One Day in Eger: Explore this Hungarian Gem

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Eger is a city that breathes history, culture, and charm at every corner. This hidden gem in the heart of Hungary invites you to lose yourself in its cobblestone streets and tales of yore. In this guide to one day in Eger, we’ll embark on an inspiring journey through Eger, unraveling its architectural splendor, the captivating history behind its towering castle, and the unique gastronomic delights that await. We’ll also delve into its world-renowned thermal baths, promising a relaxing experience. So, tighten your laces and prepare your senses for an unforgettable day Let’s start exploring this vibrant city together.

Morning in Eger

As dawn breaks over this ancient city, the city awakens to the whispers of history and the promise of a new adventure. This morning, prepare to immerse yourself in a vibrant blend of cultural heritage and inspiring landscapes.

Unveiling the Morning Magic of Eger Castle

Embrace the glorious morning sun as it bathes the historical Eger Castle in warm hues. Built in the 13th century, this fortress has bravely stood the test of time, guarding the secrets of Hungary’s past. Lose yourself in its labyrinthine corridors as you taste the thrill of exploration.

Fun fact: The Castle is home to the heroic István Dobó, who led the successful resistance against the Ottoman Empire in 1552.

  • Address: Vár 1
  • How to get there: The castle is a short 15-minute walk from the train station. Meander through the charming streets of Eger to reach the Castle.
  • Ticket price: The general admission fee is 2,200 HUF (approx. 6€)


There’s a lot to see and do in the Castle, so if you fancy taking your time there, this visit can stretch out the entire morning. Want to know what to expect? Read our extended guide to Eger Castle.

PS. We recommend going back in the evening for a few awesome sunset shots of the city.

View from Eger Castle over the city
View from Eger Castle over the city

Stroll through Dobo Square

As you descend from the heights of Eger Castle, let the rhythmic pulse of Dobo Square enchant you. With its vibrant ambiance, it stands as the beating heart of the city, its cobblestone paths echoing tales of yesteryears. Around you, admire the baroque architectural marvels, each a testimony to the city’s rich heritage. And on a sunny day, don’t miss the sparkling play of the fountain, a sight sure to brighten your spirit.

Fun fact: Dobo Square is home to the iconic statue of István Dobó, the city’s celebrated hero, forever captured in a triumphant pose.

  • Address: Dobó István tér
  • How to get there: A mere 5-minute walk from Eger Castle, follow the signs down Kossuth Lajos Street.
  • Ticket price: Free entry to all, a priceless experience for the soul.
Dobo Square Eger
Dobo Square Eger

Marvel at the Minorite Church

Immerse yourself in sacred serenity at the Minorite Church, a gem of Eger’s ecclesiastical architecture. As you step inside, let the breathtakingly beautiful frescoes and the ornate golden altar transport you to another realm. Remember to look up and marvel at the stunning ceiling, a canvas depicting divine narratives.

The Minorite Church in Eger is one of the finest Baroque churches in Europe!

Fun fact: Did you know that the church is famed for its echo, which reverberates seven times? Now that’s divine acoustics for you!

  • Address: Kossuth Lajos St. 6
  • How to get there: It’s on Dobo Square, just follow Kossuth Lajos Street.
  • Ticket price: Free admission, but donations are welcomed for church upkeep.
Minorite Church Eger
Minorite Church Eger

Lunch in Eger: A Gastronomic Delight

As you continue your exploration, indulge your taste buds with the city’s mouth-watering culinary offerings. Here are three enticing lunch options in the city center:

Macok Bistro and Wine Bar

Enjoy a modern twist on traditional Hungarian cuisine at Macok Bistro and Wine Bar. This is the perfect spot to sample local wines and savor flavorful dishes.

  • Address: Kossuth Lajos St. 26
  • Price range: Mid-range
  • Type of cuisine: Modern Hungarian

Zsalya Bistro

Zsalya Bistro is your go-to for a cozy, homely dining experience Here, you can enjoy a diverse menu of Hungarian and international dishes, paired with a fantastic selection of wines.

