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On this page, we list the products and services we recommend to our readers.

We use these links for our own research and online purchases as well.

Find travel resources for accommodation, flights, tours, travel gear, electronics, and more!

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Accommodation and lodging

These are our main go-to websites when looking for accommodation.

We have options for finding hotels, hostels, and other rentals. Depending on our destination, we choose the accommodation of our preference and use these sites to compare prices and finalize bookings.



Transportation links to websites where you can book the cheapest flights, like SkyScanner. 

Interrail is the best platform to get your train tickets for Europe. Read more about Interrailing Europe or find great ideas for European train itineraries or check these mobile apps to book train tickets in Europe.



Travel Planning - Customize Your Trip Like a Pro - Only Once Today

Guided Tours

Find out if you’re more of a guided tour traveler or a solo backpacker in this article which compares group tours vs independent travel.

More interested in joining a tour? These are our favorite go-to services for booking guided tours. 

G Adventures, Intrepid, and Contiki offer full-fledged guided holidays, ranging from a few days to over a month.

Get Your Guide and Viator offer day excursions and activities. Sometimes they also offer multiple day activities. Both tour operators work with local companies to get the best possible local tours!

g adventures

g adventures

Banking and Insurance

If you don’t want to pay high banking fees and commission to your bank whenever you travel abroad, make sure to read our reviews for N26 and Revolut travel banks.

As for travel insurance, World Nomads is the best known and reliable nomad and backpacker insurance.

Revolut Review - Does the Revolut Travel Card live up to the hype?
World Nomads

Gear up for travel

Shop adventure gear, backpacks, hiking shoes, anything really… with As Adenture and REI.

Amazon is also a great resource, which is immensely popular in the US but feels less used in Europe. 

AS Adventures


Web Hosting


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