Fun and Inspiring Lesbian Guide to Belgium

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Belgium is a tiny country in Europe. If you heard about it, but haven’t been yet, keep reading this lesbian guide to Belgium. Known for its chocolate and wide variety of beers, Belgium can be an interesting country to visit.

It didn’t make it to the ultimate list of European lesbian destinations, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing to be found. Lesbian travelers who want to explore the lesbian scene in Belgium should probably do some research before going to make sure their travel dates collide with events.

There are quite a few parties and activities for lesbians, but it’s a good idea to check dates and stuff like that. Keep reading to discover the lesbian side of this small dot on the map. As a lesbian traveler, it’s always a good idea to be informed about as much lesbian travel information as possible!

Even though it’s a very small country, Belgium has a few cities and events for women.

We must admit that Belgium isn’t the best destination for a lesbian holiday. That’s why we want to help you find possible events to match with your travel dates.

A lot of the events take place only once a year or once every few months.

If you want to attend to any of these lesbian events in Belgium, you might want to check the websites of the venues to ensure your dates match with theirs.

Belgium also hosts a few Pride festivals which are mostly massive parties of awesomness!

Lesbian guide to Belgium - Brussel Pride
Lesbian guide to Belgium - Brussel Pride


Once a year, usually in October, L Day Belgium is organized in Antwerp. L Day is filled with activities for and by women. Check the L Day Facebook page to know when the next edition will be and what activities are planned.

Antwerp also has a recurring event Cafe De Love. This popular party for women is organized every now and then and it has been around for over 10 years. Cafe De Love always takes place in the Red And Blue club in Antwerp and is usually crowded and fabulous. Check the website for party dates!

Even though there aren’t too many lesbian bars in Antwerp there are a few parties throughout the year.

The Antwerp Pride  is held each year in August. Along with the pride, there will be quite a few parties as well. The Pride Parade is usually followed by the Pride Night in Club Red and Blue. The Pride Night hosts a Cafe De Love party for women as well.


The capital of Belgium has a recurring lesbian party in Brussels organized by Velvet 69. This event resembles a lesbian bar in Brussels the most. The same organization is behind the legendary Velvet 69 Ibiza parties. The party takes place in Quay 01 and offers the option to book a hotel with a partner discount. Velvet 69 usually has its own stage at the Belgian Pride in Brussels.

The Belgian Pride is the largest pride event in Belgium and is usually held in May. The Pride parade is growing each year and is well organized. The night of the parade, Velvet 69 usually hosts a women-only party.

Brussels is home to a tiny street filled with gay bars. Unfortunately, there are no bars or cafés for women only. For a mixed crowd and cheap drinks, your best option is the Rainbowhouse in the Rue du Marché Au Charbon.

Each year, visit.Brussels organizes Girls Heart Brussels, which is a multi-day event for women in Brussels. The event has the focus to help women explore Brussels and they choose a new theme each year. Girls Heart Brussels is usually held in April. On Saturday there is an afterparty somewhere in Brussels. Check the website for more information.


When visiting Leuven, you could be so lucky to find a lesbian party every first Saturday of the month.

The organization Labyrint caters lesbian activities and parties.

Every first Saturday, they organize Female Fever in Kessel-Lo, near Leuven. Check their website or Facebook page to see their current events!

The Lagoon Belgium - Multiple locations

The Lagoon is an event for women that is organized 4 times per year.

Originally it was brought to life in Leuven, but the lesbian event grew massively and now it might have become one of the biggest lesbian party concepts in Belgium.

The Lagoon is held in Leuven, Ghent, Antwerp, and Hechtel and party dates can be found on their Facebook page.

This lesbian party is exclusively for women and friends.

The Lagoon Belgium - Lesbische gids voor België
Image Credit: The Lagoon Belgium


In January, Ghent hosts the yearly Cavaria event called Sparkle.

It consists of a show with music and entertainment in dutch, followed by a big party.

The Sparkle party is mixed, but the crowd is more or less equally divided. Even if it’s not a girls-only party, we enjoy Sparkle a lot!

Ghent has a lot more to offer, like the ‘Gravensteen castle‘ and other attraction as you can see in this guide to visit Ghent in one day!

Lesbian guide to Belgium - Brussels
Lesbian guide to Belgium - Brussels

LGBT+ Rights in Belgium

Belgium is one of the most progressive countries in Europe and the rest of the world. These are some legal facts about LGBT rights in Belgium.

  • Homosexuality or same-sex sexual activity is legal in Belgium since 1795.
  • Same-sex partners can register domestic partnership since 2000.
  • Changing your legal gender is possible since 2007. 
  • Same-sex marriage is legal since 2003.
  • Belgium has anti-discrimination laws since 2003
  • Same-sex adoption is legal since 2006.

As you can read, there is no legal discrimination against LGBT in Belgium and same-sex couples have the same rights and duties as anyone else. The country is also safe to visit as LGBT as the public opinion about homosexuality is positive. Polls have pointed out that 78% of all Belgians have a positive attitude towards LGBT.


As you can see, it’s not that difficult to find a women-only party in Belgium. Many events occur only once a year but more lesbian events are being held each year.

Let’s hope the lesbian scene in Belgium keeps growing so we can keep adding lesbian parties to our lesbian guide to Belgium! 

We wouldn’t mind for the Belgian L scene to grow and expand so Belgium can be a pink spot on the map for gender non-conform and lesbian travelers or host a cool lesbian festival.

For now, you should choose your travel dates careful in order to attend a lesbian party.

If you know about other great lesbian events in Belgium, please let us know so we can add them to our lesbian guide to Belgium soon!

Find more lesbian destinations and events in Europe and check these lesbian travel planning resources. Read more articles about lesbian travel here!

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