5 of the most epic ruin pub crawls in Budapest – Have a wild night!

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So you’re in for a fun weekend in Budapest?

You can’t visit Hungary and Budapest without going to a ruin bar! We’ve got the perfect Budapest pub crawl for you right here.

Previously, we already talked about the 10 best ruin bars in Budapest. Today, we found you the very best Budapest ruin bar crawls!

With these bar crawls, you can visit loads of different bars, while meeting new friends and having the best time of your life exploring the Budapest nightlife.

We’ve heard travelers complain about pub crawls where rude guides were taking visitors to the most boring bars ever… So you have to do some research to find the very best pub crawls where travelers have a great time and see some of the coolest pubs in Budapest.

Check out the most epic ruin pub crawls in Budapest!

This ruin pub crawl is one of the most popular in the entire city!

Al local guide takes you around the coolest ruin pubs during this 5 hour tour. You get to visit 5 bars and get a complementary drink at each bar.

If you’re lucky, there are extra discounts or special offers you can enjoy along the way.

During this pub crawl, you visit the lesser known ruin bars, which can be very interesting. Group sizes vary depending on the season.

Your guide will explain everything you need to know or didn’t know yet. Learn about urban legends and try Hungarian drinking games.

After this crawl, you can continue the party with a free VIP entrance to one of the coolest clubs in Budapest.

Szimpla Kert Ruin Bar Budapest
Szimpla Kert Ruin Bar Budapest

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Original Pub Crawl Budapest

This tour is organized by Original Budapest Tours and the pub crawl lasts for 6 hours. So you better prepare yourself for it with a good dinner before joining this tour!

The pub crawl organisation promises a wild night with free shots, 1 hour of all you can drink, and skipping the queue at one of the coolest clubs in Budapest.

Are you up for it?

There will be an introduction to Hungarian drinking games while exploring the coolest ruin bars in the city!

3 hour pub crawl for all ages

This ruin pub crawl takes 3 to 4 hours and travelers are raving about it.

During this crawl, you get to see different pubs and they’re absolutely lovely.

You visit 4 ruin pubs and get a welcome drink at each of them. Discover pubs with live music and eclectic places in the city.

When we say this tour is for all ages… we mean all ages above 18 years old! The same counts for the other tours as well!

Design your own pub crawl

This Budapest pub crawl can be designed to your wishes. Choose your bars and different tour types.

A guide will take you around to make sure you’re safe. Expect to be guided by a local and skip the lines everywhere!

Beer, wine and soft drinks are included and you travel from bar to bar at your own pace. Your driver picks you up at your hotel and takes you from one place to the next.

Sounds like a great night out? It is! This epic pub crawl promises a Wild Night Out!

Danube River party cruise

Take a 1,5 hour river party cruise on the Danube river in Budapest.

During this time, you get one free welcome drink, great music and, hopefully, loads of fun people to meet! After your included welcome drink, you can obviously get more where that came from at the boat bar.

After the party cruise, you can join an optional pub crawl and dance the night away.

This tour is pretty special, as you will be watching the nightly skyline from a ship on the river, while enjoying an unforgettable party with an awesome DJ.

Best Budapest Ruin bar crawls

These are the most epic and most memorable ruin pub crawls in Budapest!

Most of these tours only take you to a few bars, so make sure you don’t miss the best and the most beautiful ruin bars in the city!

Let us know which ones you tried and how much fun you had!

In between pub evenings and club nights, you might want to visit one of these top things to see in Budapest or maybe awake the knight from deep within you and check out some castles in Hungary!

When planning an international trip, you should always make sure to get good travel insurance, equip yourself with a great prepaid travel card, and protect yourself with a safe VPN service.

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Ruin pub crawls Budapest
Ruin pub crawls Budapest

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