25 Awesome Women Travel Groups who organise Women Only Tours

Women only tours and specialty tours for women are a thing of the future.

Luckily, the future has already arrived.

Whether you’re a single woman, you just need to get away from someone for a little while or you’re a lesbian couple.

All women are welcome in these women travel groups.

I guess the concept doesn’t require much explaining! And there’s also no need to explain the reason for the existence of the concept.

I don’t even need to tell you why this concept is getting more popular than ever.

Women only tour agencies are popping up everywhere. And the idea is not new at all! It has been around for decades. We just feel that is hasn’t gotten enough attention just yet. That’s why we’re dedicating a post to all of these agencies that celebrate women and offers them a getaway surrounded by other women!

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Intrepid Women’s Expeditions

Intrepid currently offers a formula called Women’s Expeditions. These travel tours are for female travelers only. These all-female adventures are specially catered for women and they provide special insights into the life of the women in different cultures.

With the Intrepid women only tours, you can travel to Morocco, Iran, Jordan. These destinations have been carefully chosen in order to offer traveling women an insight into the life of local women. This type of travel to these destinations would not be possible with mixed travel groups.

We sure hope that Intrepid will add tons of different women only tours to other destinations as well.

Rei Women’s Trips – Adventure trips for women only

REI Women’s trips are all extraordinary adventures to tons of different destinations all over the world. These women’s special tours are guided by women and designed for all-female travel groups. When booking one of these trips, you’ll get some adventure, culture, great food, and perhaps a few interesting surprises. On top of that, you’ll meet other adventurous women from all over the world.

The women travel groups include adventures like the Lares Trek to Machu Picchu, kayaking trips, hiking trips, camping trips, and even a safari in South Africa. One thing is certain: you will end up having a great bunch of new friends after joining one of these women travel groups.

26 Awesome Women Travel Groups who organize Women Only Tours

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Purposeful Nomad

Purposeful Nomad offers women only tours with a purpose. They encourage ethical travel and they support local operations. Their concept stands for meaningful travel while contributing to local culture. With Purposeful Nomad, you can travel to destinations like Ecuador, Guatemala, Cuba, India, and other destinations with a rich culture. During a Purposeful Nomad trip, you’ll be able to experience local life and culture by getting up really close to the local communities.

This US-based travel agency is completely operated by women and they specialize in responsible travel for women travel groups. They offer trips to a handful of carefully selected destinations and the tours sell out quickly. If you want to join one of these unique tours, you better be quick!

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Sight and Soul Tours for women

This US-based travel agency organizes luxury tours and vacations for women only. With Sight and Soul, you can travel to nearly anywhere in the world and join a tour group that consists only of women. This tour agency doesn’t cater specifically for lesbian travelers, but lesbians are obviously welcome! With Sight and Soul, you can book tours with women travel groups to the most splendid destinations all over the world. They offer tours to New Zealand, South Africa, Europe, South America, … Anything you can think of!

Sight and Soul is a US-based women only tour company. They only offer women only tours and the entire agency is female operated. This company has been around for over a decade and they gained a lot of exposure over the years. Tours sell out pretty quickly, so if you want to join one of their tours, act quickly! People from all over the world are welcome to join the Sight and Soul Tours!

Adventure Women – Active women only tours

Adventure Women offers adventure trips and packages for women all over the world. Trips vary in length between one and three weeks. They have in common that there will be only women in your group and you will have loads of fun! Aside from multiple destinations within the US, you can also travel to interesting destinations around the world, like Galapagos, New Zealand, Africa, Asia, …They offer different packages like hiking, rafting, island hopping in the Mediterranean, and even a Trans-Siberian Adventure.

Adventure Women has been around for over 30 years and they are completely operated by women. The company is US based and they’re specialized in women travel groups.

26 Awesome Women Travel Groups who organize Women Only Tours

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Wander Tours – Women Travel Groups

The brainchild of Wanderlust and Lipstick travel site Beth Whitman is called Wander Tours. This women only travel agency offers holiday solutions with all women travel groups to destinations like Papua New Guinea, Bhutan, Europe, South America, Africa, … and so many more interesting destinations.

