Siteground Vs Hostgator - Why we changed our wordpress web hosting

Web hosting for WordPress websites is a hot topic and that’s for a good reason.

Some web hosting providers charge you more or less the same price.

But that doesn’t mean that they’re equal. Definitely not!

There’s a big difference in web hosting services when it comes to site speed, customer service and other services that are offered.

After switching web hosting 3 times, we eventually found a WordPress web hosting provider we actually love!

We want to help you find the best provider as well, just because we know how frustrating and annoying it can be if your hosting provider doesn’t live up to your expectations… as ours did! That’s why we did a hosting comparison.

In this article, we compare Siteground vs Hostgator. These are actually the 2 providers we used for this exact website. So we can clearly tell you the difference between both. And we can also endorse the reasons why we changed and why our current provider is the one we will stick with!

In this article, I will tell you all about it! Let’s compare Siteground vs Hostgator!

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Pricing – Siteground vs Hostgator

Both web hosting companies have different pricing solutions for different users. You can start with a cheaper plan for start-ups. Later you can easily switch to a more expensive hosting plan.

Both offer shared hosting plans, as well as, dedicated servers. Shared hosting plans are the way to go if you’re starting out. Once your site grows bigger, you can always switch to a dedicated server, which is obviously more expensive. In this article, we’ll discuss the shared hosting plans.

If you take a plan for a longer period of time, prices go down. So it’s cheaper to get a 3-year plan than it is to get a 1-year plan. Prices in these screenshots are per month.

Siteground Pricing

Siteground offers 3 shared hosting plans, as well as, dedicated WordPress web hosting for the same prices. You can get the Siteground StartUp, Siteground GrowBig, or Siteground GoGeek plan. All three offer a different amount of web space and a maximum amount of visitors.

Siteground Pricing Plans

Hostgator Pricing

Hostgator also offers 3 different pricing plans. They also offer dedicated WordPress plans, which are slightly more expensive. For the shared hosting, they offer a Hatchling Plan, a Baby Plan, and a Business Plan.

Hostgator Pricing Plans

The verdict – Pricing

The Hostgator shared hosting plans are respectively cheaper than the Siteground plans. Dedicated WordPress plans with Hostgator, on the other hand, are more expensive than the dedicated WordPress plans with Siteground. Check Hostgator prices and Siteground prices.

So Hostgator has the cheapest web hosting plan available. But keep reading to find out if you get the same features and extras for that small price.

Included Features for Shared Hosting

You can always get the cheapest web hosting as we once did. But then after a few months, you’ll discover that you might need different things. Let’s compare the features for the middle plans for both hosting companies. That would be the Siteground GrowBig plan, which is the one we like and use! For Hostgator, it’s the Baby Plan.

We only compare a few basic features for both plans. You can check out the exact features for Siteground and Hostgator on their respective websites.


SiteGround GrowBig

Hostgator Baby Plan

Monthly Visits Max



Web Space

20 GB


Number of sites



Control Panel



Free Backups



Free Website Migration



Cloudflare VPN



Integrated Cache Tool

SuperCacher 3 levels


Free SSL



Buy domain name



These features might mean a different thing for everyone. You might not need all of them. Depending on your site and future plans, you probably want different things. I just need to say that you shouldn’t be staring at unlimited things like unlimited web space and unmetered monthly visits. We experienced for our self that those things are not the first features you need when starting out.

We do, however, value the extra features like the free Cloudflare CDN account and the automated cache tool, which speed up your website. And website speed might just be the most important feature you need in this century.

The verdict – Included Features

Both web hosting providers offer loads of features. Sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate which features are interesting and which are not. So for this verdict, we’re going to speak for our self. We learned that we value the Cloudflare account and the Supercacher tool a lot. So for the features, Siteground is our winner!

Siteground vs Hostgator - Why we switched our WordPress web hosting

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Siteground vs Hostgator – Website speed and uptime

Aha! Website speed. The thing we value so much and regret we didn’t value this before. Experts have done performance tests in order to find differences between hosting companies and their website speed and uptime.

