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Your travel guide for an awesome trip to hungary

Visit Hungary

Visit Hungary in Central Europe and find out why it’s attracting more and more tourists from all over the world.

  • Besides the immense popular capital city Budapest, there are many more destinations that are worth exploring.
  • Hungary has 10 National Parks spread across the country where you can admire a variety of fauna and flora. Ideal for bird and other wildlife spotting.
  • Lake Balaton, which is part of the Balaton Uplands National Park, is another super popular travel destination in Hungary. It attracts many Hungarian visitors every year as well as visitors from all around the world.
  • On top of that, you find many quintessential cities and quirky towns all over the country.


Hungarian history

Dive into the interesting history of Hungary, which was the territory of the notorious Atilla de Hun in the 5th century.

Because of its central location in Europe, many kings desired to rule over the Hungarian land.

The Ottoman Empire conquered a great part of Hungary in the 16th century. The Habsburg Kingdom included a big part of Hungarian territory under their rule.

The boundaries of the land once reached much further than they do today. It included big parts of Romania, the Czech Republic, Austria, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, Italy, Poland, and Croatia.

You can see remnants of castles and strongholds all over the country that all tell the story of the part they played in the battle for Hungary. 


What’s on this page about Hungary?

On this page, we collected all the information about our own travels in Hungary.

Here you find:

  • A lot of information about the capital city Budapest including


Check out what you want to experience and plan your perfect trip to Hungary. 

Your Hungary travel trip starts here

How do you start planning a trip to Hungary?

So you want to start planning a trip from scratch?

Start with reading this guide that takes you through travel planning in 10 steps.

This is an extended guide for international travel but you can just skip the unnecessary steps. 

What travel insurance do you need to travel in Hungary?

There are multiple good insurance companies that cater to travelers.

Check out our article to find the best travel insurance for travel in Europe that suits you best. 

In short:

Best travel insurance for EU residents

Europ Assistance

Globelink international

True Traveller



Best insurance for residents all over the world

World Nomads

Safety Wing

What is a Schengen visa and do you need one?

Check out all you need to know about Schengen visa to travel in Europe

In short: if you are a resident of the EU you don’t need a Schengen Visa.

If you’re from outside the EU, read the guide 🙂

How do you pay in Hungary?

Hungary is part of the European Union but doesn’t use Euro. The currency is Forint (HUF). For easy counting: 1 Euro = 300 Forint 

This is the way we pay for things when traveling through Hungary:

  • We exchange a small amount of money to Forint. (To pay for small expenditures) 
  • For all other costs we pay with our travel cards
Travel cards

We don’t withdraw money with our regular bank account because it charged us a lot of extra money to do so. 

Paying with a travel card has a lot of advantages.

The best is that you can avoid fees and that it’s a good way to keep track of your travel budget.

Check out which card works best for your needs.

The card we use is N26.

It serves our needs best. If you want to apply for a N26 card you can do so in 6 very simple steps. 

How to find the best accommodation in Hungary?

Everybody knows the immense popular booking platform:

Here you find all kinds of accommodation and if you’re lucky with a great discount too!

We often use Airbnb to find a cool place to stay when traveling. Here you rent a spare room in somebody’s house. Or you choose to rent an entire house or appartement. Whatever you’re looking for. 

A great way to find budget accommodation is to be a part of the trusted housesitters community.

On this platform, people are looking for someone to look after their place when they’re away from home.

Often it includes taking care of plants and pets. We love traveling like this and keep our travel expenses low.

Use the platform tripadvisor to check loads of reviews of accommodation for Hungary.

Here you can also look for tours and activities to do on your Hungarian holiday.

Capital city budapest

Budapest, the capital of Hungary is more popular than ever!

Every weekend, thousands of travelers flock to the city to explore its daunting past, eclectic ruin bars, and healing thermal baths.

Discover the best of Budapest and take a look at the following fun itineraries and summary of all amazing activities for you to do. 

To create your own itinerary for Budapest is fun but can be very time consuming. We made two full itineraries for you to use. 

How to spend 2 days in Budapest

The second Budapest itinerary gives you a combination of visiting top attractions, relaxing in a thermal bath, walks in the park, and bustling nightlife.

Plus a lot of tours to do in the evening.

And all of this in 3 days in Budapest.

Creating your ideal getaway to Budapest includes researching the top attractions in this Hungarian capital city.

Take a look at the most popular visited tourist attractions and see what sparks your interest.

Finding a good place to stay starts with researching in which district you want to spend the night.

Check out this guide about the most interesting districts in Budapest

Hungary is known for its thermal baths. And a lot of them are situated in Budapest.

Check out this overview of most interesting thermal baths to visit.

Which one do you like best? 

A visit to Budapest isn’t complete without checking out a ruin pub, or two, three, four,…

There are plenty of nice pubs to hang out but a ruin bar has this certain atmosphere that you can’t recreate in another pub.

Take a look at the most popular ruin bars in Budapest

Going on a pub crawl can be an amazing idea to get to know new people and socialise over a drink or two, three, four,…

Hanging out, exploring the best pubs in town with a guide is a lot of fun. 

Top destinations in Hungary

Besides this amazing capital Budapest there are many more nice destinations in Hungary.

Check out this list of 20 cool cities in Hungary to visit. 

Traveling around the country you find at least 10 National Parks where you can go hiking and animal spotting.

Take a look at these amazing parks in Hungary and put some of them on your travel itinerary.

As mentioned before, a lot of kings and conquerors were interested in this land in central Europe.

In a lot of regions, you can find remnants of castles and strongholds, built to protect the land and keep Hungarian leaders and the people safe.

Check out these 14 amazing castles in Hungary.

castles in hungary

Right above this section you can already find a summary of the 14 coolest castles in Hungary. 

Here you find in-depth posts about our visits to some of these castles. Take a look at these majestic strongholds and travel back in time!

Boldogko Castle is situated in the East of the Hungarian countryside.

This stronghold lies on a small hill and it has spectacular views over the flat landscape that surrounds it. 

You can visit Bory castle on a day trip from Budapest.

This castle looks like a set from a fairytale. It’s more a work of art created around a beautiful inner garden. 

You can find Eger castle in the city center of Eger.

It’s famous because of the battle for Eger, where common women and men fought side by side with the soldiers to hold back the immense large army of the Ottomans.

And the people of Eger won that battle!

There are many exhibitions in this castle and it’s perfect for a half-day excursion. 

You find Visegrad castle overlooking the Danube bent in Pest County, North of Budapest.

The views over the Danube are absolutely the best! And it is one of the most beautiful castles on the Danube.

smaller gems in hungary

There are a lot of small and quirky places in Hungary waiting for you to discover them!

Here we list some of these mini gems that surprised us. 

Some of these places just take up a little bit of your time and some of these are half or even full-day activities.

Take a look at the less-known places to visit in Hungary. 

inspiring video of hungary

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