  • Address: Szepasszonyvolgy St. 14
  • Price range: Affordable
  • Type of cuisine: Hungarian, International

Senator-Haz Restaurant

Senator-Haz Restaurant offers an elegant dining experience, with its menu boasting an array of Hungarian delicacies and global favorites. The restaurant’s charming courtyard is a delightful spot for a leisurely lunch.

  • Address: Dobo Istvan sq. 3
  • Price range: High-end
  • Type of cuisine: Fine Hungarian, International
Senator Haz Eger - lunch and cozy streets
Senator Haz Eger - lunch and cozy streets

Afternoon in Eger

After a delectable lunch, prepare to immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant culture of Eger in the afternoon. This chapter will guide you through some must-visit spots that will make your afternoon in Eger truly memorable.

Discover the Delights of Eger Lyceum

Set your sights on the Lyceum, an intellectual and architectural marvel to behold. Home to an impressive library housing thousands of antique books, the Lyceum is a haven for bibliophiles. Venture further to find the Astronomical Museum, a cosmos of celestial wonders waiting to enchant you. Lastly, ascend to the Camera Obscura, a unique attraction providing panoramic views of Eger, inviting you to witness the city from a fascinating perspective.

Fun fact: The Lyceum’s library holds a rare 15th-century bible illuminated in gold – a sight rarely seen!

  • Address: Eszterházy tér 1
  • How to get there: Follow Kossuth Lajos Street and Eszterházy tér is just a short walk from Dobo Square.
  • Ticket price: Admission is 2000 HUF (approx. 6 €).

Explore the Majestic Eger Cathedral

Eger Cathedral, a splendid symbol of religious and architectural grandeur, is an unmissable sight in this city. As one of the largest cathedrals in Hungary, it’s a must-see for architecture and history buffs.

Its magnificent façade and awe-inspiring interiors make it a must-visit for every traveler. Inside, prepare to be captured by the intricate murals and striking stained glass windows, each telling a unique story of faith and devotion. The cathedral boasts one of the largest organs in Hungary, echoing the divine melody of sacred hymns.

Fun fact: The cathedral houses a crypt, and it’s said that if you listen carefully, you might hear the resonant whispers of the past!

  • Address: Pyrker tér 1
  • How to get there: It’s a quick stroll from the Lyceum along Pyrker tér.
  • Ticket price: 1500 HUF (approx. 5 €).
Eger Cathedral Roof
Eger Cathedral Roof
Eger Cathedral
Eger Cathedral

Experience the Sky-High Thrill at the Turkish Minaret

Embark on a thrilling climb to the peak of Eger’s Turkish Minaret, a captivating reminder of the Ottoman era. As the northernmost minaret in Europe, this 40-meter-tall structure offers an invigorating challenge, with a spiraling staircase of 97 steps leading to a breathtaking panoramic view of the city. Feel the wind on your face as you gaze over Eger, taking in its beauty from a vantage point steeped in centuries of history. Fun fact: The minaret is so narrow that it can only accommodate one person at a time!

  • Address: Knézich K. utca 2
  • How to get there: From the Lyceum, head east on Eszterházy tér, then turn right onto Knézich K. utca. The minaret is just a short walk from there.
  • Ticket price:  500 HUF (approx. 1.5 €).
One Day in Eger: Explore this Hungarian Gem

Optional extra: Revel in the Music History at The Beatles Museum

For music lovers and Beatlemaniacs alike, a trip to Eger isn’t complete without visiting The Beatles Museum. This unique cultural spot is dedicated to preserving the legacy of the legendary Beatles band. Here’s a fun fact: This is the only museum in Hungary that pays homage to the Fab Four! So, immerse yourself in an exciting journey through time, exploring an impressive collection of memorabilia, records, and rare artifacts that paint a vivid picture of the Beatles’ epoch-defining career.

Read all you need to know about the Beatles Museum in Eger

  • Address: Törvényház útca 2
  • How to get there: From the Turkish Minaret, head west on Knézich K. utca, then take a right onto Törvényház útca. The museum is a short stroll from there.
  • Ticket price: Admission is 1000 HUF (approximately 3 €).
One Day in Eger: Explore this Hungarian Gem

Dinner Time

The lunch spots mentioned above are great dinner spots as well, but if you feel like trying something different, maybe these options can waken your appetite!

