The very best things to do in Szeged in one day

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Welcome to the vibrant city of Szeged, Hungary’s sun-drenched gem where history, culture, and gastronomy converge. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore an array of “things to do in Szeged” that can be experienced and appreciated even if you have just one day to spare. From the grandeur of the Votive Church to the bustling local markets, from the tranquil banks of the Tisza River to the vibrant city squares, we will delve into the heart of Szeged’s charm. Be prepared to immerse yourself in a journey that captures the essence of “Szeged in one day”, a journey that beckons to the curious traveler in you. Strap on your walking shoes and join us.

Interesting facts about Szeged

Knowing a little about the city you’re exploring always adds a zest of adventure and intrigue to your journey, doesn’t it? Szeged, with its rich history and unique traditions, is no exception. Let’s dive into some fascinating facts about this city that will make your visit even more exciting and meaningful. Remember, every corner of Szeged has a story to tell, every street echoes with tales from the past. So, as you walk around, let these facts be your secret keys, unlocking the vibrant soul of the city. Experience Szeged not just as a tourist, but as an informed explorer, hungry for the unique story that the city has to share.

  • Szeged is famous for its paprika production and is known as the “paprika capital” of Hungary, producing high-quality and flavourful spices that are exported worldwide.
  • The city was nearly destroyed by a devastating flood in 1879, which led to its reconstruction in a distinctive Art Nouveau style, giving it a unique architectural charm.
  • Szeged is home to the largest outdoor theater in Hungary, the Dóm tér Open-Air Theater, where visitors can enjoy performances and concerts in a beautiful setting.
  • The University of Szeged, founded in 1872, is one of Hungary’s most prestigious institutions and attracts students from all over the world, contributing to the city’s vibrant and multicultural atmosphere.
  • Szeged is also known for its delicious fish soup, made from locally caught freshwater fish and seasoned with a special blend of spices, offering a culinary delight for seafood enthusiasts visiting the city.

Morning Activities

With these morning activities, you will immerse yourself in the history, culture, and beauty that Szeged has to offer. From exploring the city center to visiting iconic landmarks, your day in Szeged will be filled with unforgettable experiences.

Start your day in Szeged by exploring the city center, where you will find a blend of history, culture, and modernity. Take a walk along the beautiful streets, admiring the stunning architecture and charming atmosphere.

Visiting the Reök Palace

Reök Palace, located in Szeged, Hungary, is a magnificent example of Art Nouveau architecture that captivates visitors with its stunning design and rich history. Built in the early 20th century, the palace was originally a private residence for László Reök, a wealthy local merchant.

This architectural gem seamlessly blends various styles, including Secessionist and Hungarian folk motifs. The exterior of the palace features intricate detailing, with floral motifs and ornate sculptures adorning the façade. Inside, visitors are treated to a splendid array of beautifully decorated rooms, showcasing the opulence and creativity of the Art Nouveau era.

Today, Reök Palace serves as a cultural center and exhibition space, hosting a variety of art exhibitions, concerts, and events throughout the year. The venue also houses a café where visitors can relax and soak in the elegant ambiance.

An interesting fact about Reök Palace is that during World War II, the building suffered severe damage from bombings, leaving it in ruins for several decades. However, extensive restoration efforts were undertaken in the 1990s, bringing the palace back to its former glory and ensuring its preservation for future generations to enjoy.

Visiting the Reök Palace Szeged
Visiting the Reök Palace Szeged

Dugonics Square

Dugonics Square is a vibrant and bustling square that offers a true taste of the city’s rich history and lively atmosphere. Surrounded by architectural gems, the square is a popular meeting point for locals and visitors alike, providing a glimpse into the city’s past and present.

As you step into Dugonics Square, you’ll be greeted by impressive buildings and vibrant squares lined with charming cafes, shops, and restaurants.

Fun fact: Dugonics Square was named after János Dugonics, a prominent Hungarian writer, and journalist who played a significant role in the city’s cultural development.

Dugonics Square in Szeged
Dugonics Square in Szeged

Szeged Synagogue

Szeged Synagogue is a magnificent representation of Moorish Revival architecture. Built in the late 19th century, it is one of the largest synagogues in Europe and an important landmark in the city. The synagogue’s exterior is adorned with stunning brickwork and intricate decorative elements, while the interior boasts a grand prayer hall with beautiful stained glass windows. The combination of vibrant colors and ornate designs creates a truly breathtaking atmosphere.

Fun fact: Szeged Synagogue is home to an impressive organ, which has 2,317 pipes, 42 registers and 2 keyboards. It produces a mesmerizing sound during musical performances.

