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So you want to track your travel expenses while you’re on the road? And you’re looking for the very best Android app or iPhone app to manage your travel budget?

Trabee Pocket is definitely worth checking out and I’ll explain why.

I’ve tried and tested dozens of Android apps that manage your budget or allow you to keep an overview of your expenses.

Many of them were definitely overkill unless you have 5 bank accounts, each of which gets income and expenses. A lot of these apps were designed for accountants.

Others were overkill in a different way. They allowed me to set monthly, weekly, and daily spending limits per category. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I just wanted to keep in touch with my expenses. If they were too high, I wanted to see where I spent the money. If they were too low, … That never actually happened!

So here’s why Trabee Pocket is a great travel budget app for all travelers to keep an eye on their travel expenses.

It’s free! But you can also get an upgrade

You can get this app for free in the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store!

There’s also a paid version, which I purchased and it has a few extra options, but you can easily manage with the free version.

Notice: We are not hired by Trabee Pocket an they don’t pay us in any way to write this Trabee Pocket Review. So all these opinions are our own.

What you get for free

  • As many travels as you like
  • As many expenses as you like
  • 1 currency per trip
  • 8 basic categories
  • Expenses report / Breakdown per category

What the Paid Upgrade gets you

  • The upgrade costs 1,89€
  • Manageable categories
  • Quickly see expenses in your own currency
  • Smart travel expenses report
  • More currencies per trip

Why I got the upgrade

I got the upgrade for a trip through Central America with multiple currencies. But that’s not the reason I got it, because I could easily make a separate trip per country we traveled through.

Actually, I wanted to make different categories. So I bought the upgrade. And I loved it 🙂

Photo by on Unsplash

More categories are great!

It may be my nature, but I like to see different things under different categories. So it’s a reason to upgrade if you’re like me.

With the upgrade, you can add categories, remove categories, select icons, and colors.

Image Credit Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

The Standard Categories

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation / Lodging
  • Meal – Out
  • Meal – Store
  • Shopping / Souvenirs
  • Sightseeing
  • Health
  • Etc.

The Categories I created

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation / Lodging
  • Meal – Out
  • Meal – Store
  • Shopping / Souvenirs
  • Sightseeing
  • Health
  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes
  • Laundry
  • Etc.

As you can see, it’s not very different from the standard categories. I mainly made new categories for the things I need to tone down: alcohol and cigarettes. I hoped that seeing how much we spent on that, would be a great indicator. Turns out: we didn’t spend that much on those categories at all!

These are the categories I used on our previous great backpacking adventure and I think I might improve them soon!

It looks slick! And it works smoothly!

The Trabee Pocket app looks good, feels good, and it works smoothly.

It’s very easy to add expenses and to check them afterward.

Nobody wants to lose 5 minutes to add the purchase of chewing gum to their travel budget app. You want it to be quick and straight forward.

Pie charts

In the pie chart, you can see how much of your beloved travel budget is spent on which categories.

It gives you percentages and exact amounts. While looking good, it’s also convenient.

For us, lodging tends to be the biggest part of the pie, but for our train adventure through Europe, transport was the biggest part.

You can use it outside of travel

You can also use it to track your monthly expenses at home. You can either use the categories that come with the app or upgrade and make your own categories.

This way you can track your home expenses too.


How does Trabee Pocket work?

Once you open the app, you can easily add a trip by tapping the Blue + symbol.

Now you can name your trip, set travel dates, country, and select the currency you’ll be using.

After doing that, you can start adding travel expenses.

On the left side, you see the dates, which also has a ‘Preparing’ tab. We use that for the stuff you book before you leave, like flights.

From now on, you just need to swipe down in the app to add a travel expense.

Select a category, add the amount, and optionally name the expense. Done!

Important notice – What we don’t like!

You should regularly make a backup of your expenses and trips!

There’s no cloud backup or similar. So if you lose your phone or you do a factory reset for some reason, which I did, you lose all your data! Back it up!

They also have non-existent customer support. So if you lose your data, don’t expect help!

Other ways to track your travel budget

I’ve heard other travelers tell me their budget-keeping secrets. They aren’t really secrets, but still: it’s nice to know how others do it.

Some backpackers have a set budget for a certain amount of time and they just split their budget into weeks. So they know how much they can spend each week, get it out of the bank and if they still have money in their pocket on Sunday, they had a good week.

Our system is basically the same, but we play it differently.

We set a monthly budget and evaluate that each month. It doesn’t really matter how you do it, as long as you don’t run out before due date!

Budget traveler or not, everyone has to keep to some sort of budget. Bookkeeping is a lot of work and it takes up some time. I tried a few methods and tried to make it easy and low-maintenance.

Eventually, we found a great app to keep track of everything without me having to categorize every cent. These are some money management methods travelers use:

  • Set a fixed amount per week and get just that out of the ATM
  • Only use cash to keep better track of your budget
  • Track your expenses manually
  • Get a money management app or travel budget app – how the track our travel budget
  • Splurge and run out of money too soon – not a good option


So these are the reasons I like Trabee Pocket and ditched all the other apps. This travel budget app has done its work very well and I tend to keep it for a long time.

I know there are a lot more decent money management apps and travel budget apps out there that we haven’t tried yet.

So feel free to let us know which budget app or gadget you use to keep track.

We’re very interested in learning about new budget apps or older apps that just do the trick!


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