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Best Lesbian Festivals and Lesbian Parties 2019

As we did last year, we compiled a new list of fun and playful events for women and lesbian festivals in Europe. Who doesn’t enjoy an awesome lesbian weekend or a lesbian festival every once in a while? We don’t always have to mingle with the straight...


Aside from LGBT travel, we also talk about gender, the most common and normal thing in the world for most people, but not for everyone. Are you gender non-conforming, transgender, genderqueer, or do you want to learn more about this subject? Read our travel posts about gender!

Lesbian owned lodging

1. Lodging in Belgium

Antiqua & Qook is a romantic lesbian Bed & Breakfast in a beautiful part of Belgium.

2. Lodging in the UK

Lyndhurst Guest House in the United Kingdom is a traditional Victorian home in a quiet and beautiful location.

Lyndhurst - UK - Lesbian owned accommodation in Europe


Where can you find the best LGBT or lesbian events in Europe or the rest of the world? Looking for a Pride festival or just a great party to attend? Check our LGBT event guides!


Where to go?

Is your chosen destination LGBT-friendly? Or haven’t chosen a destination yet? Sleep at lesbian-friendly lodging or in a lesbian resort. See what we wrote about different destinations in the world and whether or not they’re LGBT-friendly. Read our LGBT travel guides here.


Eat Gender Norms for Breakfast - LGBT - Only Once Today

What is gender identity and why should anybody care about it?

Some of us don’t comply with the gender norms of society today. Here’s why and how to deal with it.

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Eat gender norms for breakfast - Gender identity - Gender non conform - Only Once Today

LGBT Travel Inspiration

Find LGBT related travel inspiration with lesbian Instagrammers and lesbian travel bloggers. Read our collection of the best LGBT travel resources!


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