Essential LGBT+ Hungary Guide

All you need to know about LGBTQ+ Travel to Hungary

Hungary is a beautiful country in Central Europe. Most travelers have a big interest in the capital of Budapest, but Hungary has a lot of other beautiful cities and hundreds of medieval castles as well.

We created this LGBT+ travel guide to Hungary to inform travelers about LGBTQ+ laws and rights, but also to offer some information on finding cool places to go and connecting with the local LGBTQ community.

So keep reading to find out how LGBTQ-friendly Hungary really is and what you can expect when traveling there!



Private homosexuality is legal in Hungary since 1978.

Age of Consent

The age of consent is 14, no matter the sexuality.

Domestic Partnership

Same-sex couples can have an unregistered cohabitation or civil union since 1996.

Same-Sex Marriage

In Hungary, same-sex couples are not yet allowed to marry each other. Foreign marriages are accepted.

Same-Sex Adoption

Adoption by same-sex couples is only possible for married couples. Foreign marriages are recognized.

Change Legal Gender

Changing your legal gender has been possible in 2018. Applications for a gender change have been temporarily suspended.

Percentage of people supporting same rights for LGBT+

0 %

LGBT-friendly places in Hungary

LGBT+ Pride Hungary

Budapest organizes a Pride event each year.

It’s a popular and well-visited event that attracts visitors from all over the world.

The Pride in Budapest happens each year in July.

Check out the exact pride dates for Europe!

Ösztrosokk – Lesbian party in Budapest

Ösztrosokk is a regular event in various clubs and bars in Budapest. This monthly party is for women only and for lesbian visitors.

As a nice extra, they also organize a lesbian Pride party!

Labrisz – Lesbian organization

Labrisz is a lesbian organization in Budapest. It’s a warm and welcoming community which organizes regular events and gatherings.

You can either check their website or Facebook page to see what’s on the calendar!


Qalendar is an informational website with queer events in Budapest.

It lists gay bars, clubs and cruising areas, but also one-time events.

This website is mainly aimed towards men, but you can find the occasional lesbian listing as well!

LGBT+ Facebook pages and groups in Hungary

On Facebook, you can join a few LGBT+ communities in Hungary. These are 2 well-visited and welcoming groups in the Hungarian language: LGBTQ+ Hungary and this group. Both are closed groups where you need to ask to become a member.

Note that these pages are in Hungarian, but a lot of people speak English as well.

Other LGBTQ+ Facebook pages where you can find information are: Budapest Pride Facebook Page

Safe Spaces in Hungary

The Budapest Pride organization has also started a project, called: Safe Spaces.

Hungarian establishments, like bars, restaurants, hotels, gyms, … can add their place as a ‘safe space’.

This way, we can research our destination to see if there are places who will welcome LGBTQ+ visitors with a warm heart.

Hungary LGBT Safety

Even though the Hungarian attitude toward the LGBTQ+ used to be intolerant in the past, this attitude has changed a lot in recent years.

At this time, public opinion is very open-minded and tolerant.

As a traveler to Hungary, you’re very unlikely to encounter any trouble or discrimination, especially in cities.

According to a poll by IGLA in 2017, 60 to 70% of Hungarians believe that LGBT+ should have the exact same rights and protection as everyone else. 50% of people believed that everyone should have the right to change their gender.

Hungarian law prohibits hate crimes and hate speech based on sexual orientation or gender expression.

Unfortunately, hate crimes can occur at any place and any time! Public display of affection can always trigger people to respond in a negative way. Try to be cautious and aware of your surroundings.

To Queer or not to Queer?

That’s the question!

We do things our way and everyone is allowed to do things their way, obviously!

For us, we like to keep a low profile when we travel. With this in mind, we also keep PDA, hugs, and kissed for our private quarters. This clearly depends on the country and the region we’re in. So this doesn’t count for the entire world.

Hungary is a safe country to visit as LGBTQ+ traveler. You very likely to be welcome everywhere and you won’t easily run into any trouble.

In Hungary, people tend to mind their own business and nobody will bother you! So get your travel on and book that flight to Hungary 🙂