We have not done these geek tests.

Other people did test the difference. The tests show that Siteground is slightly quicker than Hostgator. For us, the difference seemed to be bigger, as we used all of the provided tools with Siteground in order to speed up our site even more.

We did, however, use tools like Pingdom Website Speed Test and the Googe Page Speed Tester. For our website, the difference was immense! After switching web hosting and migrating our site to Siteground, we gained valuable seconds in website speed. We also have not experienced any downtime or other issues since we switched.

“Where our site used to take over 10 seconds to load… yes. I’m not joking! It now loads in less than 4 seconds. I know, we still have some work to do. But the difference in speed by just switching your web hosting is immense! I’m not saying you will get the same difference in speed for sure because speed depends on loads of different things. But Siteground is just faster!”

The verdict – Site speed

According to speed tests you can find online, Siteground is slightly faster than Hostgator.

Siteground vs Hostgator - Why we switched our WordPress web hosting

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WordPress website integration

Both hosting providers offer one-click WordPress installation. Siteground, as well as Hostgator, offer easy installation for WordPress. The process is equally easy and straightforward.

Aside from the one-click WordPress installation, both hosting companies also offer easy installation for other CMS platforms as well. Offered CSM platforms and integrated website builder platforms include Joomla, Drupal, and webshop installations.

The verdict – WordPress compatibility

Even though both providers offer an easy WordPress installation, Siteground is the provider that is recommended by WordPress itself. WordPress actually recommends 3 web hosting providers, being Bluehost, Dreamhost, and Siteground. Read the WordPress recommendations here.

Siteground support vs Hostgator support

Both Siteground and Hostgator offer the same level of customer support. Both offer 24/7 support access through various channels. You can either reach the support desk through a chat window or by phone.

Both Web Hosting providers have an extended online knowledge base with hundreds of informative articles on how to start solving problems on your own. They also have a support ticket center where a specialist looks into your issues and solves them on short notice.

I usually make use of support chat whenever I have a question or a problem. Both support desks were quick to help me and the response time was short.

The Verdict – Support and helpdesk

Both hosting providers offer excellent customer support!

Siteground vs Hostgator - Why we switched our WordPress web hosting

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Siteground vs Hostgator – The Verdict

In this battle of the web hosting companies, Siteground is a clear winner.

Why we changed to Siteground

For our blog, web hosting used to be an ever-recurring item. We started out with a Dutch web hosting company that was cheap and convenient. But Jetpack would keep sending me daily messages that our website was down… and back up… and down. We experienced just too much downtime. It was more than slightly annoying, but since we weren’t getting too much traffic back then, I waited to see if things would improve.

I can tell you now: don’t wait if it comes to choosing decent web hosting, because things won’t improve!

So we switched our WordPress web hosting to HostGator, simply because someone had recommended it to us and because it was cheaper than its competitors. We stuck with HostGator for more than a year. But our traffic started to increase and we wanted to offer our readers a great experience during the time they were on our site.

Our website was slow and often buggy. I didn’t want to admit it was our web hosting that was the problem. I did pay forward for a 3-year web hosting plan. So I was dedicated to making things work. We improved everything we could from our end in order to increase speed. That’s actually a different topic, but in short: we improved our images, reduced HTTP request, combined CSS and JS, … everything! Our website was still slow!

That’s when I decided to take action and forget about the 3 years of prepaid WordPress hosting! And it was actually the best decision I ever made for our blog! We think that our hosting reviews might be of great value for our readers.


We are affiliated to both of these web hosting providers. Both of them offer us the same commission if our readers decide to buy web hosting through our link. With this system, our readers don’t pay a cent extra for their hosting, but we get a small commission for referring our readers to the web hosting we want to endorse.

I’m writing this here because I want you to know we could make a little extra money by referring you to either of these web hosting services. But we really love Siteground and want to encourage you to use them too. Just because they’re the best web hosting provider out there for the best possible price.

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