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The Republic of Guatemala in Central America is rather small but very diverse. Climate and vegetation vary depending on location and altitude. Spanish is widely spoken and many people speak indigenous languages. English isn’t very well known and we’d recommend learning a little Spanish before visiting. Transportation options in Guatemala are mostly chicken buses and collectivos. Train travel is non-existent, but you might manage to find small airplanes. We really loved Guatemala and spent a lot of time in the country. Some of our adventures in Guatemala include watching a sunset over lake Yaxha on top of an ancient Mayan temple, ziplining in Panajachel, swimming in the Rio Dulce and strolling through the cobblestone streets of Antigua. Another hotspot in Guatemala is the mystical Lake Atitlan where we spent over a month. Don’t forget these 10 things you should know before traveling to Guatemala and 10 reasons to visit Guatemala.

In Guatemala, you have a good chance of becoming a victim of a few common travel scams and we became the victims of a scamming doctor in Antigua who made us believe we had scabies. Don't forget to check our tips on how to haggle successfully! 

For LGBT travelers, Guatemala isn’t the most LGBT-friendly destination, but that doesn’t mean you’re in danger while traveling to Guatemala as an LGBT individual. We do recommend keeping the public display of affection to a minimum. Check our guide to LGBT travel in Guatemala and our lesbian guide to Guatemala.









Rio Dulce

Semuc Champey

Lake Atitlan


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