Travel to Belgium

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visit Belgium

Let’s travel to Belgium, where history, culture and culinary delights converge. We’ll lead you through charming medieval towns and the artistic legacy of Bruges, the capital Brussels and beyond. Discover the flavour of world-renowned chocolates, waffles, and some of the finest beer in the entire world. 

Discover the best of Brussels: top sights, where to eat, best tours & more

Brussels, the vibrant capital of Belgium, is a captivating blend of tradition and modernity. Explore its historic architecture, cultural diversity, and culinary delights.

How to spend a few days in the capital

Discover Brussels’ rich heritage and diverse culture. Discover the Grand Place, indulge in Belgian cuisine, or embark on a chocolate or beer tasting adventure. 

Tours & Tickets you might like for your visit to Brussels

Discover Brussels on a train trip through Europe

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Where to stay in Belgium


Best boutique hotels

Experience a fusion of old charm and modern luxury in a beautifully designed boutique hotel. 


Castle Hotels

Upgrade your stay and relax in a unique setting. Find the best Castle hotels to elevate your Belgian trip.

Great atmosphere.
Iconic beats.
Fantastic festivals.

Uncover tranquil nature, lush forests and picturesque Ardennes landscapes

Connect with nature, unwind & rejuvenate in a peaceful environment. Get to know the best National Parks and other natural getaways all across the country. Nothing helps to get back to centre as a walk in the woods. 

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