Essential LGBT+ Mexico Guide

All you need to know about LGBTQ+ Travel to Mexico

The United Mexican States cover almost 2 million square kilometers and is the 13th biggest country in the world.

With this amount of territory, there must be quite a few interesting places to visit!

It’s not a secret that Mexico is very popular among tourists from all over the world.

The Yucatan peninsula is known for its pristine beaches and the entire country offers a lot of natural beauty.

Mexico is easy to navigate and public transportation is extremely accessible. Keep reading to find out if Mexico is LGBT-friendly!

Due to the enormous size of this country, there is also a lot of diversity in every possible way.

Mexico offers beaches, jungles, mountains, and tons of beautiful waterfalls. If you want to see everything Mexico has to offer, you might need a year or longer to go everywhere.

Some provinces are cheaper than others, but there are famous landmarks all over the country.

There is just too much to sum up!

We wrote some inside information about public transportation in Mexico, so you can easily get around and travel the country.

If you’re into natural beauty, rivers, and falls, check out our post about the natural highlights in Mexico.

Don’t forget to check our backpacking guide to Mexico! Since we traveled in Mexico for quite a while, new posts and travel guides for Mexico will keep showing up over time!



Homosexuality is legal by law in Mexico since 2001. Same-sex sexual activity has been decriminalised in Mexico since 1871, mostly thanks to the influence of Napoleon.

Age of Consent

The age of consent in Mexico is 17, no matter what sexuality you have. This age was equalized in 1871.

Domestic Partnership

Same-sex couples are recognized in almost every state in Mexico. Not every state has a civil union law, recognized as domestic partnership.

Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage is now recogized in all Mexican states. The possibility to marry varies from state to state.

Same-Sex Adoption

Some states allow same-sex couples to adopt, while other states don’t. As for the adoption of stepchildren, the same rule applies. Single persons can adopt nationwide.

Change Legal Gender

In 2014 a gender identity law was approved, stating that people can change their legal gender. In Mexico City, surgery is not required. Laws vary from state to state.

Percentage of people supporting same rights for LGBT+

0 %

Interesting LGBT+ Facts Mexico


Some indigenous cultures have a hostile attitude towards more feminine gay men, while other cultures are much more tolerant.

Yucatan Mayans and Zapotecs from the Ishtmus region have a third gender concept, called Muxe.

They are feminine men and are supported by their family.

The indigenous tribes believe that sexual orientation and gender identity are given to you and that you have the right to be yourself.

LGBT+ Pride Mexico

LGBT+ Pride Playa Del Carmen

Each year in June, a Pride parade is held in the coastal town of Playa Del Carmen.

Dates may be different each year, but usually, the pride parade takes place in the first half of June.

Check out the official website to find out more information about the LGBT+ events in Playa!

Mérida Diversity March

In the beautiful city of Mérida, you can attend a diversity march or Pride festival each year in June.

In 2019, over 8000 visitors joined forces for this events, so why wouldn’t you be there too?

Check out the Facebook page for this event!

Cancun Pride

For the 16th time in 2019, Cancun has their own LGBT Pride parade. The event happens in the beginning of June each year.

Check out the event page on Facebook.

Mexico City Pride March

Mexico City has been a long time pride organizer, as in 2019 they’re organizing the event for the 41st time!

Check out the Mexico City Pride website.

More pride in Mexico

Each major city in Mexico organizes a pride event and this is proof of the fact that being LGBTQ+ is perfectly acceptable in Mexico. The country and different regions have worked hard to achieve these results and they should be proud of it!

In Guadalajara 2 different pride events are organized. Check out this FB page.

Tijuana Pride takes place at the end of June.

In San Cristobal de Las Casas, LGBT+ travelers can also attend a Pride march in June.

Also in Chiapas, Palenque LGBT walk for pride at the end of June.

In the beginning of July, you can visit the LGBT+ Pride event in San Luis de Potosi.

It doesn’t end there. We just listed to more touristic places where travelers might be looking for events. The Gay Mexico Map lists all available events in this article.

Other LGBT+ events in Mexico

Queer Film Festival Playa del Carmen

In November, an international queer film festival is held in Playa Del Carmen.

Most contributions are in Spanish, but it can still be worthy to visit this event!

You can find more information about this event on the Playa Pride website.

LGBT-friendly places in Mexico

Queer Mexico City

As the capital of the country, Mexico City has the most interesting places for LGBTQ+ travelers in Mexico.

Babiana Club Less is a lesbian venue in Mexico City. In this club, you can expect lesbian DJ’s, massive parties, and regularly: strippers and go go girls.

For a more diverse audience, including all of the LGBT+ spectrum, check out El Pecado Bar. In this bar, you’ll encounter gays, lesbians, but also a transgender audience.

For male travelers, there are a plethora of gay bars, varying from strip clubs, cruising bars, dark rooms, etc. Have a look at this article with the best gay bars in Mexico City

Queer Quintana Roo

In Quintana Roo, Cancun has the largest LGBT+ scene. There are a some gay bars with drag shows.

For lesbian and transgender travelers, Quintana Roo has no bars or places to go to. Read more about how we went on a quest to find a lesbian bar in Playa del Carmen. During this search, we visited the gay Playa 69 on Avenida 5 in Playa.

There are, however, a few Pride events in Quintana Roo as you can read in the chapter above!

All of the accommodation we mention in our hostel guides are LGBT-friendly, so make sure to check out our hostels guides for Cancun, Tulum, and Playa Del Carmen.

Queer Yucatan

Mérida is the LGBT+ epicenter of Yucatan. It is the largest and most vivid city in the area and there are quite a few LGBT+ bars, mostly oriented towards men.

Luckily, Mérida is super open-minded and almost every venue in town is LGBT-friendly

LGBT+ pages and websites Mexico

Gay Mexico Map

Gay Mexico Map is an LGBT+ information website about everything LGBT+ in Mexico.

The website is mostly oriented towards men, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find information for the other people in the LGBTQ++ spectrum!

Facebook pages

On Facebook, you can easily find ways to cat with locals to aske them your specific questions.

Our first choice for LGBTQ+ information on Mexico is the LGBTQ+ tourism organisation for Mexico, which you can find here.

Mexico LGBT Safety

The Mexican law has anti-discrimination laws to protect LGBT. It is illegal to discriminate people based on their gender identity or sexual orientation. This applies to every possible area: healthcare, employment, education, housing, …

We found Mexico to be very tolerant towards LGBT. Many people are openly gay and public display of affection is seen almost everywhere.

Even though Mexico is known for its machismo culture, we didn’t run into any problems. The machismo culture sees a relationship between two women as less threatening than a relationship between two men.

On the other hand, Mexico City has a long history of crimes against male LGBT, but it’s also the city that offers the most gay-friendly establishments.

To Queer or not to Queer?

That’s the question!

We do things our way and everyone is allowed to do things their way, obviously!

For us, we like to keep a low profile when we travel. With this in mind, we also keep PDA, hugs, and kissed for our private quarters. This clearly depends on the country and the region we’re in. So this doesn’t count for the entire world.

Mexico is a safe country to visit as LGBTQ+ traveler. You very likely to be welcome everywhere and you won’t easily run into any trouble.

Mexico is progressive and the attitude toward diversity has change massively over the last years. So don’t hold back and book that ticket to Mexico!

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