Best Nature in Europe – 10 Natural Wonders of Europe

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A city trip can be loads of fun. On the other hand, nature trips are the ones that recharge you and leave you with a peaceful mind. 🙂

You don’t have to fly to Chile for long hikes in stunning landscapes since there are a lot of natural treasures in Europe as well. Previously underrated countries in the Balkans see tourism exploding. As a result, small picturesque villages are now visited by tourists looking for peace and quiet.

The destinations on this list are perfect for hiking while overlooking the best nature in Europe.

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Białowieża Forest – Poland

This Unesco World Heritage forest is one of the last and largest natural forests in Europe.

Białowieża is an area of over 1600 square kilometers and it has not been influenced by human integration. For this reason, it is a so-called ‘virgin forest’.

Impenetrable as it is, many species of plants and animals survive here thus biodiversity is plenty. It’s not recommended to go for a lonesome, nightly stroll in these forest since it houses the largest population of bison, lynxes, and wolves in Europe.

The entire North Eastern region of Poland is pretty wild and it’s also an awesome region to experience on a bike.

Read more about cycling in Poland.

Bucegi Mountains – Romania

Romania is overflowing with natural treasures and cute little towns.

Bucegi is one of the many places to visit in Romania, but it is a very special one. This mountain range is a part of the Carpathian mountains with a top height of over 2500m. 

As explained below, they are covered in a cloud of mystery.

Conspiracy theories talk about alien civilization thousands of years ago. Reason for these thoughts are the sphinx-like rock formations.

In addition, there is a phenomenon called ‘energy pyramid’, which occurs twice a year and projects a holographic pyramid shaped shade over the valley.

Aside from the mystery, Bucegi mountains are stunning all year round and they’re not too far away from Brasov and Bucharest.

Prokletije and Durmitor – Montenegro

You can find some of the best nature in Europe in Montenegro.

On the border with Albania and Montenegro, Prokletije National Park is just one of the many nature parks that’s located in tiny Montenegro.

Aside from Kotor and the bay of Kotor, Montenegro is a stunning country altogether.  In fact, it lends itself perfectly for a memorable road trip.

Prokletije National Park has sharp cliffs, valleys, and steep, jagged mountain faces. Therefore it is one of the natural treasures in Europe. Be careful when hiking though, because this area is home to lynxes, jaguars, wild boar and bears.

In addition, Durmitor National Park is another natural wonder of Europe.

Triglav National Park – Slovenia

Triglav NP in Slovenia has a little of everything. You can find a range of waterfalls, gorges, glacier lakes, and dangerously looking mountain peaks. The highest peak, Triglav, is over 2800 m high.

This park is a protected area and chances are good for spotting wildlife during hikes here. You can split up larger hikes and spend the night in mountain cabins along the trails.

Highlights of Triglav National Park are the nearby Lake Bled, Vintgar Gorge, Savica waterfall, and the many lakes. This park is perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, rafting, canyoning, mountaineering, …

Trummelbach falls – Switzerland

Did you ever visit a waterfall inside a mountain? In Switzerland, you can!

These glacier-fed falls are located in the Lauterbrunnen valley. Visiting these falls can be combined with a series of other spectacular falls, like the Staubbach Falls.

You can reach the Trummelbach Falls via tunnels and stairs that take you all the way through the mountain to a viewpoint right on top of these powerful falls.

Switzerland has tons of natural highlights and interesting places to visit! Find the best things to do in Switzerland in this guide.

Fingal’s Cave – Scotland

On the tiny Staffa Island in the Scottish Inner Hebrides Islands, Fingal’s Cave was a mythological place since the Viking era and probably long before.

This impressive sea cave consists of hexagonal basalt columns, formed by lava streams and the ocean tides.

The particular sound that is produced by the water flow inspired many poems, legends, and folklore stories. For this reason, the cave is called ‘the cave of melody’. The island itself is inhabited, but the island and cave can be visited on a day trip by boat. 

Aysgarth Falls – UK

Featured in the movie ‘Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves’, Aysgarth falls are worth a visit when in the UK.

This series of waterfalls in the river Ure are a pleasure to the eye and the area lends itself for long strolls. Visiting in the rainy season pays off because, when the amount of water increases, the falls become more spectacular and fierce.

Aysgarth Falls
Aysgarth Falls - Photo by Grahame Jenkins on Unsplash

Neptune’s Grotto – Sardinia

In a coastal nature park in Sardinia, Neptune’s Grotto was discovered by a fisherman.

Inside the mountain, Neptune’s Grotto is a large stalactite cave with massive formations and a great open cave room. The limestone formations are over two millions of years old.

The grotto has a sandy beach, an underground salt lake, and some impressive arches. The rooms have names and the caves are very large. In other words, you need some extra time to visit the entire structure. Entering Neptune’s Grotto requires climbing down a set of stairs and passing a stairway cut into the cliffs. In the meanwhile, you have amazing views over the sea.

Cliffs of Moher – Ireland

Famous for a reason, the cliffs of Moher are steep rock formations with a maximum height of over 200 meters.

The cliffs are a very popular tourist destination in Ireland and they’re the results of thousands of years of interaction between rock and seawater. Viewing the entire coastline is possible thanks to the long coastal walking trails. 

In addition, there is a modern visitor center where you can get more information about this natural phenomenon.

Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe – Germany

Our last natural treasure doesn’t completely comply with a natural sight. But we included it because it is just too spectacular.

This park in Kassel, Germany was built in the seventeenth century as a water-themed park. Nowadays it is a Unesco World Heritage site. Bridges, waterfalls, fountains, and baroque buildings transform into a magical place that appears to be straight from a fairy tale.

You can visit the park by day, but it might be worth to stay around until night falls.  Because then, the entire park is lit up for spectacular night views.

Conclusion Best Nature in Europe

Obviously, this is just the tip of the iceberg of natural beauty in Europe.

Inspired by researching these wonders, we want to discover more natural landmarks in Europe. We used to think that we needed to explore other continents to find gems like these. Now we think it might be wonderful to take a road trip through Europe 🙂 Are you planning a road trip? Check these essentials you need for a successful trip.

We are devoted more than ever to explore our lovely continent.  Not only cause it is fun, but also to provide more travel tips to our readers.

Keep your eyes on our blog to find out more! Do you know any natural treasures in Europe? Let us know about it in the comments!

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