Szeged Synagogue in Szeged
Szeged Synagogue in Szeged

Explore the Dóm Square

After a busy morning exploring the city center, take some time to unwind and relax at the Dóm Square. This charming public square is located in the heart of Szeged and offers a peaceful oasis surrounded by historical buildings and beautiful architecture. Find a comfortable spot on one of the benches and soak in the atmosphere as you watch locals and tourists go about their day. Admire the stunning Dömötör Tower, a part of the Szeged Cathedral, and listen to the soothing sound of the nearby water fountain. The Dóm Square is also a great spot for people-watching and taking in the vibrant energy of Szeged.

Votive Church (Szegedi Dóm)

No visit to Szeged is complete without a visit to the awe-inspiring Votive Church, a symbol of the city’s resilience and devotion. Marvel at the architectural masterpiece that dominates the skyline and step inside to experience the grandeur of the church’s interior. Climb to the top of the tower for panoramic views of Szeged and the surrounding area, a sight that is sure to take your breath away.

Aerial view of the Votive Church and Cathedral of Our Lady of Hungary (Szeged Dom)
Aerial view of the Votive Church and Cathedral of Our Lady of Hungary (Szeged Dom)

Heroes Gate

Heroes Gate is a magnificent architectural marvel located in the city of Szeged, Hungary. This iconic landmark holds great historical significance and is a must-visit for any traveler seeking insights into the city’s rich heritage.

Standing proudly at the entrance of the grand Széchenyi Square, Heroes Gate is a beautifully designed neo-Baroque triumphal arch. Built in the early 20th century to commemorate the heroes of the Hungarian Revolution, the gate is adorned with intricate sculptures and detailed carvings that depict significant events in Hungarian history.

As travelers approach Heroes Gate, they will be captivated by its grandeur and the attention to detail in its architecture. The gate serves as a symbolic entrance to the heart of the city, inviting visitors to explore and discover the wonders that Szeged has to offer.

Fun Fact: The sculptures on Heroes Gate were crafted by renowned Hungarian artist, Ede Margócsy, and depict notable figures from Hungarian history, including King Saint Stephen, Saint Emeric, and King Matthias Corvinus.

Heroes Gate Szeged
Heroes Gate Szeged

Afternoon Activities

With these afternoon activities, you will continue to immerse yourself in the charm and beauty of Szeged. Whether relaxing at the Dóm Square or exploring the lively Széchenyi Square, you will create lasting memories and truly experience the essence of this vibrant city. Don’t forget to download our mobile application to make the most of your time in Szeged and discover even more hidden gems.

Relax at the Széchenyi Square

Another must-visit location in Szeged is the Széchenyi Square, a lively hub filled with cafes, restaurants, and shops. This vibrant square is perfect for enjoying a leisurely afternoon stroll, grabbing a cup of coffee or ice cream, or indulging in some retail therapy. Admire the stunning architecture of the surrounding buildings, including the beautiful Serbian Orthodox Church, and take in the lively atmosphere as you mingle with locals and other visitors. Széchenyi Square is also a great place for street performances and cultural events, so keep an eye out for any happenings during your visit.

Szeged City Hall and Szechenyi square in Szeged
Szeged City Hall and Szechenyi square in Szeged

Szeged's Cultural Treasures (museums)

By exploring these cultural treasures, you will deepen your appreciation for the rich history and artistic heritage of Szeged. From the Móra Ferenc Museum to the Open-Air Theatre and the Fortress Museum and Stone Collection, each attraction offers a unique glimpse into the city’s past and present. Immerse yourself in the beauty, artistry, and stories that make Szeged a truly remarkable cultural destination.

Explore the Móra Ferenc Museum

For a glimpse into Szeged’s rich cultural heritage, a visit to the Móra Ferenc Museum is a must. Located in a stunning Neo-Renaissance building, this museum showcases the history and art of the region. Step inside and immerse yourself in the fascinating exhibitions that span from prehistoric times to the present day. Marvel at the collection of archaeological artifacts, including ancient pottery, tools, and jewelry. Explore the sections dedicated to local folklore, traditional costumes, and historical events that shaped the city. The Móra Ferenc Museum also houses an impressive collection of Hungarian fine art, featuring works from renowned artists. From paintings to sculptures, you’ll be captivated by the talent on display. Take your time to absorb the cultural treasures and learn about the city’s rich past.

