Interrail Scandinavië – Rondreis Scandinavië voor 2 weken

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Scandinavië is een mooi en wild deel van Europa waar je nog veel onaangeroerde natuur kunt vinden, maar ook bloeiende, moderne steden. Reis je verder naar het noorden, dan wordt het landschap steeds meer verlaten en woest. We created a stunning itinerary to Interrail Scandinavia in 2 weeks and get the best of both worlds.

We beginnen in het zuiden in Denemarken. After that, we travel up North to Interrail Sweden. Last, but definitely not least, we continue our journey to Interrail Norway and see the Northern Lights. Happy Scandinavia Interrailing!

In this Scandinavia Interrail route, we use cities like Oslo and Stockholm as hubs to explore the surrounding land. We included a cool extra stopover to some of the most beautiful natural destinations in Scandinavia. But hey! Don’t worry! You can always expand this itinerary for Scandinavia into a 3 week itinerary or even a 1 month itinerary!

Lees voor meer informatie om je treinvakantie te plannen hoe je als een baas per trein door Europa kunt reizen!

Keep reading to discover our Interrail Scandinavia route!

Scandinavia Interrail Route - Short overview

Destinations in this Trip

  • Copenhagen – Denmark
  • Stockholm -Sweden
  • Oslo – Norway
  • Extra stopover – Stavanger – Norway
  • Bergen and Flam- Norway
  • Trondheim – Norway
  • Bodø – Norway

Interrail Scandinavia Pass - The Interrail Pass for this trip

During this Interrail Scandinavia journey, you travel through 3 countries: Denmark, Sweden and Norway. This trip has 6 travel days and 2 extra stopovers.

You can either get a global pass or buy separate passes for the different countries. We did the math and a global pass is cheaper!

You need the global pass for at least 7 travel days, which costs 335€.

Are you stretching your Interrail Scandinavia route with loads of stopovers and day trips? Then you better get the global pass for 10 days, which should cover all the legs of your trip for 401€.

De niet-Interrail opties

Naast de globale passen en landenpassen van Interrail kun je er ook voor kiezen om je tickets voor deze reis apart te kopen.

Omio is het beste online en mobiele platform om losse tickets te kopen voor deze Scandinavië per trein route.

Day 1 and 2 - Copenhagen - Denmark

Copenhagen is the Capital of Denmark and it’s located on the largest island between Denmark and Sweden. The city is beautiful and authentic. Since it’s located by the water, you can get some awesome views over the water.

Frome Copenhagen, it’s easy to reach Roskilde, famous for its festival. But you can also take a day trip to Malmö or just spend some time in the city.

Walk around Nyhavn, an iconic waterfront area and the harbour, or pay a visit to the little mermaid, even more iconic! Or you can join an alternative city tour which takes you to the coolest places in town, like Vesterbro and other off the tourist path sights.

Save some money on attractions and transportation with the Copenhagen City Card.

Spend the night in Copenhagen

Spend the night in Copenhagen

Andersen Hotel and Urban House are both straight-friendly and LGBT-friendly. They’re located in one of the coolest neighbourhoods of Copenhagen: Vesterbro.

For budget travelers and also in Vesterbro, the Woodah hostel provides budget dorm room beds in a cool environment.


Day 3 and 4 - Stockholm - Sweden

Onze volgende hoofdstad is Stockholm! Weer een prachtige en authentieke stad in onze Scandinavië Interrail reis. This capital is not just located on an island, it’s spread over 14 little islands, all connected with bridges.

The streets of Stockholm are colorful, as is its harbour. Check out the old town or Gamla Stan and visit the Maritime Museum. There are just so many amazing things to do in Stockholm!

Save money on attractions and public transportation with the Stockholm City Pass.

We raden aan minstens 2 of 3 dagen in Stockholm te blijven.

Interrail from Copenhagen to Stockholm

Day 3 is a travel day. The train ride from Copenhagen to Stockholm takes a little over 5 h with a direct connection.

Je kunt vroeg in de ochtend vertrekken en direct na de middag aankomen, zodat je de rest van de dag hebt om Stockholm te verkennen. Or leave Copenhagen around 16h and arrive in Stockholm in the evening.

Deze reis kun je doen met je Interrail Global pass, of je kunt losse kaartjes krijgen voor dit deel van de reis.

Interrail from Copenhagen to Stockholm

Spend the night in Stockholm

The Haymarket Hotel is great hotel in Stockholm. This hotel has an perfect location and it’s set in a house from the 20’s.

Skeppsholmen hotel has an excellent location by the water which results in great views over the city and the water.

Castanea Old Town Hostel is a great budget-friendly hostel where you can book dorm beds, as well as, private rooms for a great price!

Stockholm - Photo by Raphael Andres on Unsplash

Day 5 and 6 - Oslo - Norway

Oslo is our next stop. And yes! It’s another capital. We’re ready do engage in another citytrip. Na Oslo reizen we nog een stukje door een geweldig landschap. Oslo is dus nog een plek om de Scandinavische zakelijkheid en de geweldige stadsvibe te ontdekken die alle Scanidinavische steden hebben.