Szépasszonyvölgy Street food stalls

For those yearning an authentic taste of Hungarian street food, Szépasszonyvölgy’s open-air food stalls are a must-visit. Equally famous for its local wines, this place is an absolute delight for food and wine enthusiasts.

The food stalls are not open all year.

  • Address: Szépasszony-völgy
  • Price range: 1500 – 3500 HUF (Approx. 5 – 10 €)
  • Cuisine: Hungarian, Street Food, Fast Food

Get dinner in the Valley of the Beautiful Women

In the Valley of the Beautiful Women, you get a lot of choice when it comes to having dinner. Select one of the small restaurants along the way, before you dive into a wine tasting evening!

  • Address: Szépasszony-völgy
  • Price range: 2500 – 5000 HUF (Approx. 7 – 15 €)
  • Cuisine: Hungarian, European, Central European

Relaxing evening activities: Wine or Wellness

As the sun begins to set over the beautiful city you have two options to choose from. For the wine aficionados, a visit to the Valley of the Beautiful Woman is in order.

On the other hand, if you’re seeking a soothing end to the day, look no further than the Eger Turkish Bath.

An evening in the Valley of the Beautiful Women

Embrace the allure of Eger as darkness descends, with a captivating visit to the Valley of the Beautiful Women. Known for its labyrinthine cellars carved into rock, it promises a wine tasting experience unique to Hungary. Swirl, sniff, and sip the finest Bull’s Blood as you embrace the serene ambiance of the evening. Fun fact: The valley got its intriguing name from a legend about beautiful women who saved the city from a siege by filling empty wine bottles with sand.

Prepare your visit to the famous Valley of the Beautiful Women

  • Address: Szépasszony-völgy 1
  • How to get there: Local taxis are readily available, but you can easily walk there or get a ride on the tourist sightseeing train.
  • Ticket Price: Free entry to the valley, wine tasting prices vary by cellar.
Valley of the Beautiful Women - wineries and shops
Valley of the Beautiful Women - wineries and shops

Relax in the Eger Thermal Baths

Submerge in the historical richness and rejuvenating waters of Eger Thermal Baths. Enclosed under an Ottoman-era dome adorned with dozens of star-like windows, these thermal baths transport you to a realm of tranquility and wellness. The soothing waters, renowned for their restorative properties, promise a holistic experience that harmoniously intertwines history and relaxation. Did you know? The thermal baths were once a crucial part of Ottoman bathing culture and continue to draw in wellness-seekers from around the world!

  • Address: Fürdő u. 1
  • How to get there: It’s a comfortable walk from the city center. Alternatively, taxis are readily available.
  • Ticket Price: Entrance fees start from 2100 HUF (approx. 5,5€). Prices vary depending on services.

How to get around in the city

While Eger offers a multitude of options to navigate the city, the prime mode of exploration remains the age-old, intimate experience of walking. This quaint city, with its cobblestone streets and close-knit attractions, truly unfolds its hidden charm when discovered on foot.


Stroll through Eger’s charming streets and absorb the city’s unique atmosphere by foot. With pedestrian-friendly pathways and compact city layout, most attractions are within a comfortable walking distance. As you wander, indulge in the city’s rich architectural heritage and vibrant culture.

Sightseeing train

For a fun and unique way to see the city, hop aboard the Eger sightseeing train! This leisurely ride allows you to take in the city’s stunning sights and historical landmarks, all from the comfort of a charming little train, making it an adventurous and family-friendly way to explore Eger.


For a more direct and convenient method of travel, taxis are readily available throughout Eger. While a bit pricier than public transportation, taxis offer convenience and can be a respite after a long day of sightseeing. Remember to always insist on the meter being turned on to avoid overcharging.

Tourist Train in Eger
Tourist Train in Eger

How to get to Eger

Embarking on a journey to Eger requires some planning. Let’s explore the various options and tips to make your trip to this charming city as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


Eger doesn’t have its own airport, but don’t let that stop your adventure!

  • Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport is the closest major airport to Eger. Airlines from all around the globe fly into Budapest, making it easily accessible. From the airport, Eger is just a train ride away.
  • Debrecen International Airport is another option, located about 150 km from Eger. However, the airport has limited flight options, so double-check before booking your tickets.

By train

There’s something exceptionally romantic about train travel, don’t you agree? Trains offer a different rhythm of travel, a slow unveiling of landscapes that tells a story of the journey. Direct trains to Eger from Budapest Keleti Station run regularly, providing comfort and efficiency. So sit back, gaze out of the window, and watch as urban landscapes slowly give way to the picturesque beauty of the Hungarian countryside.

Own Vehicle

Driving to Eger offers you the freedom to explore at your own pace. Whether you’re coming from Budapest, Debrecen, or any other city in Hungary, well-maintained roads lead to Eger. The journey is part of the adventure, and your own vehicle is your private vantage point. So load up your favorite playlists, pack some snacks, and prepare for a road trip you’ll never forget.

Other Options

If you’re looking for an alternate mode of travel, consider coach services. Several companies run regular and reliable coach services from Budapest and other cities to Eger. It’s a cost-effective option that combines the convenience of direct travel with the chance to enjoy Hungary’s scenic routes. The road might be long but remember, the journey is just as exciting as the destination.

Evening view over Eger Hungary
Evening view over Eger Hungary

How to get from Budapest to Eger

If you just spent a few days in Budapest and you’re looking for the perfect day trip from Budapest, … Eger might be the perfect place.

This section will guide you through various transportation options, helping you select the one that best aligns with your travel preferences, whether you’re after efficiency or comfort.

Train (recommended)

Catching a train from Budapest to Eger is a straightforward and scenic journey. Trains depart regularly from Budapest’s Keleti station, and the journey typically takes around two hours. A comfortable Intercity service runs on this route, offering a relaxing ride through the Hungarian countryside.


Though direct flights to Eger are not available, Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport is the closest, only a couple of hours away by road. The airport, hosting several international and domestic flights, serves as a convenient entry point for travellers.

Own Vehicle

If you’re driving from Budapest, the journey to Eger is relatively easy and could take less than two hours. You’ll want to take the M3 motorway, transitioning to Route 25 after about 75 km. This route offers the opportunity to take in some beautiful Hungarian landscapes along your drive.

Where to stay

Choosing the right place to stay in Eger is essential to make your visit unforgettable. The city offers a range of accommodations to match every traveler’s taste. For those in pursuit of relaxation and wellness, Eger hosts numerous wellness hotels that are sure to provide a peaceful retreat after a day of exploration. If you’re more into the delicate design of a boutique hotel, then there’s something for you as well!

If you crave a stay steeped in history and grandeur, consider one of the castle hotels in Hungary, where you can live out your royal fantasies while immersing yourself in the rich Hungarian heritage.

Imola Hotel Platán

One Day in Eger: Explore this Hungarian Gem

Hotel Villa Völgy

One Day in Eger: Explore this Hungarian Gem

Shiraz Hotel Egerszalok

One Day in Eger: Explore this Hungarian Gem

Combining your visit with a trip around Hungary

Eger, a gem nestled in Northern Hungary, fits perfectly into a magical road trip through this picturesque country. A mere 2-hour drive from Budapest, Eger stands as a beacon of cultural richness and historical importance.

Our Hungary itinerary is a tapestry of such incredible destinations, offering a spectrum of experiences from the bustling life of Budapest, the heart-stirring landscapes of Eger, to the timeless allure of Pecs, Sopron, and many more beautiful Hungarian destinations. Embark on a road trip adventure and discover the soul of Hungary!

Conclusion: how to spend one day in Eger without getting bored for a minute

To sum up, a day in Eger promises an enchanting journey through time. From the majestic Eger Castle to the soulful melodies at the Basilica, every moment is a treasure. Stroll through charming streets, savor the world-famous Bull’s Blood wine, and let the city’s magic wash over you. Eger is not just a destination, but an experience that etches itself into the heart. So pack your bags, rev up your spirit of adventure, and lose yourself in the unforgettable charm of Eger. One day may not be enough, but it’s a captivating start to your love affair with this Hungarian gem.

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