Lesbian Travel Blog List – Lesbian Blogs you Should be Following

Lesbian Travel Blog List – Lesbian Blogs you Should be Following

We decided it was time for an update! Some of the lesbian travel blogs we listed before have been suspended, but other blogs have found their way into our list! We tried to list some more blogs and hope you will be able to find inspiration and ideas in the stories and tips of these lesbian travel bloggers! Meanwhile, we also posted a list of lesbian Instagrammers to followMissing any lesbian travel blogs? Please let us know so we can add it to our updated Lesbian Travel Blog list! Happy reading!

Lez Backpack

Melissa, the creator of Lez Backpack, is a lesbian travel and lifestyle blogger who writes about queer travel and cultural differences. Her writing is funny and engaging. On this website, you can read about different travel styles as well as expat living. Melissa travels with her girlfriend and they share a lot of great photography on their lesbian travel blog as well.

Recommended read: How to meet other lesbians abroad.

Globetrotter Girls

Globetrotter Girls is the brainchild of Dani, a full-time traveler and lesbian travel blogger since 2010. The lesbian travel blog is bulking with information on everything that is travel related. This is the place to find tips and tricks on accommodation, food, budget travel, LGBT and much more. Globetrotter Girls also features experiences and stories of other LGBT travelers. 

Recommended read: This insightful post on lesbian solo travel.

Dopes on the Road

Dopes on the Road is a lesbian travel blog about adventure and luxury travel. Owners, Meg and Lindsay Cale, are full-time travelers, writers, and LGBT activists. This website is the place to be for all lesbian explorers to find inspiration, tips, and tricks on lesbian travel. 

Recommended read: Safety tips for LGBT travelers

Lesbian Travel Blog List - Only Once Today
Hols and Bear

Hollie and Claire are a British lesbian couple who are traveling the world together. Their website features videos, photography, and stories of their 18-month round-the-world trip. Hols and Bear offer articles on budget and lesbian travel, itineraries, flights, and tips on how to do all this. 

Recommended: Check out the Hols and Bear YouTube lesbian travel vlog channel

Bounding over our steps

Bounding over our steps

Mindy and Ligeia are a Canadian-US lesbian couple, living a nomadic lifestyle. Their website is a source of information on LGBT travel, vegan lifestyle, and life as a married lesbian couple. Bounding over our steps has been around for a long time. This website saw its first light in 2005.

Lez Wander the World

Zoey and Mari are a lesbian couple who explore the world together. Their blog  Lez Wander the World documents their travels and experiences. These girls aim to provide useful information to the LGBTQ and lesbian community. Read their personal experiences and inspirational posts about what it’s like to be a queer traveler.

Recommended read: the Being Queer in… experiences

Happy Camper Wives

Happy Camper Wives is a great lesbian travel blog about an adventurous couple who travels the US with a teardrop camper trailer. These adventurers roam the United States, living minimally and meeting interesting people along the way. Valerie and Jessi write about exploring the natural world, cooking delicious food and life on the road.

Recommended read: Things learned as LGBT traveler in the USA.

Lesbian Travel Blog List - Only Once Today
Travel with MK

Travel with MK is an inspirational lesbian travel blog with a lot of travel stories and interviews with lesbian travelers. Mei and Kerstin were both born in Luxembourg, but soon left their home country to see the world. Their website has plenty of travel stories on a variety of destinations and topics. Together they have traveled extensively and lived the expat life in cities like Paris. Interesting blog with a lot of great photography.

Recommended read: 10 favorite castles in Luxembourg

Les Talk, More Travel

Les Talk, More Travel blogger Leslie is a Canadian and lesbian travel blogger. She’s an introverted, lesbian traveler who likes to talk less and travel more. But she does like to write about a lot of things on her blog.  Read stories about destinations, experiences, and practical travel tips.

Recommended read: How travel helped me come out

WOW Travelers World

WOW Travelers World is all about women sharing stories. Dinah and Chanelle write and collect stories about women who travel. Even though this website isn’t only about LGBT travel, it does have a lot of information about this topic. Read the experiences and tips of female travelers all over the world.  

Recommended read: Our contribution to Wow Travelers World: What skin shall I wear today

Gabriela Here And There

This solo female travel blog is all about adventure, travel, and lifestyle. Gabriela Here and There is an interesting lesbian travel blog with loads of great photographs and travel guides. You can also find a lot of information on vegan travel as well.

Recommended read: Lesbian travel guide to Dublin

Lesbian Travel Blog List - Only Once Today
A Woman Afoot

As the title already gave away, this weblog is about a woman afoot. Lesbian travel blogger and hiker Ioanna gets her inspiration and energy when hiking the woods. Her weblog has a lot of useful information on hiking and nature. A woman afoot is bulking with great photography too.

Recommended read: Hiking and Camping etiquette


Vagabroads is a lesbian travel blog by the adventurous Sunny and Karin. They have traveled the American continent overland with their 4×4 jeep and documented their travels along the way. We loved reading about their adventures in Central America.

Recommended read: Ultimate guide to gay Central America

Once Upon a Journey

Roxanne and Maartje are a lesbian couple from our neighboring country: the Netherlands. With their lesbian travel blog Once Upon a Journey, they bring back the magic of travel. Aside from travel stories and experiences, you’ll also find interesting tips for lesbian travelers and traveler couples.

Recommended read: Travel and romance interviews with lesbian Instagrammers

The Rainbow Route

The Rainbow Route is all about lesbian, gluten-free, budget travel. Laura and Jen are avid travelers and they want to share their experiences with others. The Rainbow Route has a lot of information on travel with food restrictions, lesbian solo travel, and lesbian couple travel.

Recommended read: Lesbian travel in Cuba

That’s our updated lesbian travel blog list!

