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About Us

Welcome to Only Once Today, a young and fast-growing lesbian travel blog. We’re Lobke and Inge, two avid travelers with a hunger for discovery. In our travels, we enjoy finding LGBT-friendly venues and locations where we can be who we are.

Our Mission

While traveling, we discovered a void in up-to-date information for lesbian travelers. With our blog, we want to fill this gap and help lesbian travelers find welcoming places to go in every destination. Our aim is to provide interesting and valuable information for our large and devoted community.

Our Strengths and Assets

Our Diverse Audience
  • live and travel all over the world
  • are on every social media platform
  • consists of many lesbians and LGBT
  • grow in numbers each day
  • are engaging with our content 
A Gateway to an LGBT audience

We can provide a gateway to our audience, which consists of LGBT readers and travelers. If you want to showcase your business as LGBT-friendly and attract a more diverse audience, we can be an established spokesperson to engage our readers in your establishment.

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About Only Once Today

About Only Once Today

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