14 of the very best Hostels in Lake Atitlan – Where to stay

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Are you planning a trip through Guatemala

Lake Atitlan should be included in your Guatemalan itinerary and this has always been one of our favourite destinations in this country. It is simply stunning, not to say magical!

We stayed in a few of the tons before and decided to write a post about the different towns of Atitlan on our blog before.

Now, we compiled a list of all the best hostels in Lake Atitlan in some of the coolest and most interesting towns.

So you don’t need to worry about where to stay in Lake Atitlan! Just check out the post about the different towns, choose the place you want to reside or choose a few. Then check this article to find the best Lake Atitlan hostels to rest your head in between days of exploration!

14 of the very best Hostels in Lake Atitlan - Where to stay


14 of the very best Hostels in Lake Atitlan - Where to stay

ABU Hotel

14 of the very best Hostels in Lake Atitlan - Where to stay

Reserva Natural Atitlan

14 of the very best Hostels in Lake Atitlan - Where to stay

Villas Jucanya

Best Hostels in San Pedro La Laguna

14 of the very best Hostels in Lake Atitlan - Where to stay

Jarachik Hostel San Pedro

14 of the very best Hostels in Lake Atitlan - Where to stay

Mikaso Hostel San Pedro

14 of the very best Hostels in Lake Atitlan - Where to stay

Wachalal Lodge San Pedro

San Marcos La Laguna Lodging

14 of the very best Hostels in Lake Atitlan - Where to stay

Lush Atitlan San Marcos

Pasaj Cap Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Pasaj Cap San Marcos

Best hostels in San Juan La Laguna

14 of the very best Hostels in Lake Atitlan - Where to stay

Eco Hotel Uxlabil

14 of the very best Hostels in Lake Atitlan - Where to stay

Eco Hotel Mayachik

Best hostels in Santa Cruz La Laguna

Iguana Perdida Lake Atitlan Guatemala
Image courtesy Hostelworld

La Iguana Perdida

14 of the very best Hostels in Lake Atitlan - Where to stay

Casa Kaktus

14 of the very best Hostels in Lake Atitlan - Where to stay

Casa Prana

More information about the Hostels in Panajachel

PanaHouse - Best hostel in Panajachel

PanaHouse is by far the best hostel in Panajachel and also one of the best hostels in Lake Atitlan.

They have everything backpackers might ever need! A fully equipped communal kitchen, private bathrooms, a rooftop terrace, and awesome rooms.

The hostel has a great location in the town center, close to everything.

Prices are within the budget range and the accommodation gets great reviews for hospitality and service.

In PanaHouse, you can either get a private room or book a bed in a dorm.

ABU Hotel - Cheapest hostel in Panajachel

The ABU Hotel (not Hostal ABU!!!) is the best value for money in Panajachel. Watch out! There’s also a Hostal ABU, which is not better that this one!

ABU is located in the city center, while the other place with almost the same name is located on the busy and loud main street.

Even though this place is the cheapest hostel in Panajachel, it is also the most loved one.

There’s a small shared kitchen and a communal garden / patio. This place is usually sold out, so don’t hesitate too long!

Rooms are basic, but spotless and the property has an ideal location in the center of town, near all the interesting hot spots.

In ABU Hotel, you can get a bed in a dorm room, but you can also book a private room.

Reserva Natural Atitlan - Splurge for the views

The Reserva Natural Atitlan is more of a hotel than a hostel, but it still worth the consideration, because it is a very beautiful place to find peace and get in touch with nature.

What’s so special about this accommodation, is the fact they they offer some really cool activities on-site. For instance, we went there to do some zip-lining, which was amazing and well organised.

Couples really enjoy this place, as it has nice and romantic cabanas on a beautiful domain. Obviously families with kids will also love this place, because there are tons of activities to be done.

If you feel like splurging in an awesome destination, this ight be your choice for one of the most beautiful hostels in lake Atitlan!

Villas Jucanya - Best lodging for couples

Jucanya is located right outside of Panajachel on the shore of the lake. It costs just a little more, but you get a lot in return for your money!

This one is also rather a hotel than a hostel. Don’t worry! We’ll get to the actual hostels very soon!

Couples and families really love this accommodation a lot! It’s very romantic and beautiful.

What’s so special about Villas in Jucanya, is their location and surroundings. Of course, the rooms look wonderful as well!

More information about the San Pedro Hostels

Jarachik - Best hostel in San Pedro

Jarachik Restaurant and Hostel is located in a beautiful neighbourhood in San Pedro where some bars and restaurants can be found. This area is a popular part of town where most backpackers reside.

There’s a nice garden in the front which serves as a bar and a restaurant s as well. On the roof, there’s a rooftop terrace with amazing views over the lake.

Breakfast is included in your room price. Unfortunately, this place doesn’t have a communal kitchen.

At Jarachik, you can get private rooms, as well as beds in a dorm.

Jarachik is one of the best hostels in San Pedro!

Mikaso - Best value for money

Mikaso is one of the most popular hostels in San Pedro. It has a quiet location by the water and offers some of the best views over the lake. You can find Mikaso just outside the popular backpackers area of town.

The hostel has a beautiful garden and a rooftop terrace. There’s also a shared kitchen and on on-site restaurant with amazing food.

Mikaso is the best value for your money, because rooms and beds are very affordable and you get a lot of bang for your buck.

The atmosphere in the hostal is very relaxed and easy going.

In this lodging, you can book private rooms, as well as beds in a dorm.

Wachalal - Best lodging for couples

Wachalal Lake Lodge is an amazing accommodation option for couples.

The lodge is beautiful and has a great location. It’s not in the center of town, so it is more suited for people who want to get away and relax.