The best way to get travel inspiration is by watching other people do it! Get the best tips and tricks to travel better and safer as a lesbian traveler. These are some the best lesbian travel blogs to follow! If we’re missing any, please let us know! Keep reading about the best lesbian Instagram accounts to follow and check these lesbian destinations in Europe!

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Lesbian Travel Resources

Travel as a lesbian couple can be daunting at times. You hope to find an LGBT friendly hotel or accommodation, but online research for lesbian travel resources is quite discouraging at times. I must admit, we always Google our destinations to see if there...

DIY LGBT Couple Photography

As a lesbian travel couple, we like cool pics just as much as everyone else. I just love to see a cute picture of the two of us. But that isn’t always easy to do. I don’t like to give my camera to a stranger in the street and only shooting selfies is not...

Lesbian Guide to Belgium

Belgium is a tiny country in Europe. If you heard about it, but haven’t been yet, keep reading this lesbian guide to Belgium. Known for its chocolate and wide variety of beers, Belgium can be an interesting country to visit. It didn’t make it to the...

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Are you looking for a cool festival to go wild at this summer? Are you in for romance or all night pool parties? Whether you want to meet someone or go crazy with your friends, it’s always better when you are with like-minded people. We made a list of the...

Lesbian Instagram accounts to follow

Do you like to check out awesome travel pics, as we do? Especially when they’re lesbian Instagram accounts made and shared by lesbian travelers. We share some of our best shots on Instagram and love checking out other accounts as well. We made a small...

Travel and gender – What you should know

One of the first times I took an overseas flight, I accidentally scared the crap out of a young security officer. After the metal detector had signaled me as a potentially dangerous person, he gestured me to let him search me. I went along and watched him...

6 Lesbian Destinations in Europe to visit this winter

Have you ever tried to find a lesbian bar in a holiday or weekend destination? If you ever Googled a city and searched for a place to go to, a lesbian bar or cafe, a place where you can be yourself and hold the hand of your love without hesitation, you’ll...

Lesbian travel and being gay in Guatemala

This time, I was not putting my hand on her waist and I didn’t pull her closer to my own body. Just watching her from a distance would do. The stunning viewpoint lay right behind us and we drove about 30 minutes in Pedro’s Tuc Tuc just to get here. I must...

Restrooms Worldwide – Gender and travel!

Using public restrooms is the most common thing in the world. You simply go in, do what is needed, wash your hands and walk out with a feeling of relief. For me, it’s something else. I know many people have the same issues I have. Some of you will read this and think:...

Lesbian cities in Europe – Lesbian travel Europe

Gay travel websites often advertise cities as gay-friendly, which is a great way to find a good lesbian holiday destination as well. But we all know gay travel isn’t quite the same as lesbian travel. A lot of cities have a vibrant gay nightlife and a nearly...

Lesbian night life in Playa Del Carmen – Does it exist?

Imagine yourself arriving at a new destination after an exhausting day of travel while backpacking in Mexico. Next to the desk in your hostel, you find a poster for an LGBT event that is taking place… tonight! What a coincidence! As a queer traveler, an...

Eat gender norms for breakfast

What are the gender standards and gender identity and why should anybody care about it? In short, nobody should care. Still, people care a lot and gender roles a cornerstone of our society. Gender identity is the number one approach to divide people into categories....

Lesbian Travel Blog List – Lesbian Blogs you Should be Following

We decided it was time for an update! Some of the lesbian travel blogs we listed before have been suspended, but other blogs have found their way into our list! We tried to list some more blogs and hope you will be able to find inspiration and ideas in the...
Lesbian Travel Blogs - Only Once Today
Lesbian Travel Blogs - Only Once Today
Lesbian Travel Blogs - Only Once Today
How to be a queer ally while traveling

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  1. unsettleddown

    Oh my gosh, thanks for this list! It’s the most thorough I’ve found, and I’ve tried to search so much. So many new ones for me! Oh, and I’m also a lesbian travel/lifestyle blogger. You can find me at unsettleddown.com. Thanks again for this, I’m happy I’m not the only one!

    • Inge

      Hey! I’m glad you found it then :p I’ll check out your website! Thanks for reaching out!

  2. A Woman Afoot 👣 (@awomanafoot)

    Thank you for including me, especially that I am not obviously lesbian-themed blog 🙂 So many great blogs to add to the ones I already knew about!

    Happy travels 🙂
    A Woman Afoot

  3. Claire

    Hello! Great resource!
    After much time spent ‘nesting’ and family planning, me and my wife pulled a bit of a uturn and quit our jobs and went off to explore the unknown. 13months and 21 countries later, we find ourselves back in the UK, ready to continue our travel journey.
    We have learnt so much about the world, ourselves, and people in general. Aswell as having many funny stories! We wanted to capture and share this, so started a travel blog two months ago. Does it matter that we are gay, sometimes not, but sometimes being in love with someone of the same sex, doing life out of the mainstream ‘norm’ allows us to see the world afresh with more of a beginners mind. Often this is what travel is all about, so being in a gay relationship, gives us a double whammy of curiosity.

    Our blog is called lessons learnt on the road
    And we are on Facebook as Happy Journeying​ Wives

    We’d love it if you check us out and let us know your thoughts.


    • Inge

      Hey Claire, it sounds like you girls are having the time of your lives! Keep traveling and having fun! Thanks for reaching out! I’ll check your blog 🙂

      • Claire

        Time of our lives is about right and we never want it to stop :+)

  4. Jennifer

    Love your blog! Feel free to add The Rainbow Route to your list if it suits you:)

    • Inge

      Hey! Thanks for letting us know about your blog. We update this post regularly so will check your blog before the next update! Keep up the good work and good luck with your blog!!


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