The most epic lesbian festivals and lesbian parties – Europe Edition

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What we talk about in this article

We’re back with a new list of lesbian festivals and lesbian parties, the Europe edition!

Soon, we’ll also have other editions on our website as well, so keep an eye on our blogroll!

Most of these events are recurring and you’ll see them appear in the list for next year as well.

The lesbian events listed in this article are the biggest and the baddest ones to attend this summer!

As some festivals don’t have 2020 dates yet, we can’t offer the complete information just yet, but this post will be updated when new dates get announced.

Happy partying in Europe in 2020!

Check the calendar with the exact dates at the bottom of this article!

Ella Winter Davos

For the third time, Ella is the organizer of the lesbian festival Ella Winter in Davos!

Due to the success of the previous Ella Winter lesbian parties, they’re going for the same epic festival success once again.

There will be time for skiiing, fun in the snow, partying, and meeting lots of beautiful women.

Keep reading, because this is not the only Ella lesbian party in this list!

When: March

Where: Davos – Switzerland

Velvet Ibiza

From the organizers of the legendary Velvet 69 parties in Brussels Belgium, you can expect the women’s festival in Ibiza to be even more legendary!

Velvet Ibiza is a 5 day – 5 night party in an all-inclusive resort on the island of Ibiza in Spain.

You can look forward to a lot of clubbing and beach bumming, girls-only!

Sun, sea, beach, and pool parties

When: May

Where: Ibiza – Spain

Ella Costa Rica, Mexico, and Colombia

These lesbian parties aren’t exactly events in Europe, but we added them to this list anyway!

European Ella organizers are expanding their territory and for the second time, they take us all to Mexico and Costa Rica for a massive lesbian party!

Ella Costa Rica lasts for 2 whole weeks, starting at the end of April.

Ella Mexico is happening in March and it takes you to the beautiful San Miguel de Allende.

Ella Colombia takes place at the end of June and lasts for 5 days!

Expect to discover a large part of these countries without too much hassle and with a fun group of lesbian women.

There will also be parties at the swimming pool, relaxed days, and a lot more fun stuff to look forward to!

L-Beach 2020

L-Beach is the largest lesbian event in Germany and they’ve been around for a long time already.

The massive events takes place at Weissenhauser Strand in the North of Germany.

Exact dates of the 2020 lesbian festival in Germany have not yet been released at the time of writing this post, but we will keep our eyes on the official website and add dates as soon as we get them!

At L-Beach, you can expect to have tons of fun with loads of lesbian women. There will be music performances and other activities, like workshops, comedy, and more!

When: Usually in May

Where: Weissenhauser Strand Germany

L-Fest del Mar

This festival for lesbian women in Spain also appears to be an everlasting success formula.

The week-long event used to take place in sunny Spain in the town of Campoamor and it is growing more popular every year.

This year, L-Fest del Mar has moved to a new location, which is kinda tropical as well: the Dominican Republic!

OK! So we got another one that’s not held in Europe!

As it lasts for an entire week, you can expect a lot more than parties…. although there will be legendary L-Fest parties!

This festival is actually a complete lesbian holiday in the sun. You can expect to meet a lot of other women, ready to mingle and have some fun.

When: May

Where: Punta Cana – Dominican Republic

L-Fest United Kingdom

The mother of all L-Fest events was born in the UK, as were the otherL-Fest events obviously :p

The original L-Fest originates in England and they plan to organize their event in England for many years to come. They’re just expanding their territory to other (mostly sunny) destinations as well!

L-Fest UK is extremely popular and it is the largest and most popular lesbian festival in the UK.

The event lasts for an entire weekend and you can expect a few parties and fun activities. There’s a camp ground available to make this event a real festival!

The location for L-Fest has been variable over the last years. However, the current location appears to be popular and successful. 

Unfortunately, the L-Fest organization has announced that L-Fest 2020 will be the last event of its kind in the UK.

When: July

Where: UK – Llandudno

Ella France

The first edition of the French Ella festival takes place in the beautiful city of Bordeaux in France. Completely in line with the other Ella events, you can expect to have a lot of fun, but also contribute to the queer community and empowering women.

This 7-day event is filled up with workshops, conferences, outdoor activities and a lot more.

Check the official website to learn more about the exact activities and to get your festival tickets.

When: End of July

Where: Bordeaux France

Girlie Circuit

Another Spanish festival! Don’t we all love to have a memorable party in the Spanish sun?

Girlie Circuit is a lesbian festival, organized in Barcelona Spain and it’s spread over multiple days.

There usually are parties every night and … also during the day. Girlie Circuit is known for a lot of water fun, pool parties, and clubbing at night.

The festival takes place in August each year.

At this time, the 2020 dates for Girlie Circuit have not yet been released, but keep an eye on the official Facebook page to find out more details about the event.

When: Usually the second half of August

Where: Barcelona Spain

Ella Summer Mallorca

For the 8th time, Ella lesbian festival organiser, is planning the popular Ella Summer Festival in Mallorca. This event has proven to be succesful in the past, and it will be awesome again this year.

Due to the success of this event, Ella decided to get started with the popular event concept for queer women in different places in the world.

You can expect a lot of queer women, good food, fun workshops and interesting conferences. At night, there will be parties and other fun activities.

Check out the official website for more information and to purchase your tickets.

When: End of August

Where: Mallorca Spain

Sappho International Eressos Women’s Festival

Another popular lesbian festival to end an amazing summer of festivals!

Skala Eressos or the Sappho International Eressos Women’s Festival takes place in Skala Eressos on Lesbos, which is one of the beautiful islands of Greece.

The week-long event usually happens in September and it is your last chance of the summer to attend a super popular lesbian party!

When: Usually in the second half of September

Where: Lesbos Greece

Lesbian parties and lesbian festivals - Europe edition

There you go!

That’s our list of lesbian festivals in Europe for this year!

The festival season starts pretty early, at the end of March, and it goes on until September. So no matter when you have a few days of or when you plan to visit Europe, there is a good chance that you can attend one of these amazing events!

If you happen to be the organizer of a lesbian event in Europe and we’re not listing it yet… please let us know, so we can add it in order to make this list even better and more complete!

Happy partying!

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Lesbian festivals and lesbian parties in Europe
Lesbian festivals and lesbian parties in Europe
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