2018 has passed! We wish to all readers a happy 2019 filled with amazing travel, love and interesting conversations all over the globe.

At Only Once Today, we made a list of the most popular posts on our blog in 2018.

We started this blog a while ago. It took us quite some time to learn as much about blogging as we have today. We learned tons about the topics our readers like and we want to learn more! Don’t hesitate to leave your questions and interests in the comments below.

10. Interrail Route for Central Europe

“Who doesn’t like a good and relaxing train trip? Seeing the landscape roll you by and change with every passing hour, the comforting and iconic hobbling of the iron rooster and the casual stops on the remote platforms that take you way back in time.”

Have a look at our 2-week Interrail itinerary filled with highlights in Central Europe.

9. 6 Lesbian Winter Holidays

“Have you ever Googled a city and searched for a place to go to, a lesbian bar or cafe. Were you also on a hunt for a place where you can be yourself and hold the hand of your love without hesitation…”

We compiled a list of cool winter destinations for lesbian travelers!

8. Lesbian Guide to Belgium

Belgium isn’t the ultimate mecca for lesbian travelers. Just clearing that out! But there are quite a few events and organizations that might sparkle your interest for our tiny and diverse little country.

As we are from Belgium, we could not withhold all the valuable information we gathered for lesbian travelers or locals in Belgium.

7. Lesbian Festivals in Europe

“Who doesn’t enjoy an awesome lesbian weekend or a lesbian festival every once in a while? We don’t always have to mingle with the straight people and we certainly love a place where we can be among a bunch of pretty ladies!”

Like we also did in 2017, we compiled a new lesbian festival guide for Europe for 2019!

6. Things to do in Zadar Croatia

“The ancient town of Zadar in Croatia is located on the Adriatic coast in Europe, a little north of the popular Dalmatian coast. It’s slightly underrated and we think you should definitely visit Zadar while in Croatia.”

This all-time favorite was still going strong in 2018. We wrote a travel guide to Zadar in 2017 and this city still remains an interesting destination in the next few years!

5. 8 Most Scenic Train Rides in Europe

“Apart from its thriving cities, Europe lends itself to landscape gazing and soaking up clean mountain air. Somewhere in between sandy coastlines, rocky cliffs, and breathtaking snow-capped peaks, Europe is overflowing with great rail journeys and rail lines, some of which are definitely worth a detour.”

Train travel is awesome and apparently, we’re not the only travelers who feel this way! Taking a train through a stunning landscape or mountain pass is a memorable experience. See which scenic train you can board in Europe.

4. Train Travel in Europe – Discover Europe by Train

“Train travel speaks to the imagination and has the power to take you back to times that are long gone.”

Europe has everything you need for a legendary train journey through this wonderful continent. Read all about high-speed trains, night trains, and rusty backcountry trains in Europe!

3. Lesbian Instagram Accounts to Follow

“Do you like to check out awesome travel pics, as we do? Especially when they’re lesbian Instagram accounts made and shared by lesbian travelers. We share some of our best shots on Instagram and love checking out other accounts as well.”

Find interesting lesbian travel Instagram accounts in this post.

2. Lesbian Cities in Europe

“Gay travel websites often advertise cities as gay-friendly, which is a great way to find a good lesbian holiday destination as well. But we all know gay travel isn’t quite the same as lesbian travel. A lot of cities have a vibrant gay nightlife and a nearly non-existent lesbian nightlife. “

But Europe does have a few interesting cities for lesbians! Read this article to find out which cities and what exactly they have to offer!

1. N26 vs Revolut – Battle of the travel cards

“Regular credit cards charge you a ton of money for every ATM withdrawal abroad. Without blushing, our bank charges us 5€ for each withdrawal! That’s on top of the amount of local currency that the foreign ATM charges us!”

Read about these prepaid travel cards that will save you a ton of money during your travels.

Apparently, budget and commission is a subject that many people research because the Battle of the Travel Cards was our most popular article in 2018. We’re curious to find out if it will still be as popular in 2019!

Travel Books to get you even more inspired to uncover the world!

These were the articles our readers found most interesting in 2018. We’re very interested to hear from you which topics you’d be interested in reading. As we write with you in our mind, we also want to give you the information you need!

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Top 10 most popular articles on Only Once Today in 2018

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