Summer of Pride – LGBT Pride Events in Europe

Summer of Pride – LGBT Pride Events in Europe

Being part of a minority group that gets a lot of controversial response, I can assure you that engaging in a gay pride is one of the most reassuring activities you can do. That’s why we recommend visiting at least one LGBT pride event in your life, but once a year is even better. After attending a pride event, you’ll feel so much stronger and supported by the community. We love attending gay pride events and it always leaves us feeling awesome. Being completely submerged in the LGBT community and being surrounded by the many people who support your true self is the summit of acceptance and it’s a great way to show your support for your community as well.

European Pride Map Placeholder
European Pride Map

May – Gay Pride May 2018

Brussels Pride - Belgium

The Belgian Pride takes place each year in May. The Pride festivals last an entire week, but the actual Pride Parade event is on Saturday, followed by multiple cool parties. The Belgian Gay Pride takes you through the heart of the capital Brussels and leaves you at the Kunstberg, where the Pride village is located. The Pride village can be visited all week, with a summit on Saturday night. Enjoy the party on the main stage or visit the women square, hosted by Velvet 69. In 2018, the Belgian Pride is held on the 19th of May, you should check their website since dates and events can vary each year.

Belgian Pride 2018: 19 May 2018

Summer of Pride - Gay Pride Events in Europe - Gay Pride 2018 - Only Once Today

June – Gay Pride June 2018

Baltic Pride - Latvia

The Baltic countries bundle their strength and organize a Baltic pride together. After the Tallinn edition in 2017, this year the Baltic Pride is organized in Riga Latvia. Pride week starts on the 4th of June and ends with a bang on the 10th of June. The main pride parade event takes place on the 9th of June 2018. Their new website is still under construction, but you can always check their facebook page to see the progress and planned events during pride week.

Baltic Pride Riga 2018: 9 June 2018

Zagreb Pride - Croatia

For the ninth time, Zagreb invites all of us to its capital Zagreb for the gay pride on the 9th of June. Croatia promotes gay pride for an entire month with the summit during the Pride March through the center of the capital Zagreb. After the parade, everyone is welcome in the Ribnjak park for further festivities, music, and food. Check the official website for more details of locations and activities during pride month and pride march.

Zagreb Pride 2018: 9 June 2018

Rome Pride - Italy

The Rome Pride is the main gay pride event in Italy and the city offers a splendid location to celebrate LGBT pride. While 2018 activities aren’t on the website yet, you can keep an eye on the official Roma Pride website to follow up on planned activities, parties, and events. In 2017, over 400 thousand people attended the gay pride in this city. For 2018 even more LGBT party people are expected and the city is aiming to become a world pride host in the future.

Rome Pride 2018: 9 June 2018

Vienna Pride - Austria

With the motto ‘Love, respect, and solidarity’, Vienna sets a great mood and theme for their pride event in 2018. With a two-week calendar full of events, the actual Vienna Pride parade will take place on Saturday the 16th of June. In the weeks before the gay pride, you can attend the Pride Run and the Pride Fest or visit the Pride Village. Prepare for two weeks of rainbow fun and parties in Austria. Check the official pride website to find out exact information about the Vienna Pride.

Vienna Pride 2018: 16 June 2018

Budapest Pride - Hungary

Budapest is organizing a pride month in 2018, starting on the 8th of June until the 8th of July. Main Pride Parade events will take place on 29 and 30 June. Budapest offers numerous LGBT friendly and LGBT-owned bars, cafés and restaurants and the city is a pleasure to watch. Join the thousands of LGBT visitors during pride month and check their official website to see all the events that are organized. If you’re not in the city on the day of the pride parade, you’ll probably find another interesting and fun LGBT event during the months of June or July.

Hungarian Pride 2018: 29 June 2018

Summer of Pride - Gay Pride Events in Europe - Gay Pride 2018 - Only Once Today
Dublin Pride - Ireland

Dublin LGBTQ Pride lasts an entire week and the actual gay pride parade takes place on the 30th of June 2018. The Dublin Pride organization encourages everyone to walk in the Pride parade instead of watching it. Whether you’re LGBTQ or a friend of our community, everyone is welcome to participate and be part of the event. Check the Dublin Pride website to find more details about the gay pride event.

Dublin Pride 2018: 30 June 2018

Oslo Pride - Norway

Pride events in Oslo are spread over the entire week, with the summit on the 30th of June 2018. The Pride March takes you through the city center and finishes with a large LGBT party event. Check the official Oslo Pride website here!

Oslo Pride 2018: 30 June 2018

Paris Pride - France

The Paris Marche de Fiertés is held on the 30th of June. In France, you can attend more than 10 pride events each year, with the Paris Pride being the largest and most visited. For the 25th time, Paris welcomes LGBTQ visitors and their friends to showcase diversity and enjoy the charm of being together as a community. Have a look at the Paris Pride website.

Paris Pride 2018: 30 June 2018

July – Gay Pride July 2018

Madrid Pride - Spain

Madrid hosted the World Pride in 2017 and it was a massive success! With stages everywhere in town, there will definitely be an activity or party you’ll want to attend. The activities on the big squares in Madrid are free, but there are quite a few exclusive parties with entrance fees as well. The LGBT Pride events last from the 4th until the 8th of July, with the main Pride Parade event on the 7th of July 2018. Check the official We Pride Website to see all the events and to buy tickets.

Madrid Pride 2018: 7 July 2018

Summer of Pride - Gay Pride Events in Europe - Gay Pride 2018 - Only Once Today
London Pride - United Kingdom

London also honors Pride month in June with events and activities starting the 9th of June and closing Pride Month the 7th of July. The main pride parade takes place on the 7th of July to close off the festivities. During London Pride, you can attend the Pride Got Talent show and a lot of other shows and parties. Check the London Pride website to get more detailed information on the London Pride events.

