Boldogko Castle in Boldogkőváralja is located in the far east of the Hungarian countryside. 

For us, it was quite a drive to get there. But it was so worth the long drive! This place is very impressive. 

When we finally reach the village, we couldn’t be more happy with the stunning views of this stronghold that has been dropped on the top of a hill in an otherwise flat landscape.

So, we took a few pictures and collected some information about visiting this gem in Eastern Hungary. Follow us on our mission to discover all the castles of Hungary! 

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Boldogkőváralja - Boldogkő Castle Hungary - Only Once Today

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What’s so special about Boldogko Castle

This castle, which is more of a fortress, has been built on top of a rock. The only rock in its wide surroundings, it seems. The rock is longer than wide, which results in a long but narrow castle.

One of the ends of the rock hosts a viewpoint that can be reached by a wooden walkway and it recalls memories of the Great Wall of China to us. This walkway and viewpoint offer the best views of the surrounding landscape and it’s a great place for interesting and stunning pictures.

Photographs of this viewpoint are the reason why we wanted to visit this castle so badly.

Because of the scenic views at the site, it’s a popular location for wedding photography.

Boldogkőváralja - Boldogkő Castle Hungary - Only Once Today

General Information

Entrance Fee Adult                                        1300 HUF (4€)

Entrance Fee Children and Seniors           900 HUF (2,8€)

Opening hours                                                November – March:     9h – 16h

                                                                            May – September:         8h – 20h

                                                                            April and October:        8h – 18h

Boldogko Vara Website

Inside Boldogkő Castle Hungary
Boldogkőváralja - Boldogkő Castle Hungary - Only Once Today

How to get there

By car

As a foreign traveler, I’d say that getting to Boldogkőváralja by car is the only way to visit the Castle. There might be buses that serve this village, but if you don’t speak Hungarian (and even if you do) it will be a long travel day.

The Castle is located at 230 kilometers from Budapest and 55 kilometers from Miskolc. From Budapest, you can drive on toll highways all the way to Miskolc and from Miskolc, you’ll be driving on slower roads until you reach it.

GPS Address:  3885 Boldogkőváralja

The location doesn’t actually have a street name, but no worries: you can’t miss it once you reach the town

Boldogkőváralja - Boldogkő Castle Hungary

Spend the night in a hotel nearby

Spend the night in the Hunguest Palota Hotel in Lillafüred, which is not too far away from the castle. This hotel is set in the beautiful mountain village of Lillafüred, where you can also spend a few days.

Another great option for spending the night is the lively city of Miskolc! There are a few beautiful hotels to be found for a very competitive price. Hotel Pannonia and City Hotel Miskolc are 2 excellent choices.

Or you can spend the night in Miskolctapolka, a wellness village near Miskolc. Check out the Calimbra Wellness Hotel Superior.


Boldogkőváralja View

Boldogko Castle History

The history of this specific Castle in Hungary is somewhat unclear and first mentions of this peculiar castle date back to the 13th century.

When the castle was built, is unclear, but it was probably built soon after the Mongol invasion in the 13th century.

Over the years, towers were built and the castle became larger. It changed ownership dozens of times over the centuries and currently, the castle is the property of the Hungarian government so people can visit it after paying a small admission fee.

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De ligging van de Boldogko Burcht
Boldogko Castle - Hungary
Boldogko Castle - Hungary

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