The best walking tours of Madrid: discover the capital on foot

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What better way is there to get to know a city than with a guided walking tour? Luckily, in big city’s like Madrid, there are always plenty of guides ready to lead you on a small journey to discover gems and tell you the secret past of a building or alleyway. 

Have a look at the best walking tours of Madrid, and choose your favourite. Enjoy the lively vibe of Gran Vía, taste authentic Spanish food at hidden spots, and admire famous sights like the Royal Palace and Retiro Park.

Ready? Let’s go!

Madrid essential: free walking tour​

A free walking tour can be very interesting, especially when you travel on a budget. Of course, with a free walking tour, it’s only nice to tip the guide for the effort. So, even this tour is never a 100% free. But, you are free to choose the amount you give, so you can keep your budget on track. 

With the Madrid essential free walking tour you delve into Madrid’s history, legends, and hidden gems in just 2.5 hours.

This tour stands out for its passionate guides who showcase not only the city’s iconic landmarks but also its artistic side, nightlife spots, and modern architecture. From the bustling Puerta del Sol to the historic Royal Palace, Almudena Cathedral and some hidden gems. Your guide will lead the way!

With a tips-only basis, you can enjoy a pressure-free journey through Madrid’s oldest neighbourhoods, significant sites, and culinary delights, making it a very good choice to get to know Madrid, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to spend. 

Secret food tour Madrid

The secret food tour offers a tasty exploration of the old town. What’s not to like! You get a taste of local Spanish cuisine while your guide leads you through the city. 

On this 3-hour guided tour of the old town, you taste seasonal pastries, the renowned deep-fried squid sandwich, exquisite wines, Spanish cheeses, hams, and an exclusive secret dish.

The tour winds through picturesque streets and concludes with a tasty dish of Spanish omelette with manchego cheese and padron peppers, at a restaurant housed in an 18th-century building.

In short, this is a top tour for everyone who likes to get to know the city on another level. Get to know Madrid’s culinary scene and go to locations you would probably never find on your own. Don’t miss this delicious adventure!

Madrid old town guided walking tour

This fun guided tour takes you through Madrid’s historical centre. Explore iconic landmarks such as Plaza de España, the Royal Palace, and Templo de Debod, a 2200-year-old Egyptian temple.

Stroll through charming streets like Calle Mayor, admire panoramic views from Parque del Oeste, and experience some authentic Spanish culture at Mercado San Miguel.

This 2-hour tour immerses you in the city’s history, lively atmosphere, and culinary delights, making it a perfect way for anyone who wants to discover the city’s old town in a fun and informative way.

Madrid street art tour

Get to know a different side of Madrid with this unique street art tour. Your local guide is an expert graffiti hunter and will lead you through streets you wouldn’t find on your own.

Explore Madrid’s street art scene on this 2-hour tour of the eclectic neighbourhoods of Lavapiés, Embajadores, and La Latina.

The tour not only showcases impressive graffiti art by renowned and emerging artists but also delves into the dynamic community initiatives and free workshops available in these neighbourhoods.

Retiro Park guided walking tour

This 1.5-hour guided walking tour is dedicated to Madrid’s El Retiro Park. This park is a very popular place among locals and tourists, because it’s a green haven to relax and just stroll around at. 

Discover the park’s 19,000 trees, 167 diverse tree species, the beautiful lake, sculptures and more. Your expert guide will lead you to iconic landmarks like the Crystal Palace and Philip IV Gate, along with hidden gems not found in guidebooks.

Delve deeper into the history and beauty, and get to know insights and tales about the park that aren’t easily accessible on your own

Private walking tour - Highlights of Madrid

The highlights of Madrid walking tour with private guide offers an exciting 4-hour exploration of the city with a knowledgeable local guide.

From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, you delve into Madrid’s history and legends. The tour includes a delightful stop for tapas and a refreshing drink at the end.

The allure of this tour lies in the intimate setting that allows for personalized attention, insightful narratives, and the flexibility to customize the tour to suit individual preferences.

Walking tour - The most complete tour of Madrid

The most complete tour of Madrid guides you through the most iconic places of the city. 

With a perfect balance of informative anecdotes and exciting background stories, this 3-hour guided tour guarantees a memorable exploration of the city.

Your guide is an actor who will give this whole experience an extra touch. That makes this tour a top choice for those seeking both entertainment and cultural enrichment.

More excellent tours to do in Madrid

There is just so much to see and discover in Madrid, that you can’t go wrong with a decent guided tour. Your expert guide leads you to all the top spots, the best food stalls, top markets and wineries or whatever tickles your fancy. Check out these tours: 

The best wine tours to do in and around Madrid

Fun Segway tours to discover the best of Madrid

Wrap it up: The best walking tours of Madrid

As you can see, Madrid has a bunch of great value walking tours, so you really can’t go wrong with any choice.

Any tour will undoubtedly leave a mark on your traveller’s soul. From strolling through the majestic Retiro Park to exploring the charming lanes of La Latina.

As you plan your future travels, make sure to have a look at our guide to Madrid, where you can find the best neighbourhoods to stay, top picks of hostels, boutique hotels, luxury hotels and more. 

Until next time, happy travels!

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