London Pride 2018: 7 July

Munich Pride - Germany

For the 39th time, Munich will organize a gay pride event in 2018. The city of Oktoberfest knows how to throw a party you don’t want to miss. The pride event lasts a week, but the main gay parade takes place on the 14th of July, followed by a massive street party at the historical center square Marienplatz. At night, the huge neo-gothic city hall is the location for a unique LGBT party. Check the CSD Munich website to find out more details about the event.

Munich Pride 2018: 14 July

Berlin Pride - Germany

CSD or Christopher Street Day Berlin takes place on the 28th of July with a grand gay pride parade in the city center of Berlin. Even though activities have been planned for the entire week. Berlin is the actual capital of gay nightlife in Germany and the city has 40 years of experience with the organization of gay pride festivals. Find more information on the official CSD Berlin website.

Berlin Pride 2018: 28 July

Summer of Pride - Gay Pride Events in Europe - Gay Pride 2018 - Only Once Today

August – Gay Pride August 2018

Amsterdam Pride - The Netherlands

Amsterdam, the city where everything is possible, hosts the Canal Pride each year. The event is attracting people from all over the globe, who love to combine their visit to Amsterdam with this spectacular event. Instead of parade wagon, Amsterdam introduces parade boats and fills the charming canals with one big party. The Amsterdam Canal Pride takes place at the end of July and the beginning of August. It lasts for an entire week with the actual Canal Pride on Saturday. The Amsterdam Pride works with a different theme each year to spice up the costumes for the parade and this year the dress code encourages visitors to identify with a hero. Check their website to see the complete calendar of events.

Canal Pride 2018: 4 August

Reykjavik Pride - Iceland

Iceland has become one of the most visited countries in Europe thanks to its natural beauty. Combine your Ring Road adventure with the LGBTQ pride parade in the capital of this stunning island. The party starts on Tuesday, but the main parade is on Saturday the 11th of August 2018. The Pride Iceland website offers pride packages and information on events. The Reykjavik pride is the biggest yearly event in the LGBT-friendly Iceland.

Reykjavik Pride 2018: 11 August

Summer of Pride - Gay Pride Events in Europe - Gay Pride 2018 - Only Once Today
Prague Pride - Czech Republic

The capital of the Czech Republic is host to the Czech Pride for the 8th time. The Prague Pride is the biggest in Eastern Europe and it keeps growing each year. The main Pride Parade event will happen on the 11th of August in 2018. Are you ready for a bohemian Pride party? Check the official Prague Pride website for further details of all events.

Prague Pride 2018: 11 August

Copenhagen Pride - Denmark

Copenhagen will host the World Pride in 2021, but until then, they will host their annual LGBT pride as usual. The Pride Parade takes place on August 18, but the entire week is bulking with activities, events, and parties. Submerge in the awesome Scandi culture while partying the night away in the streets of this lovely seaside city. Check the official and wonderfully complete Danish Pride website to see more events and regulations!

Denmark Pride 2018: 18 August

Stockholm - Gothenburg Pride - Sweden

Sweden is home to the Europride in 2018 and it will be hosting 2 pride events in 2 different cities. At the end of July, you can attend the capital pride in Stockholm with the summit on Saturday the 4th of August. A week later, the party moves on to the city of Gothenburg with the main pride parade on the 18th of August. Both events are Euro Pride events and both promise to be memorable European gay pride parades. Find more information about these pride events on the official Europride website.

Stockholm Pride 2018: 4 August

Gothenburg Pride 2018: 18 August

Summer of Pride - Gay Pride Events in Europe - Gay Pride 2018 - Only Once Today

September – Gay Pride September 2018

Athens Pride - Greece

The main pride event in Athens takes place on the 9th of September this year. The official Athens Pride website doesn’t show information about the events that lead up to the actual pride just yet but keep an eye on the website to be the first to find out more details.

Athens Pride 2018: 9 September

Malta Pride - Malta

Malta hosts one of the smaller prides in Europe, but it’s definitely worth a visit. The cute island in the heart of the Mediterranean is an awesome and friendly place to enjoy the Pride March. The gay pride in Malta can be attended on the 15th of September 2018. Find more information on the official Malta Pride website.

Malta Pride 2018: 15 September

November – Gay Pride November 2018

Arctic Pride - Tromso - Norway

Last but not least, in November, the Norwegian city of Tromso organizes their pride event. It’s called the Arctic pride and it’s the most northern pride in the world. Arctic Pride week starts on the 5th of November and finishes with the big gay pride march on the 11the of November 2018. This gay Pride is special because chances are good you will need a warm jacket to walk on the march. Chances on snow in the Arctic in November are pretty high and it will be one of the coldest prides you can attend in Europe. Leave your Speedo at home and get yourself a nice rainbow colored hat and scarf for this event!

Arctic Pride 2018: 11 November

Lesbian and Gay Pride events in Europe

This list of gay pride events in Europe is incomplete since some countries organize as much as 50 pride events. We did not list each and every gay pride, but we tried to showcase a diversity of pride events and locations. If you’re looking for more events, check the IGLA Europe website for a complete list of gay pride events in Europe. Keep reading about LGBT and lesbian travel in Europe in our lesbian festival guide to Europe and check these lesbian-friendly cities in Europe.

Summer of Pride - LGBT Pride Events in Europe - Gay Pride - Only Once Today
Summer of Pride - LGBT Pride Events in Europe - Gay Pride - Only Once Today
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