adress: Erzsébet királyné útja 39, Lillafüred, 3517 Hungary
  • Entrance fee: entrance to the Castle garden is free
One day in Lillafüred - Quaint village in the Bükk mountains
Inge admiring the Hanging Garden from above

Szinva Falls

The Szinva waterfall can be found near the entrance of the Szent Istvan or Anna cave. Over time, the waterfall has been moved a few times. Currently, it consists of two consecutive falls.

During the summer, the falls are smaller and have less water. For a more breathtaking view of the waterfall, it is recommended to visit after rainfall.

Forrest train of Lillafüred

The Lillafüred forest train, originally a freight railway, now serves as a tourist attraction. Departing from the town center train station, this charming train takes you on a scenic journey through the lush forest, all the way to Garadna, nestled in the heart of nature.

When planning your trip, you have two options. You can either purchase a single ticket and take a bus back to town, or opt for a return ticket. We recommend the latter, unless you’re in the mood for a woodland hike. It’s worth noting that there aren’t any specific activities or attractions at the end of the railway, so it may feel like a train ride to nowhere.

While the trip itself is delightful and evokes a sense of romance, it’s important to manage your expectations upon arrival. The destination lacks extravagant amenities, but the journey itself is the true highlight. The Lillafüred Forest Train departs from the train stop near the Palota Hotel, marking the beginning of your picturesque adventure.

  • Address: 3517 Miskolc-Lillafüred, Erzsébet sétány
  • Opening hours: Monday – Sunday from 8 – 18h

Chairlift Cable Car into the mountains - Lillafüredi Libegő

The cable car provides various opportunities. Once it takes you up to the mountain station at an elevation of 1080 meters above sea level, you can embark on a delightful hike through the surrounding forest.

The cable car ride lasts for 16 to 20 minutes and allows you to bring your bike along. Fortunately, you won’t have to hold it on your lap as the bikes are securely attached to the side of the seats. This arrangement offers you the chance to cycle back down the mountain.

Upon reaching the summit, you can partake in a range of activities, such as hiking, cycling, or simply enjoying a refreshing drink. You have the option to descend on two wheels or take a leisurely stroll along the Oxygen path, which provides your lungs with clean, fresh air. In our case, we opted to return on the cable car, relishing the breathtaking views over the Bükk mountain range. To fully enjoy both the cable car experience and the scenic vistas on the way back down, we recommend purchasing a round-trip ticket.

  • Address: 3517 Miskolc-Lillafüred, Erzsébet sétány
  • Opening hours: 10 – 18h (July-August), 10 – 17.30h (September-June)
One day in Lillafüred - Quaint village in the Bükk mountains
Cable Car in Lillafured

Things to do in the area around Lillafüred

Lillafüred is located close to the larger city of Miskolc in the East. In the West, South-West lies Eger. If you must choose between one of these 2 for a day trip from Lillafüred, I’d recommend Eger.

But, aside from these 2 cities, there’s a lot more to see in the area. Follow me!

The ancient city of Eger

Eger, which we discussed earlier, is a beautiful ancient city with a lot of history and culture.

Some of you might be visiting Lillafüred from Eger. They can probable skip this paragraph, or not 🙂

The historic city has a lot to offer and you can easily spend one or more days in the area. A few highlights that might draw your interest:

Read our guide to one interesting day in Eger.

Bükk national Park

Bükk is one of the most beautiful national Parks in Hungary. It’s mountainous and there are millions of hiking trails.

Actually, Lillafüred is located inside the same mountainous area. But the actual visitor centre of the Bükk National Park is located elsewhere.

Want to know more about the different Natural Parks in Hungary?

Suba Lyuk Cave

Suba Lyuk Cave is a Neanderthal cave in the Bükk mountains where they have found bones of ancient humans.

We visited a while ago and wrote our story in this blog post: Suba Luyk – Stone Age Cave in the Bükk Mountains. There’s also the Suba Lyuk museum, where you can buy maps of the Bukk NP.

Diósgyőr Castle

Situated between Lillafüred and Miskolc, on the banks of the Szinva stream, stands the magnificent Diósgyőr Castle. Although the exact date of its construction remains somewhat elusive, historical records indicate that the castle fell victim to the ravages of the Tartar invasion in the 13th century.

Today, visitors have the opportunity to explore this historic site and even plan their visit to coincide with one of the castle’s enchanting festivities. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the past by attending one of the regular Knight Tournaments held within the castle walls.

For those seeking a taste of the chivalrous adventures depicted in “A Knight’s Tale,” you can partake in the experience as a spectator at Diósgyőr Castle. To discover more captivating castles in Hungary, be sure to check out this comprehensive guide: Castles in Hungary!

Miskolctapolca Cave Baths

The Miskolc area boasts a highly sought-after thermal spa known as the Miskolc Cave Bath. This popular destination offers a delightful blend of relaxation and enjoyment, making it an ideal choice for spending a few hours.

With some baths situated within caves and others both inside and outside, there is a variety of options to explore. During our visit in a colder month, we were particularly captivated by the charm and uniqueness of the cave bath.

For those seeking an even more relaxing experience, complete with spa treatments and mud packing, the Miskolc Tapolca thermal spa complex is the perfect destination. Discover more about this exquisite haven of tranquility and indulgence at

Miskolctapolca wellness hotels

Miskolctapolca is not only known for the Cave Baths. Since there’s already flowing hotsprings underground, they might as well use it for wellness centres and hotels. And they did.

In this relaxed village near Miskolc, you can enjoy a relaxing stay in a hotel that covers all you wellness needs: hot baths, sauna, outdoor thermal bath, and a lot more.

Check out some of the very best wellness hotels in Miskolctapolca.

Practical information about your trip to Lillafüred

How to get there

Getting there is the very first concern of the journey, after getting days off for your exploration of course. Lillafüred can easily be reached from the main travel hubs in the country.

From Eger

Eger is one of the common options for visiting this gem. An ideal way to reach Lillafüred is via car or bus.

If you’re driving, take the Route 25 and continue on Route 3. This roughly 73 kilometers drive will take around 1.5 hours, giving you the freedom to stop and admire the passing scenery.

You can also opt for the public transportation.

A direct bus line is available from Eger Bus Station to Miskolc Station. From there, you can take a local bus to Lillafüred.

From Budapest

If you’re driving, take the M3 and Route 3, a scenic route of about 150 kilometers that will transport you to your destination in about 2.5 hours. This route offers the flexibility to stop at will and soak in the landscape.

If you prefer public transport, you can take a train from Budapest-Nyugati Station to Miskolc-Tiszai Station. The journey typically takes around 2 hours. From Miskolc, take a local bus to Lillafüred, which will take another 30 minutes or so.

Where to stay in Lillafüred

Lillafüred is a small village in the hills, so there aren’t too many hotel choices. But hey, you only need one accommodation and this village has just the one you need!

It is one of the most beautiful Castle Hotels in Hungary

Hunguest Hotel Palota Lillafured

One day in Lillafüred - Quaint village in the Bükk mountains

In conclusion - Lillafüred: the picturesque getaway

So, that’s Lillafüred in a nutshell – a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Hungary’s stunning landscapes. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or just seeking a peaceful retreat, Lillafüred extends a warm welcome with its beautiful views, majestic castle, and the promise of a getaway that feels like stepping into a fairy tale. Time here is time spent reconnecting with the beauty of nature. Pack your bags and embark on your next journey. Find your adventure in Lillafüred!

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