Finding a better travel card than our regular debit card was important to us since we didn’t like the high fees on ATM withdrawals abroad.

We needed a better solution and we tried a new prepaid travel card before creating this N26 review!

Our previous credit cards only provided credit and they are pretty costly when used outside of the EU. We used to pay about 10€ extra for each ATM withdrawal abroad. Knowing that ATMs in countries like Guatemala only let you take out a little bit of money per withdrawal, costs added up too quickly.

That’s why we started researching travel cards for Europeans. The N26 bank travel card popped up immediately. We had to wait until it became available in our country. Then we immediately ordered and tried our N26 prepaid travel card.

This is an N26 review for this popular prepaid credit card.

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N26 vs Revolut - Battle of the travel cards

What is the N26 card?

The N26 card is an online bank account with fewer border restrictions. So you can use it anywhere.

You get an easy platform and mobile app on your phone, a regular N26 bank account number and a cool card. The N26 card is available in the US now. Depending if you sign up for the N26 bank account in the EU or the US, the ATM withdrawals apply to your region.

You can receive payments on your card, so you can get your paycheck in your N26 account. We don’t do that. We just transfer money to it when we plan on using the N26 card.

Keep reading to get more information about this prepaid travel card in this N26 bank review!

N26 Review

What we like about the N26 card

Available in Europe and soon in the US.

Use it anywhere in the world.

Use N26 in ATM’s, stores, restaurants, …

Purchases in stores and restaurants are free.

No exchange rate commission for foreign currencies.

The basic account is free.

The mobile app is just perfect! (more information on the mobile app below)

Free money transfers within EU*

But beware...

Five free EU* ATM withdrawals per month. After that, you pay 2€ per withdrawal.

Outside the EU*, 2€ per ATM withdrawal.

ATM withdrawal outside EU* cost 1,7% extra fee.

Overdraft interest rate is 8,9%

Most ATMs charge a standard fee per withdrawal, you can’t escape those!


*EU If you sign up for your card in the EU. The N26 travel card will be available in the US soon.

The Mobile App

This is one thing I was most curious about and it is one of the great features of the N26 Mastercard and bank account. The N26 bank is mainly an online banking platform and it shows on their mobile platform. Compared to other banking apps, this one is more what you would expect from banking apps in the 21st century.

The interface is also very nice and clean.

On top of that, it’s easy to navigate and all options you can imagine are available.

Number26 mobile app specifics

Fingerprint of passcode login

Transaction notifications

Check your balance and history

Transfer money and schedule transfers

Helps you find ATM and N26 partners

Enable / Disable payments abroad

Enable / Disable ATM and NFC payments

Set your daily and monthly spending limits

See spending statistics

Enable / Disable online payments

Set your mobile notifications

Change your personal information and passwords

Number26 Bank Mobile App
N26 bank Screenshot Balance - Should I get the N26 Mastercard - Review - Only Once Today
N26 Screenshot Statistics - Should I get the N26 Mastercard - Review - Only Once Today

N26 Review – Safety and security

It’s always a little scary to put your hard earned money somewhere you don’t really know.

Old school people would tell me not to trust an online bank like that.

A bank should be a place where you walk into. Where you should be able to talk to someone with a trustworthy face, suit, and tie.

I must admit I don’t even like that!

I’d rather be able to do everything right on my phone. But is it a safe and secure option?

I never felt as if I was taking big risks because I only put a few € on the N26 Mastercard to try it. The card is disconnected from any other savings accounts or credit cards I have and I’ve set it so I can’t overdraft. If someone would hack it, they could only take the small amount of money that’s in there, which makes it perfect for travel!

Of course, you don’t have to take these precautions. Because the N26 bank and card are very secure, as is the app.

Login with passcode or fingerprint

Block your card immediately with the app or online

Great and fast online support on Facebook and Twitter

Set limitations for spending

Disable ATM withdrawals or online purchases

Disable withdrawals abroad

Get instant notifications when money is being spend

Access your account and settings online as well.

N26 Mastercard

Tips on how to use the N26 card

So let’s complete this N26 review with a few extra tips for using the N26card!

Since you only get 5 free ATM withdrawals, we used our N26 Mastercard as much as possible in stores and restaurants, trying to withdraw extra cash in supermarkets. Obviously, this made a lot of difference for us while traveling.

When not traveling, we use it to save travel credit. We put some money on it each month. That way, we already have a nice budget by the time we go traveling. 

Getting the N26 card – N26 Review

If you have an address in the EU, you can get your N26 card straight away. You can order it for free and delivery is free as well. In the US, you’ll have to wait just a little longer.

We tried different cards as EU citizen and we like the N26 bank concept a lot.

As we are budget travelers and budget at homers… we enjoy a lot of the features N26 card and mobile app offers, like statistics and instant notifications. So for us as budget travelers, this card is a great asset and we use it a lot. The same goes for travelers with a larger budget and non-travelers.