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Your Hungary travel guide for an awesome holiday

Discover Hungary in Central Europe and find out why it’s attracting more and more tourists from all over the world. 

Besides the immense popular capital city Budapest, there are many more destinations that are worth exploring.

Check out what you want to experience and plan your perfect trip to Hungary

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Capital city budapest

Budapest, the capital of Hungary is more popular than ever!

Every weekend, thousands of travelers flock to the city to explore its daunting past, eclectic ruin bars, and healing thermal baths.

Discover the best of Budapest and take a look at the following fun itineraries and summary of all amazing activities for you to do. 

castles in hungary

On the top of this page you can already find a summary of the 14 coolest castles in Hungary

Here you find in-depth posts about our visits to some of these castles. Take a look at these majestic strongholds and travel back in time!

smaller gems in hungary

There are a lot of small and quirky places in Hungary waiting for you to discover them!

Here we list some of these mini gems that surprised us

Some of these places just take up a little bit of your time and some of these are half or even full day activities.

Take a look at the less-known places to visit in Hungary. 

lgbtq+ hungary travel

A page dedicated to our LGBT+ readers.

What are your rights as an LGBT+ traveler to Hungary?

Included are some of the destinations in Hungary which are most open to the LGBT+ community and you will find some useful links that can help you answer some LGBT+ related questions you might have.

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