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Essential information for LGBTQ+ travelers!

With Only Once Today we try to reach LGBTQ+ travelers who want to plan their holidays, but we also try to provide an interesting blog and talk about lifestyle and other stuff.

As a traveling couple, we want to roam the earth as often as possible and over the years we have become experts in lesbian travel.

It doesn’t stop here and we crave to expand our knowledge about the world every day.

On our blog you can find information about planning LGBTQ+ holidays getaways.

We provide information about a wide spectrum of travel types in order to help as many travelers as possible.

On this page, we explain what the LGBTQ+ part of our website is all about!

LGBTQ+ Events

Aside from our lesbian travel blog posts, we also provide information about lifestyle and interesting events to attend.

We share the best lesbian festivals in Europe, the best LGBTQ+ pride events in Europe, and a neat packing list for these Pride events!

Follow our blog to find more articles about the best LGBT films and books you should read.

LGBTQ+ Destinations

Europe is a fun and interesting continent to travel to, especially as an LGBT or lesbian traveler.

We want to provide you with a lot of information on LGBTQ and lesbian travel to Europe, starting with our lesbian guide to Belgium and an LGBT guide to Nice.

We gathered the best lesbian destinations in Europe, and a few for winter holidays as well. 

Our lesbian travel posts about non European destinations focus on travelers who plan on traveling independent and need to know about safety and security when traveling as a single LGBTQ+ traveler or as a couple, for instance in Guatemala.

Don’t forget to check out our LGBTQ+ country guides!

Gender related posts

Last, but definitely not least, I talk about gender. As a gender nonconforming person, I tend to run into trouble when traveling. Whether this is the search for a gender neutral restroom or just not finding one. Life and travel as a masculine of center lesbian can be harsh and I want to share my experiences with you. Are you in the same situation as I am or not, it doesn’t matter. If you are, you might find strength in our post about eating gender norms for breakfast, but if you’re not, this post might broaden your perspective on how the world looks from the other side of the spectrum: those who are breaking gender rules!

Our article about travel and gender is an informative post about how laws work and which actions you should take before travel as a transgender or gender nonconforming person.

As a genderqueer traveler, I’m always on the lookout for people who’re out to get me. I know I shouldn’t, but I do it anyway. In Krakow, we met a guy who is a role model for being an LGBT ally and we’re so thankful for people like him. After meeting him, I decided to write this post about how to be an LGBT ally when traveling.

LGBTQ+ Resources

Travel as a lesbian couple can be daunting at times. You hope to find an LGBT friendly hotel or accommodation, but online research for lesbian travel resources is quite discouraging at times.

I must admit, we always Google our destinations to see of there is any lesbian activity or nightlife available.

Usually this search brings up little to no accurate and current information.

It would be better to stay at a guesthouse or B&B that’s run by lesbians so we’d be sure to be welcome and get invaluable tips about your lesbian travel destination… the kind of tips that are difficult to find online!

Lesbian accommodation in Europe

This resource is written by us and available on this website. We gathered information on hotels, guesthouses and B&B’s in Europe that are operated by lesbian owners!

LGBTQ+ accommodation links

Purple Roofs is an LGBT accommodation resource website. Listings are hotels and guesthouses that are run by gays, lesbians or transgender owners. We found that many of the listings are outdated. Sometimes they no longer exist or they’ve been taken over by new owners who aren’t LGBT.

World Rainbow Hotels is an interesting website to find LGBT-friendly accommodation! It has information for destinations all over the world and you can find accommodation specifically for your needs.

The Global Gay Lodging website collects links and information about gay friendly and gay owned accommodation. Listing your business is free and browsing them is free as well. We’d love to see more clarity on whether some of these listings might be lesbian owned.

Home Around The World is a database of travelers and guesthouses alike. You have the option to socialize and find new friends, enroll into homestays and home swaps, or find a great LGBT guesthouse or hotel. You have to become a member to use this service.

Online travel communities for women

She’s wanderful is an online community for female travelers, not specifically LGBT. The platform aims for women to help each other travel within a trusted network of travelers. It’s a tight community of women welcoming women into their homes.

Women Welcome Women World Wide or 5W was originally a website for Europe, but it expanded to the rest of the world due to massive success! This world of friendship and travel wants to connect and empower women everywhere. The concept is about home sharing and making new friends. Becoming a member requires a donation of about 40€.

Women Travel the World is an organisation that collects all travel things for women: tours, accommodation listings and travel guides. Make sure to check this guide before finalizing your travel plans. This platform is designed for lesbian women, as well as solo female travelers or female travel groups.

Lesbian Tour Groups and Travel Agencies

Joining an all lesbian tour group might sound like a dream, but it isn’t. There are tons of tour groups that are just for lesbian women. Since there are quite a few of these, we decided to dedicate an entire article for this.

Feel like going on an adventure with a dozen other lesbian women? Maybe you’ll make a few friends for life. Or maybe you find the love of your life in a lesbian-only tour group!

Women Only Tour Groups

Maybe you don’t want to be traveling in a lesbian tour group. A women-only tour group might be just as nice. The women you travel with aren’t specifically lesbian, but there will be no men in these groups, which might also be a great asset.

General LGBT travel resources

The International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association is the leading network on LGBT travel. The IGLTA website lists tons of establishments, hotels, travel agencies, … that are specifically designed for LGBT travelers.

EllGeeBe is an extensive network of LGBT travelers and information. This vastly growing community offers the possibility to get to know people in destinations you’re traveling to and find activities and accommodation. You can contribute to the site by leaving reviews or adding information.

LGBT Rights around the world

Destination Pride is a Canadian website that collects data about LGBT laws and rights worldwide. It’s a great resource as you can browse countries and cities alike. The site will give you information about marriage equality, gender laws and social acceptance. A negative score doesn’t necessarily means that a destination us unsafe, but it shows that there is still work to be done on LGBT rights.

Equaldex is a resource website we use quite a lot. It displays information on LGBT rights and acceptance. The website is very complete and it shows historic data as well as current status. This website is made by and made for LGBT, so you can be a contributor to this project.

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