Wander Tours is US based and female operated. Each year, a carefully selected set of destinations is added to the website and these tours sell out quickly. The women travel groups are small in order to improve the experience of the traveler and minimize the impact on the environment.

Olivia Travel – Lesbian Cruises and Travel

Olivia Travel is mainly a cruise travel agency for lesbian women. With Olivia, you can book a variety of lesbian cruises, river cruises, and adventurous trips. Therefore, Olivia is the largest lesbian travel agency. Book a cruise through the Caribbean or the Mediterranean Sea. Check out various riverboat cruises in Europe or get your adrenalin pumping during an African Safari.

This tour agency is based in the United States and completely operated by women and for women.

Walking Women

Walking Women is a travel agency that organizes walking and hiking holidays for female travel groups. They also offer travel group excursions for lesbian women. Their holiday destinations include a lot of destinations in the UK, but they also offer walking holidays to destinations in Europe. Intensity grades and difficulty of the tours are clearly displayed and you can book a tour according to your physical shape.

Walking Women is a travel agency based in the United Kingdom. The owner and guides are all females. Women from all over the world can book tours with Walking Women and chances are good you’ll meet women from all ages and locations during these tours.

26 Awesome Women Travel Groups who organize Women Only Tours

The Women’s Travel Group – Women only luxury travel

All tours organized by the Women’s Travel Group are small group tours with limited spaces. The concept is a little different from the other women only travel groups. They’re in fact designed to give you a different experience. Furthermore, they offer women’s special tours to destinations such as Mexico, Italy, South Africa, Madagascar, India, and many more destinations.

The Women’s Travel Group is an all-female enterprise that organizes luxury tours for women. This US-based company is founded by Phyllis Stoller, who started the female tours 27 years ago. Apparently, customers book tours year after year and they keep coming back for the fabulous formula with excellent hotels and fine dining. The women’s Travel Group welcomes travelers from all over the world to join their tours.

Women’s Travel Club

This small group tours company for women offers tours for women travel groups to destinations all over the world. With the Women’s Travel Club, you can book trips to destinations on each continent, ranging from relaxed holiday experiences to active adventures.

Women’s Travel Club is a Canada based travel agency that is operated by women, specializing in custom travel formulas for women. All the fellow travelers in your group will be like-minded women who are also looking for a fun vacation. The Women’s Travel Club invites women from all over the world to join their women tour groups.

26 Awesome Women Travel Groups who organize Women Only Tours

Adventures in good company

Adventures in Good Company also offers adventurous trips for female travelers. All of the offered tours are an adventure in their own way. Some involve white water rafting or kayaking, while others are hiking trips or horseback riding trips. The trip information informs you about the level of fitness you need in order to make your trip successful. Guides, as well as guests, are all women. With Adventures in Good Company, you can book trips to any continent and there’s tons of choice for destinations in the US and its National parks.

This company is based in the United States and is operated for women by women. Female travelers from all over the world can book tours with Adventures in Good Company.

Women Traveling Together

Women Traveling Together is a travel agency that provides women only travel experiences. The company started out of a personal need and has thus far helped thousands of women achieving their travel goals. When booking a tour with Women Traveling Together, you can expect to travel in a small group with other women accompanied by a representative from the travel agency to help you with small and bigger needs.

This travel agency is based in the United States and is female operated. Their tours mainly have destinations within the US and Canada, but there are also occasional tours to different parts of the world.

Women travel groups with this agency mostly consist of US and Canadian women, but international travelers are welcome to join the trips.

Explorer Chick

The Explorer Chick women’s special tours are adventurous and exciting. All of the trips involve nature, outdoors and loads of beautiful scenery. Even though most tours take place in the United States, they also offer quite a few adventures outside the US. With Explorer Chick, you can expect women only tours and women only guides and ambassadors leading the way. Destinations include tons of trips in the US, Canada, Patagonia, Norway, Peru, and more.