In Oslo kun je het Vikingschipmuseum bezoeken of naar de hipsterwijk Grünerløkka lopen.

Vanuit het centrum kun je een dagtocht maken om te gaan wandelen in de bossen die de stad omringen. Or you can visit one of the huge parks inside the city, like Vigaland Park.

Interrail from Stockholm to Oslo

The trip from Stockholm to Oslo takes around 6 hours. So the earlier you depart in Stockholm, the more tie you have left to explore Oslo in the evening.

There is an option to take a night train, but it’s not ideal because it requires 2 nightly changes. So we recommend taking a day train, which offers some great scenery!

Deze reis kun je doen met je Interrail Global pass, of je kunt losse kaartjes krijgen voor dit deel van de reis.

Dingen om te doen in Oslo

Spend the night in Oslo

If you rather spend your money on other things than lodging, Citybox Oslo offers budget-friendly accommodation in Oslo. Citybox looks cool and they have private rooms available.

The Saga Poshtel Oslo Central is a very cool hostel in the city center of Oslo. Set in an ancient building and with a location close to the train station, this hostel has everything you might need. They have dorm beds, as well as, private rooms.

Extra stopover - Stavanger - Norway

The Stavanger hike and viewpoint are amongst the very coolest places on earth. You can’t do this stopover in a day trip, because Stavanger is a 5 to 6 hour ride from Bergen or Oslo.

But it definitely is a great extra stop if you have the time to spare!

Most people don’t visit Stavanger for the city life, but to hike up the Preikestolen viewpoint, also called Pulpit Rock. This steep cliff looks out over the mountains and the fjord with meanders more than 600 meters below the viewpoint.

Interrail from Oslo to Stavanger

The train trip from Oslo to Stavanger takes 8 to 9 hours. You can travel this trip during the day, but there’s also a night train available.

Deze reis kun je doen met je Interrail Global pass, of je kunt losse kaartjes krijgen voor dit deel van de reis.

Dingen om te doen in Stavanger

Spend the night in Stavanger

In Stavanger, you can either choose to get accommodation in the city center or you can get accommodation right in front of the amazing view!

The Preikestolen Fjellstue is located about 200 meter away from the Preikestolen viewpoint. Experience a sunset or a sunrise at the viewpoint without getting up at 4 in the morning!

For accommodation in Stavanger, the best hostel in town is the Stavanger St Svithun Vandrerhjem hostel. You can get dorm beds and private rooms in this hip and modern hostel.

If you’re looking for a more romantic place to sleep, check out the Darby’s Inn.

Stavanger interrail Scandinavia
Stavanger - Photo by Valdemaras D on Unsplash

Day 7, 8, and 9 - Bergen - Norway

Bergen is located on the South West coast of Norway, surrounded by fjords and mountains.

The Bergen area lends itself for long hikes in nature, accompanied by wide views over the surreal landscape. Hike up Mount Ulriken, Mount Floyen, or one of the other mountains in the Bergen area.

As a day trip, you should definitely reserve one entire day to visit the Flam railway we mention below.

But the city of Bergen has a lot to offer too! Check out the Bruggen colourful facades, walk around the beautiful city or take a cruise on the fjords. You can easily spend 3 days in Bergen if you have the time for it!

Interrail from Oslo to Bergen

The train ride from Oslo to Bergen takes 6 to 7 hours. You want to travel this trip during the day, just to gaze outside the window. The Oslo to Bergen rail is considered one of the most beautiful train rides in the world.

But you can also take a night train if this better suits your travel plans. I do recommend the day train!

Deze reis kun je doen met je Interrail Global pass, of je kunt losse kaartjes krijgen voor dit deel van de reis.

Dingen om te doen in Bergen

Spend the night in Bergen

The Bergen Børs Hotel is a very cool and popular hotel in the city center of Bergen. This hotel is located inside an antique building and it sells out quickly!

For budget travelers, the Marken Guesthouse offers beautiful budget rooms and beds near the Bergen train station.

Scenic train Day (day 8 or 9) - Bergen to Flam Railway

Time for a scenic train ride day! Prepare to be stunned today!

The Bergen to Flam train is even more amazing than the Oslo to Bergen ride. This is one of the top reasons people choose to Interrail Norway, or for that matter, Interrail Scandinavia!

Interrail Bergen to Flam scenic train ride

First, you travel from Bergen to Myrdal. This trip takes around 2 hours to complete.

In Myrdal, the actual Flam train line starts and it is one of the most amazing train rides in the world. The ride lasts for 40 minutes and it takes your through the Flam valley, which is bulking with great sights. You pass mountain peaks and waterfalls.

This train travels very slowly and it stops at the best views and waterfalls.

Flam Railway is privately owned, so it’s not included in your Interrail pass. With your Interrail pass, you do get a 30% discount on the Flam railway fare.

The Flam area is a beautiful place to spend a few days. Take a day trip to the Stegastein Lookout just North of Flam for incredible views over the surrounding fjords.

