Best LGBT Pride Events in Europe 2019

LGBT Pride Calendar for Europe 2019 - Spend a Summer of Pride in Europe

Most Pride Festival organizers have something special in mind for the 2019 Pride celebrations. The reason for expanding the celebration is the 50 year anniversary of the Stonewall uprising and the beginning of a worldwide Pride movement. And that is an awesome reason to up the celebrations!

As we did last year, we’re providing you with a new list of awesome LGBT pride events in Europe for this summer. We added a few extra and cool LGBT parades to give you a little more choice when it comes to finding an awesome LGBT Pride Festival to attend. So check our Pride Parade calendar as we tried to find a Europe Pride 2019 Festival for each weekend this summer!

Some events are planned on the same date as other events… and some weeks could not be filled up. But still, there’s so much choice when it comes to celebrating Pride in Europe. That’s exactly why we updated our LGBT Pride Calendar for 2019 with the right dates for all the important Pride Festivals in Europe!

Scroll through the months to find a Pride Festival that looks right for your travel dates. We included Pride Parades like Madrid Pride, Amsterdam Pride, London Pride. The host city for the 2019 EuroPride is Vienna in Austria.

These are the Europe Pride dates 2019!

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LGBT Pride Calendar 2019

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may, 2019

18mayAll DayBelgian PrideBelgian Pride in the capital of Belgium

25mayAll DayBirmingham PrideLove Out Loud

june, 2019

01junAll DayDisneyland® Paris PrideDisneyland® Magical Pride

08junAll DayRome PrideCelebrate Pride in the ancient city of Rome

08junAll DayZagreb PridePride Event in the capital of Croatia

08junAll Day29sepAthens PrideCelebrate Pride in the ancient city of Athens

08junAll DayBaltic PrideExplore Vilnius during the Baltic Pride

08junAll DaySofia PrideDifferent people, equal rights

09jun14:5814:58Sitges PridePride by the Mediterranean Sea

15junAll DayVienna EuroPrideEuroPride Host 2019: Vienna!

15junAll DayZurich PrideStrong in Diversity

22junAll DayLjubljana PrideBreak the silence and suppression of homosexuality

22junAll DayOslo PrideOslo Pride: Everything is Love

23junAll DayBilbao PrideVisibility and Diversity in the Bay of Biscay

29junAll DayBarcelona PrideCelebrate Pride in Barcelona this summer

29junAll DayMilan PrideLargest LGBT Pride event in Northern Italy

29junAll DayDublin PrideJoin the Pride Movement in Ireland

29junAll DayParis PrideThe ultimate French Pride Event

29junAll DayHelsinki PrideCelebrate Pride in Helsinki

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july, 2019

08junAll Day29sepAthens PrideCelebrate Pride in the ancient city of Athens

06julAll DayMadrid PrideMadrid Orgullo - Celebrate Pride in the heart of Spain

06julAll DayBudapest PrideExplore Budapest during the Pride Festival

06julAll DayLondon PrideCelebrate Pride at the LGBT Pride in London

06julAll DayCologne PrideMany. Together. Strong!

13julAll DayMunich PrideCelebrate Diversity - Fight for Equality

27julAll DayBerlin PrideWalk together with Pride in Berlin

august, 2019

08junAll Day29sepAthens PrideCelebrate Pride in the ancient city of Athens

03augAll DayBelfast PrideDiverse - Equal - Proud - Belfast Pride

03augAll DayHamburg PrideBasically the same - for a better constitution

03augAll DayAmsterdam Canal PrideRemember the past, create the future

03augAll DayStockholm PrideCelebrate Pride in Stockholm

03augAll DayBrighton PrideUK’s most popular Pride event

10augAll DayAntwerp PrideGet your Pride on in Antwerp

10augAll DayPrague PrideLargest LGBT Parade in Eastern Europe

17augAll DayCopenhagen PrideEmbrace the Scandinavian Hospitality during Copenhagen Pride

17aug14:2614:26Reykjavik PrideCelebrate at this super-sized 2019 anniversary

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september, 2019

08junAll Day29sepAthens PrideCelebrate Pride in the ancient city of Athens

14sepAll DayMalta PrideThe right to love, express yourself, reach out, and belong!

october, 2019

No Events

november, 2019

09novAll DayArctic Pride - TromsøCelebrate Pride @ 69 degrees North

Why is the 2019 LGBT Pride so important?

Almost every LGBT Pride Parade organizer talks about it in some way or another. The Stonewall Riots of 1969. This year, 50 years ago, the Stonewall uprising took place and it was the first day of a new era. Most city Pride Parades have activities or ceremonies in order to remember what happened generations before us and how they started clearing the way for future generations… us! That’s why this is important.

What is the Stonewall Uprising?

The Stonewall Uprising consisted of a series of spontaneous acts of rebellion, some of which were quite violent. The LGBT community in New York decided they had enough of repression and anti-gay attitude of the government. After the riots that happened in the early morning of a summer day in 1969, LGBT people started to become a cohesive community, which made them stronger.

Today, the Stonewall rebellion is seen as the most important moment in the history of LGBT liberation. These riots took place near the Stonewall Inn in Christopher Street, New York.

LGBT Pride Calendar

So these are the LGBT Pride Events that already have their dates published. Sadly enough, we weren’t able to get the dates for all Pride Parade events just yet. But obviously, we will keep updating this awesome Pride Calendar for Europe 2019!

We already visited quite a few Pride Festivals in Europe, but can you ever get enough of these? We visited the Belgian Pride multiple times… And in 2017, Madrid Pride was also the host of the WorldPride, which was an absolute success. This year, New York hosts the WorldPride. But hey, you can still easily attend major Pride Festivals in Europe!

LGBT Pride Calendar for Europe 2019 - Spend a Summer of Pride in Europe

Do you have plans to attend any of these Pride Festivals in 2019? Or have you already been to an awesome LGBT Pride Parade in the past? Don’t hesitate to let us know how much you love to celebrate Pride!

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