Explorer Chick is an all-female travel agency, based in the US. The company is completely made by women and they keep the women travel groups in mind when designing their adventures. Women from all over the world can book a tour with Explorer Chicks!

26 Awesome Women Travel Groups who organize Women Only Tours

Wild Women Expeditions

Wild Women Expeditions is an adventure travel agency for women. During these expeditions, you’ll get in close contact with nature and end up have quite a few new friends. The Wild Women Expeditions are designed for female travelers.

They’re US based and they’ve been around for nearly 3 decades! Sustainable travel and creating a community of amazing women are 2 important goals for the company. They are all female operated and they want to empower women as much as possible.


Damesly is a boutique women only tour agency. They offer a select number of tours that are tailored for women. Since there aren’t dozens of tours, they sell out even quicker. SO if you want to reserve a spot on one of the women travel groups, be quick!

Operated completely by women entrepreneurs, Damesly strives to create a community of traveling women. The company is US based, but they offer tours to destinations all over the world.

Women High on Adventure

WHOA Travel or Women High on Adventure is a cool female operated travel agency. With destinations like Mount Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp, and Machu Picchu, adventure is guaranteed. WHOA Travel tries to get you out of your comfort zone into the next one! Joining an adventure with WHOA will most likely be a life-changing experience.

Women High on Adventure is a United States based company. The entire company is running on female power only. They also hire female guides and female porters for their hikes! WHOA welcomes travelers from all over the globe, so chances are good you’ll end up meeting new friends from various places in the world!

26 Awesome Women Travel Groups who organize Women Only Tours

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Living Big

As an Adventure travel tour agency, Living Big caters experiences for women who want to travel, but not alone. With their women only tours, they provide experiences to female travelers and bring them together at the same time. Destinations include wonderful experiences on all continents. Living Big organizes hosted experiences that your can join as an individual, but you can also have a custom private trip designed for a group of friends.

Living Big is a US based company, operated completely by women and for women! Women from all over the world can book a spot on the Living Big adventures!

Goddess Retreats

Goddess Retreats, as the name already implies, offers retreats for women only. These retreats can be yoga retreats for women, surf retreats, fitness, spa retreats., snow retreats, … anything you can imagine! These holiday packages are designed by women, for women. After joining a Goddess Retreat, you will feel like a new person and have lots of new friends. All retreats are organized in Bali, with the snow retreat being located in Japan. 

Goddess Retreats is based in Australia and this travel agency is powered completely by women.

Woman Tours

Woman Tours is a bike tour company for women only. With Women Tours, you can book a cycling holiday in 3 different fitness categories: leisure, moderate, and advanced. For most tours, it’s possible to get an eBike to make things a little easier for yourself. Bike tours with Women Tours are available for women of all ages and abilities. Destinations include places in the United States, Europe, South Africa, and Tanzania. Some of the tours cover great distances during a trip. You can rest assured that you’ll get an amazing experience with stunning views and great company!

The Women Tours travel agency has been operational for over 20 years. The company is based in the United States and completely powered by women. Women from anywhere in the world can book a women only tour with this travel agency!

26 Awesome Women Travel Groups who organize Women Only Tours

Fit and Fly Girl

The Fit and Fly Girl travel agency offers retreats for women. These retreats mainly focus on wellness, fitness, and culture. Destinations include Costa Rica, Palm Springs, Mykonos, Ibiza, and Morocco. When booking a women only retreat with Fit and Fly Girl, you get stylish accommodations, great and healthy food, fitness and wellness arrangements, entertainment, and much more. A fantastic holiday package!

Fit and Fly Girl is a US-based travel agency for women, completely powered by women. The Fit and Fly Girl retreats can be booked from all over the world.

Wanderwoman – Women Only Specialty Tours

Wanderwoman is a tour operator that has been around since 1998, so they know exactly how to design specialty tours for female travelers! These women only tours are designed for adventurous women who want to visit some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. They work with small groups up to 10 women only. Trip types vary, but all tours have a perfect balance of culture, history and great food. You can also book women’s wellness retreats.