Dingen om te doen in Flam

Spend a night in Flam

Flam is a popular place to spend the night! Rooms sell out quickly!

Flam Hostel is an affordable place to spend the night in a beautiful mountainous setting. It’s a popular hostel for solo travelers, couples and families alike!

Day 10 - Travel to Trondheim

We travel back to Oslo in order to continue our Scandinavian Interrail Adventure up North, to Trondheim. You can either choose to take an extra day in Oslo or to have a very long travel day.

Interrail from Bergen to Trondheim

The Bergen to Trondheim train passes through Oslo. You can either make the trip in one journey or decide to take a day of rest in Oslo.

We already did a part of this trip in the other direction a few days ago. The reason we’re traveling back to Oslo again, because there’s no direct train from Bergen to Trondheim. Every train passes through Oslo.

The leg from Bergen to Oslo takes 6 to 7 hours. The trip from Oslo to Trondheim also takes 6 to 7 hours.

If you decide to take the trip in one long travel day, these are your itinerary options:

1. Take both trains during the day: leave early and arrive late.

This is a good option, but it will be a long day. It will, however be a beautiful day!

2. Take the Bergen to Oslo night train and the Oslo to Trondheim day train.

This is the best option. You already witnessed the Oslo to Bergen railway, so you can sleep throught the beautiful scenes on the way back. The journey from Oslo to Trondheim is new and it takes you all the way op to the Northern part of Norway. Exciting!

3. Take the Bergen to Oslo day train and the Oslo to Trondheim night train.

Unless you want to see the Bergen to Oslo rail journey again, I wouldn’t recommend this option.

Deze reis kun je doen met je Interrail Global pass, of je kunt losse kaartjes krijgen voor dit deel van de reis.

Day 11 and 12 - Trondheim - Norway

Trondheim Norway is a beautiful city in the Northern part of Norway. This ancient city use to thrive during Viking times. It was actually the capital of Norway during the Viking Age until the early 13th century.

The city is located on the banks of a huge fjord and it has a lot of history. There’s a lot of things to see in the city. Check this post to discover what the charm of Trondheim is all about!

In Trondheim kun je de stad en het water bekijken. Visit the Old Town Bridge and explore Bakklandet, the most beautiful neighbourhood in town.

Spend the night in Trondheim

For accommodation in Trondheim, the Clarion Hotel has the best views for the best price!

The City Living Sentrum Hotel has a central location for a great and affordable price tag, so this place is the best option for budget travelers.

Trondheim - Photo by Darolti Dan on Unsplash

Day 13 and 14 - Bodø - Norway

Onze laatste Scandinavië Interrailing stop is een heel gedenkwaardige! Bodø ligt ten noorden van de poolcirkel en is omgeven door besneeuwde en grillige bergtoppen, dus er zijn veel mooie wandelingen die je in de omgeving kunt maken.

In Bodø, you can see the Northern lights during most nights of the year. The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis are one of the most important reasons why travelers visit the city. But there is more to see in Bodø?

Another peculiar sight in Bodø, is the Saltstraumen Maelstrom, the strongest tidal current in the world and you can take a boat tour right to it. This interesting phenomenon is definitely worthy of your time. Nowhere else on earth can you see the power of he moon cycles on the water like you can see it here!

Lofoten is only a 3,5h ferry ride away from Bodø!

Interrail from Trondheim to Bodø

The train trip from Trondheim to Bodø takes 9 to 10 hours.

If you have the time to assign a day to this journey, you probably should.

But if you’re short on time, you can leave Trondheim just before midnight on day 13 and arrive in Bodø around 9 in the morning. This way, you save a travel day and you also save on accommodation.

Deze reis kun je doen met je Interrail Global pass, of je kunt losse kaartjes krijgen voor dit deel van de reis.

Dingen om te doen in Bodø

Spend the night in Bodø

Accommodation in Bodø is a little more expensive, but the Skagen Hotel offers the best of both worlds. It’s not too expensive and it’s a traveler favourite.

Bodø Hostel offers a great budget accommodation with dorm beds. It’s located near the train station, but it sells out super quickly!

Bodo - Northern Lights - Photo by Pixabay

Scandinavia Interrailing Itinerary - Conclusion

Misschien vraag je je af wat je budget is voor deze reis. Je kunt met een budget door Noorwegen reizen, maar het is ook heel gemakkelijk om in een land als dit uit te geven. Lees meer over hoe duur Noorwegen werkelijk is.

As you can see, 2 weeks is on the short side for an epic trip like this one. But hey, you can fit everything in and loads of tour groups travel a lot faster than this.

Het is heel gemakkelijk om deze route voor 2 weken Scandinavië uit te breiden tot een route van 3 weken. Er is zoveel te zien en te doen in de omgeving, dat je geen moeite zult hebben met het vinden van geweldige activiteiten in deze periode.

Bekijk voordat je vertrekt welke Interrail essentials je zeker moet inpakken!

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Interrail Scandinavia Itinerary
Interrail Scandinavia Itinerary
Interrail Scandinavia Itinerary
Interrail Scandinavia Itinerary

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