Exploring the Móra Ferenc Museum
Exploring the Móra Ferenc Museum

Visit the Open-Air Theatre

Experience the magic of live performances at the Open-Air Theatre in Szeged. Nestled in a picturesque park, this unique venue hosts a variety of theatrical productions, concerts, and cultural events throughout the year. As dusk sets in, settle into your seat and prepare to be enchanted by the vibrant performances against the backdrop of open skies. From classical plays to contemporary productions, there is always something to suit every taste. The Open-Air Theatre also hosts the internationally acclaimed Szeged Open-Air Festival, attracting artists and audiences from all over the world. Immerse yourself in the world of performing arts and be swept away by the talent and creativity on display.

Fortress Museum and Stone Collection

Delve into the architectural history of Szeged by visiting the Fortress Museum and Stone Collection. Housed within the walls of the iconic Szeged Fortress, this museum provides insight into the city’s fortification system and its strategic importance throughout history. Discover the stories behind the fortress walls as you explore the exhibition halls filled with artifacts, models, and interactive displays. Learn about the battles fought, the people who lived within the fortress, and the evolution of its structure over time. The museum also showcases a remarkable collection of carved stone monuments from different periods, offering a glimpse into the city’s artistic and cultural heritage. Don’t miss the panoramic view from the fortress tower, where you can admire the cityscape and the Tisza River winding its way through Szeged.

Enjoy Nature in Szeged

No matter how much time you have in Szeged, these two nature-filled activities will allow you to relax, rejuvenate, and connect with the natural beauty that surrounds the city. Stroll along the Tisza Riverbank and enjoy the peacefulness of the water, or visit the Botanical Garden and immerse yourself in the beauty of diverse plant life. These experiences are sure to leave you with lasting memories of Szeged’s natural wonders.

Stroll along the Tisza Riverbank

One of the best ways to experience the natural beauty of Szeged is by taking a leisurely stroll along the Tisza Riverbank. This picturesque riverside promenade offers breathtaking views of the river and its surroundings. Enjoy the fresh air as you walk along the well-maintained pathways, lined with lush greenery and colourful flowers. Take in the tranquility of the water and watch as boats and kayaks pass by. For those looking for a more active experience, there are also cycling paths along the riverbank, allowing you to explore the area on two wheels. Whether you choose to sit and relax on one of the benches, have a picnic by the river, or simply take in the beauty of nature, a walk along the Tisza Riverbank is a must-do when in Szeged.

Visit the Botanical Garden

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in the serenity of the Botanical Garden in Szeged. This hidden gem is a haven for nature enthusiasts, offering a diverse collection of plant species from around the world. As you walk through the garden, you’ll be greeted by vibrant flowers, towering trees, and fragrant herbs. Take your time to explore the different sections, each showcasing a different type of vegetation. From the peaceful Japanese garden to the lush tropical greenhouse, there is something to captivate everyone’s interest. Keep an eye out for the various sculptures and art installations scattered throughout the garden, adding an artistic touch to the natural surroundings. Whether you’re a botany enthusiast or simply someone looking for a peaceful retreat, a visit to the Botanical Garden in Szeged is a delightful way to connect with nature.

Botanical Garden Szeged
Botanical Garden Szeged

Evening Activities in Szeged

As dusk descends upon Szeged, the city takes on a whole new persona, offering a unique blend of cultural experiences and vibrant nightlife. From historic sightseeing under the moonlight to savoring traditional Hungarian cuisine in cozy restaurants, your evening in Szeged promises to be just as captivating as the day.

Relax your weary muscles in the thermal baths

Napfényfürdő Aquapolis Szeged is a popular water park and spa complex located in Szeged, Hungary. Spanning over 11,000 square meters, it offers a perfect retreat of relaxation and fun for visitors of all ages. With its diverse range of pools, slides, and relaxation areas, it promises an unforgettable experience.

The water park features numerous pools, including wave pools, adventure pools with waterfalls and geysers, and thermal pools with healing properties. One of the highlights is the thrilling slides, such as the Turbo Slide and Black Hole, which provide adrenaline-pumping excitement. For a more laid-back experience, visitors can unwind in the thermal and medicinal pools, renowned for their healing properties.

Beyond aquatic fun, the complex also offers a variety of wellness services, including saunas, steam rooms, and massage treatments. Visitors can indulge in ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation amidst a tranquil setting.

A fun fact about Napfényfürdő Aquapolis Szeged is that it holds the title for the largest indoor slide in Europe, the Tornado Slide. With its 156-meter length, this slide takes riders on a thrilling journey of twists and turns, making it a must-try for adventure seekers.

Whether you’re looking for exhilarating water slides, therapeutic thermal baths, or simply a place to relax and unwind, Napfényfürdő Aquapolis Szeged is the ideal destination for a memorable aquatic adventure.

