Own Less and Travel More

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Minimalist living for a maximalist life

Our main goal is to own less,  travel more, and have a minimal footprint! This is probably not the first article you read, telling you that minimalism can improve your life experience. Still, I’m going to tell you about it! It is a logical consequence that decluttering and minimizing your possessions can improve the quality of life. It is called decluttering and it forces you to meet yourself once again. Keep reading to find out how and why we plan on doing this. 


Mainly, we try to escape the rat race life has become over the years. We think for too many people, life is an uncomfortable circle of working and spending. Our consumption society wants to keep it that way even though it didn’t really save the economy anyway. For us, life should be about experiences, happiness, and constant learning. We’d rather have lively memories of unforgettable experiences than a vague mental inventory of our expanding wardrobe. In order to save more money to live like minimalist queens, we started to think about how we can make this possible.

  • the style of living and the low price tag that comes along with that
  • living tiny
  • we love that our garden is bigger than our house
  • we want to keep traveling
  • we don’t want to buy or rent a brick house in the suburbs


While working on our website and trying to save some money, we’re already making changes to our life. While we’re bound to spend money on settling in a tiny living space right now, we believe that a well developed small house will shelter us for many years to come. Buying a small but decent wooden house is more of an investment in future housing and it is a lot cheaper than a brick house. Being short on cash to pay for this is an extra reason to go for a  minimal lifestyle and minimal footprint. We will be sharing more about tiny living in the future since we had a lot of questions to ask our self and there were a lot of decisions to be made about size, movability, and other important stuff. More on that soon! But first: own less and travel more! How are we going to handle the downsizing?


Our closets hold a lot of duplicate items, don’t ask me why. We have too many of a lot of stuff. I might have 15 USB phone charger cables and don’t ask how many backpacks I own… The other thing we have lying around is something we all have and it’s taking up a lot of closet space: just-in case-stuff. I still have my old smartphone in case my current one breaks… sure! In fact, we barely ever use these items and they take up a lot of space. One of the first steps in our plan is decluttering and ending up with only the stuff we use and need. We already know you don’t need a lot of things, but still, find it hard to travel light. Maybe this decluttering phase will help us to pack lighter in the future travels as well! 

Getting rid of stuff

After selecting the items we need to keep, we’ll be trying to get rid of the other stuff. Hopefully, we can sell a lot of it and get some of our money back. Most of our belongings will be donated. The aim is to have less need for bulky closets and being able to organize our living space so every item has its own designated space. It’s scientifically proven that your productivity increases when you’re in an organized environment. Clutter makes your house look bad and it makes you feel depressed. Spending a few days organizing can make the rest of your year better! Read this article by the Minimalists on scientific backgrounds of minimalism and happiness.

Shopping Rules

It’s scientifically proven that shopping releases a small amount of endorphins which will make you very happy for a short period of time. These fun hormones are very addictive and witty commercials make us feel as if we must have all of it! We don’t really need all the stuff we buy. They only take up space and end up being the third copy or duplicate of an item we barely use. It’s just too easy to be seduced by all the products that are widely available and calling us from the shop window. In order to buy less stuff, we’re going to need a vast set of rules about what is allowed and what isn’t. This is definitely going to be fun! Check this article about how endorphins work and activities to get that endorphin boost without shopping.

Minimize our living space

Our culture and society push us to prove our wealth by buying things that confirm our status. In the end, we work our entire life, day after day, to pay for this anyway. Maybe it’s time to change our way of thinking. Living in a small, easy to handle, environment has a lot of benefits. It reduces the workload of house chores and it’s easy to keep tidy. We’re big advocates of tiny living in order to gain life quality. This is, however, just one part of the process. A small house won’t make you happy if you don’t declutter your stuff first! If you’re not convinced yet, read this article on Becoming Minimalist.

By decluttering, it will be possible for us to live in an even smaller space. We won’t be needing too many closets, but we will have to put every square centimeter to good use and think about how we organize our house. Currently, we’re living in a 30 square meter house and the only thing that troubles us is that it isn’t designed well. We will be downsizing a few meters and hopefully upsize functionality. More info about our design ideas and reasons will be following soon. Until then, see how the Unclutterer is able to let things go and why we want to keep them.

Live consciously with a minimal footprint

Another goal is to live more consciously in order to achieve a minimal footprint. We want to produce less garbage, upcycle and recycle more. In the past, we’ve been throwing away food because we let it sit there until it was bad and ready to throw out. We already changed that for a good part and the result is a freezer full of delicious soup for cold winter days. It might take us a while to achieve a zero waste lifestyle, but we’re taking baby steps to get there. We’re not alone in this and there are a lot of tips and tricks on the web. Check this website to find a lot of good tips to lean towards a minimal footprint or zero waste lifestyle. Check these eco-friendly travel products!

Learn some new skills

One of our dreams is to evolve into a self-sustainable lifestyle one day and today is the day to start learning. Making more with less, growing your own supplies and learn to create basic appliances are interesting skills that will serve us in the long run. Our list of things to learn is very long and we’re both eager to self-educate. We’ll be focusing on self-sustainability, minimalism, upcycling and creating basic stuff. If all goes well, this step should also reduce our minimal footprint.

Follow our quest to a minimal footprint

Own less and travel more isn’t just about owning less and traveling more. It’s a way of life and a road to inner peace and happiness. Being able to save more money contributes to the aim to travel more, but it will also be a huge relief and escape from the spending culture we have all experienced.

Follow our quest on this website and let us know about your tips and tricks to achieve this minimal footprint lifestyle. We’d love to hear about your story and the decisions you made in the process of decluttering and changing your lifestyle. 

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Own Less and Travel MoreOwn Less and Travel More

Own Less and Travel MoreOwn Less and Travel More

Own Less and Travel MoreOwn Less and Travel More

Own Less and Travel MoreOwn Less and Travel More

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