This lodge has a beautiful, green garden and a lot of options to hang out and relax. There’s also a fireplace and a picnic area outside.

You get great rates for the rooms and since the rooms are spotless, it’s great value for money.

In Wachalal, you can only get private rooms.

More information about the lodging in San Marcos

Lush Atitlan - Romantic lodging

San Marcos offers some of the best views over the lake. So we recommend staying in San Marcos at least a few nights.

This place really lives up to its name. Lush Atitlan is located in the village of San Marcos. It has access to the water and it has awesome views!

Breakfast is included in the room price and there’s an on site restaurant. But you can also easily walk into the village to grab a drink or find a restaurant.

At Lush Atitlan, you can get budget-friendly, basic rooms. The more expensive views are definitely worth the extra money, even if it’s just for the views from your window!

Pasaj Cap - Best views of the lake

This is by far our favourite lodging in the Atitlan area and if you have a few extra days to relax and breathe in the magical vibe at the lake, this is one of the best places to stay in Lake Atitlan. It’s not a hostel, but the domain does invite for meeting other travelers.

Pasaj Cap is located a 10-minute walk outside of San Marcos. The domain has its own dock, so it’s not difficult to travel between the different town on the lake.

There’s no onsite restaurant, but you do get your fully equipped kitchen and a baskt with food you can buy stuff from. Still, you better take some food and drinks!

At Pasaj Cap, you can rent studio’s, apartments, cottages, or you can camp. All of these options offer majestic views over the lake and that is just one of the reasons we fell in love with this place!

For us, Pasaj Cap is definitely one of the best hostels in San Marcos.

More information about the lodging in San Juan

Eco Hotel Uxlabil - Eco lodge with a view

Eco Hotel Uxlabil is located in between San Pedro and San Juan. It has its own dock, so you can easily travel to other villages.

Breakfast is included in the room price and there’s an on site restaurant. The sitting areas in the lodge offer beautiful sights over the lake.

They will also gladly organise your excursions to nearby activities and sights. You can use the kayaks at the lodge for free.

At Uxlabil, you can book different types of rooms with stunning lake views. There’s no dorm.

Eco Hotel Mayachik - Oasis of peace at the lake

Mayachik is located a little bit out of town, but it does have that relaxed backpacker vibe. It’s located amidst the green and lush vegetation at the lake. It’s actually more of a hostel.

At this lodging, there are large and beautiful gardens. There’s also an on-site restaurant, but there’s also a shared kitchen you can use!

This place even boasts a wellness center where you can get a massage and yoga classes are organised.

This is also one of the cheaper options in the area and rooms are super affordable. On top of that, you get good value for money as the rooms are super clean and comfortable.

At Mayachik, you can get a private room, a bungalow, or a bed in a dorm room.

More information about the lodging in Santa Cruz

La Iguana Perdida - Best Backpacker hostel at the lake

La Iguana Perdida is one of the best backpacker hostels in Lake Atitlan. People absolutely love this place. It’s alive and kicking, but not a party hostel per se.

Did I say that Santa Cruz has some of the very best views over Lake Atitlan?

Loads of activities are organised to make your stay enjoyable and interesting. You can even go diving in Lake Atitlan from this hostel!

They don’t offer free wifi for the best reason ever! So put your computer and your phone away and start socialising with the other travelers.

There’s an on-site restaurant during the day. At night, you can join the family dinners and there are regular live performances.

At the Iguana Perdida, you can rent a variety of different rooms, varying from basic to deluxe. They also have dorm rooms available.

Casa Kaktus - Romantic lodge with great views

For budget travelers, Casa Kaktus is a scenic and beautiful lodge on the banks of Lake Atitlan. Couples really love this place, because it has a romantic setting and beautiful rooms.

Casa Kaktus is built in a converted school building, which gives the place a unique vibe and setting.

This Bed & Breakfast is very affordable and breakfast is included in the room price. But there’s also a shared kitchen you can use to prep your own meals.

The rooms are spacious and bright and some of them have a nice balcony. Also on this property, you can walk through the beautiful garden or relax on the rooftop terrace while gazing over the tranquil lake.

At Casa Kaktus, you can book private rooms for a very affordable price!

Casa Prana - Splurge for luxury

A destination like Atitlan is a great place for a little splurge! And if you do so, make sure you get a lot of bang for you buck! Casa Prana is located just outside Santa Cruz la Laguna and it has everything you might want or dream of.

There’s an outside swimming pool, a fitness area, a complete wellness center, and an on-site restaurant.

Activities like yoga, billiards, cooking classes, and many more, are organised for your convenience.

Travelers absolutely love this place and it is one of these paradise gems you never want to leave!

At Casa Prana, you can rent beautiful villas and suites, complete with their own bathroom, kitchen and terrace or balcony.

Best hostels in Lake Atitlan - Conclusion

As you can see, there are many great places to spend the night at this magical lake. If you’re confused about the towns or about which town would best suit your travel plans, read our article about the different town at the lake.

In short, you can easily travel from anywhere on the lake to any other place on the lake by using the boats that travel all day.

If there’s a pier nearby, just stand on it and wave when a boat arrives. The only thing you need to know is if you need to travel to the left or the right and stop the right boat!

As for the towns to choose from:

For the best views over the lake, choose San Marcos or Santa Cruz.

Looking for the party crew? Choose Panajachel or San Pedro.

If you want a unique backpacker experience and insight in the local culture, choose San Juan or San Pedro.

For yoga schools and a hippie vibe, choose San Marcos.

And last, but not least, to learn about local art and handicrafts or to follow workshops in weaving, stay in San Juan.

We really hope you found your dream lodging in this list of magnificent hostels in Lake Atitlan!

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Hostels in Lake Atitlan
Hostels in Lake Atitlan

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