Enjoy a sunset walk

As the day comes to a close, take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the serenity of the city during sunset. One of the best places to experience the beauty of a Szeged sunset is at the Dugonics Square. This bustling square transforms into a peaceful retreat in the evening, making it the perfect spot to unwind and take in the breathtaking views. As the sun dips below the horizon, watch as the sky is painted in vibrant hues of orange and pink, casting a warm glow over the cityscape. Continue your walk along the illuminated streets, passing by historic buildings and charming cafes. Feel the cool evening breeze on your face as you embrace the tranquility of the city at dusk. Whether you’re exploring with a loved one or simply enjoying some solo time, a sunset walk in Szeged offers a moment of tranquility and reflection.

Night view of Szeged
Night view of Szeged

How much time do you need for Szeged

Szeged is a city rich in history, culture, and natural beauty, thus it deserves more than just a fleeting visit. To truly appreciate its offerings, we recommend at least a 2-3 day stay. This allows enough time to explore the city’s main sights, enjoy its unique culinary scene, and partake in its vibrant lifestyle.

Keep in mind, travel times to Szeged can vary greatly depending on your starting location, so it’s important to factor this into your itinerary. While a day trip may provide a taste of Szeged, a longer stay will allow for a much more immersive and rewarding experience.

How to get to Szeged

Getting to Szeged from Budapest is a breeze, and there are diverse travel options to accommodate all preferences. Let’s explore them:

  • Flights: While Szeged does have an airport, it’s primarily for small aircraft and doesn’t support commercial flights. However, Budapest has a major international airport, Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport. From there, you can opt for other modes of transportation to reach Szeged.
  • Train: One of the most popular and scenic ways to travel to Szeged from Budapest is by train. The journey typically takes about 2.5 hours. Trains depart from Budapest-Keleti railway station and arrive at Szeged railway station. The service is regular and reliable, making it a preferred choice for many travelers.
  • Own Vehicle: If you prefer the flexibility of driving, you can take your own vehicle. Szeged is approximately 170 kilometers south of Budapest. The journey takes around 2 hours via the M5 motorway. It’s a straightforward route, but do keep in mind the potential for traffic during peak hours.
  • Bus: You can also catch a bus from Budapest to Szeged. The ride lasts about 2 to 3 hours, depending on traffic conditions. Buses leave from Budapest’s Népliget Bus Station and drop passengers off at Szeged Mars Tér.

Things to see and do in the area

But wait, there’s more! Szeged isn’t the only gem tucked away in this corner of the world. The surrounding region is bursting with fun and excitement too. Let’s dive into some of the other must-see places near Szeged.

Explore Pécs

Pécs, a city of art and history, is an unmissable stop in your Hungarian adventure. Wander through its charming streets and you’ll be constantly surprised by the fusion of different architectural styles, from Roman remains to Turkish mosques. Don’t miss the Pécs Cathedral and the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, a hotbed of creativity and culture. The city is also famous for its vineyards, so make sure you try some local wine.

Want to explore Pécs? Read all about it here

Discover Gyula

Gyula is a delightful small city in the southeast of Hungary, near the Romanian border. It’s famous for its Castle of Gyula, the only flatland fortress in Central Europe, and its thermal bath is a favorite among visitors. Explore its charming streets and savor the local cuisine – you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the plethora of flavors.

Read more about the many things to do in Gyula

Hungary Itinerary

Hungary offers a wealth of diverse destinations. Start in bustling Budapest with its rich historical sites and vibrant nightlife. Travel north to the Danube Bend, a stunning region of rolling hills, charming towns, and historic castles. Don’t forget to visit Lake Balaton, Central Europe’s largest freshwater lake, with its vineyards, volcanic mountains, and vibrant festivals. Wherever you go in Hungary, you’ll find a warm welcome, rich history, and delicious local cuisine. Happy travels!

Where to stay in Szeged

Szeged, the sunniest city in Hungary, boasts a variety of accommodations to make your stay memorable. For a unique experience, try one of the city’s boutique hotels, offering a blend of charm, elegance, and personalized service. You can find the best boutique hotels in Szeged here.

Hotel Piano

The very best things to do in Szeged in one day

Hotel Auris

The very best things to do in Szeged in one day

Science Hotel

The very best things to do in Szeged in one day

Conclusion - so many things to do in Szeged

In conclusion, Szeged is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and picturesque landscapes, the city offers a multitude of things to do in Szeged. Whether you’re here for a week or you just have one day in Szeged, this sun-soaked city will capture your heart and leave you yearning for more. The warm hospitality of its people, the profound architectural beauty, the mouth-watering local cuisine, and the enchanting river Tisza all contribute to the irresistible charm of Szeged. So pack your bags and embark on an unforgettable journey to this sunny city. There’s a whole world to explore in Szeged!

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