Wanderwoman / Eurynome Journeys is a women only tour operator with whom you can book tours in Europe, the US, Asia, and other destinations! These tours are designed to offer women an alternative to the typical bus tour. Wanderwoman welcomes female travelers from all over the world!

26 Awesome Women Travel Groups who organize Women Only Tours

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Canyon Calling – Adventures for women

Canyon Calling is a travel agency that organizes adventurous women only tours. With this tour agency, you can travel to destinations all over the world with an all-female group. Even though many trips are located in the United States, they also offer a variety of destinations in Europe, Africa, Oceania, and the Americas.

Canyon Calling is a US-based travel agency that caters adventure trips for women only. The company has been around for more than 20 years. Women from all over the world are welcome to join the Canyon Calling tour groups!

Wildland Trekking

Wildland Trekking is a travel agency specialized in hiking and trekking. They offer women’s hiking trips where only women are present. Guides are female, hikers are female too! These women’s special tours are only a part of the specialty trips Wildland Trekking offers. They also have an option to book family hiking tours and private hiking tours.

Wildland Trekking is a US-based company that offers hiking tours in the US. Aside from women’s hiking trips, they also offer family hiking experiences. Guests on the Wildland Trekking tours are international and people from all over the world are welcome to join the tours.

Byond Travel

Byond is a travel agency, based in Bangalore, that organizes multiple types of trips. They offer biking trips, health and wellness trips, and women only trips. They cater these trips for women only because of the growing demand and the growing number of solo female travelers.

Because of the Indian location of the travel agency, most of their customers are Indian as well. But don’t let that stop you to book a trip with them. They actually get tons of positive reviews and they have loads of tours to offer for women only. This agency offers some of the top women’s travel groups and tours in India.

26 Awesome Women Travel Groups who organize Women Only Tours

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Frequently asked questions about women only tours

What about singles supplements for single travelers?

All the tour agencies we mentioned before, have this amazing thing in common! They want you to avoid paying a singles supplement as a single traveler.

Single travelers can either choose to pay a single supplement for a single room, but solo travelers are encouraged to share a room with a fellow traveler without paying a singles supplement.

I’m not from the US. Can I join these tours?

Yes! Most of the above-mentioned travel agencies welcome international travelers. Even though we couldn’t find too many travel agencies with women only tours in Europe or for that manner, outside of the USA, you can still join the tours.

We contacted all of these agencies to ask them if international travelers are welcome. All of the agencies that replied to us have answered positively to that question. So don’t let borders hold you back and just choose one of the amazing and adventurous tours and send them an inquiry!

Are these lesbian Travel Groups?

The Women Only travel groups mentioned in this article are not specific lesbian tours. Although many of these tour groups are frequently booked by single lesbian women or lesbian couples, they are not designed for lesbian women. However, you should not let this hold you back from booking one of these tours.

All the above-mentioned tours welcome all women, without judging people for any reason. Women of all ages, race, sexual orientation and fitness level are welcome to join the women only tours.

How do I find lesbian tours?

Just a little more patience! We’re currently researching and compiling an article with travel groups for lesbian women! In a few weeks, you’ll find an interesting post with tour groups for lesbian travelers on this website!

Women’s special tours

There is obviously a need for tour arrangements for women only. During our research for this post, we noticed that all of these travel agencies sell out their tours amazingly quick! The concept is not only immensely popular, but it just works!

Another positive lesson we learned during our research is that these travel agencies not only organize women only tours. They also work towards the empowerment of women in the world. The travel world is a very male saturated market and women often have a difficult time finding their way and making it to the top.

For that reason, it’s very important that we have more and more women breaking through in this market. They strive to empower women worldwide. And they also provide valuable jobs for female guides, porters and hospitality workers all over the world!

In this article, we gathered loads of tour agencies that focus on women only tours. We managed to find 25 awesome women travel groups and tour agencies. And we really hope you enjoyed this list!

Do you own a travel agency that focuses on women only tours? Let us know in the comments or send us a message so we can check out your website and tours!

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