With Only Once Today we try to reach travelers who want to plan their lesbian holidays. But we also try to provide a lesbian blog and talk about lifestyle and other stuff.

Being a traveling couple, we want to roam the earth as often as possible. Over the years we have become experts in lesbian travel. It doesn’t stop here and we crave to expand our knowledge about the world every day.

On our blog, you can find information about planning lesbian holidays and lesbian getaways.

We provide information about a wide spectrum of travel types in order to help as many travelers as possible.

I created this informative article about Only Once Today in order to give our readers a nice overview of what this website is all about and why it can be useful for you!

So stick with me and find the most interesting lesbian content on this website!

Romantic Lesbian Getaways in Europe

Lesbian Blog

Aside from our lesbian travel blog posts, we also provide information about lesbian lifestyle and interesting events to attend.

We share the best lesbian festivals in Europe

Follow our blog to find more articles about the best lesbian films ever. Soon, we also add top lesbian books you should read.

Lesbian travel in general

Whether you’re an LGBT traveler or not, with this website we want to reach out to everyone. We’re also trying to get more LGBT allies to be by our side when we’re on the road! 

For those travelers who are a bit precarious and afraid to leave home because of their being lesbian, keep reading. We were wondering about it for our self. Actually, we’ve been on both sides of this question on various travels.

Should we get back in the closet for travel?

Lesbian cities in Europe - Lesbian holiday destination Europe - Best Lesbian cities in Europe - Only Once Today
Romantic Lesbian Getaways in Europe - Lesbian accommodation in Europe - Only Once Today
Best Lesbian Festivals in Europe - Lesbian Parties Europe - Only Once Today
How to be a queer ally while traveling - Only Once Today

Lesbian Travel in Europe

Europe is a fun and interesting continent to travel to, especially as an LGBT or lesbian traveler. For many travelers, Europe speaks to the imagination.

Europe is quite high on the wish list for loads of travelers.

Luckily, you can plan a perfect lesbian holiday in Europe and we want to provide you with a lot of information on lesbian travel to Europe.

LGBT Events

Europe offers quite a few events for LGBT or specifically for gay women.

Read our post about lesbian festivals in Europe.

Or are you more interested in attending one of the best LGBT Pride events in Europe?

And don’t forget to check what you should pack before heading to the Pride festivals!

Lesbian-friendly Destinations

But if we would have to wait for LGBT pride events to be able to travel… that would be a shame.

Europe has a lot more to offer for lesbian travelers and we compiled a list of the best lesbian cities in Europe, meaning… cities where you can find lesbian bars, clubs, or parties.

We’re from Belgium, so we couldn’t hold this lesbian guide to Belgium from you!

Lesbian Lodging

We also compiled a list of accommodation in Europe that is all lesbian-owned and lesbian-friendly. Our lodging list for planning the perfect romantic lesbian getaway has listings all over Europe. You get to choose from a variety of lesbian-owned B&Bs, as well as lesbian resorts and hotels.

Generally, Europe is quite a safe and LGBT-friendly travel destination, but each country is different. As Only Once Today grows, so will the number of countries we provide information about and the number of lesbian blog posts!

How to be a queer ally to the LGBT community - Only Once Today

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Romantic Lesbian Getaways in Europe

Lesbian Travel outside of Europe

Our lesbian travel posts about non-European destinations focus on travelers who plan on traveling independent and want to know more about safety and security when traveling as a single lesbian or as a couple.

Or you might be looking for travel tips about specific places.

That’s is why we usually include LGBT travel tips into our blog posts!

After spending some time in Guatemala, we published a lot of informational posts about this beautiful country.

Not just lesbian blog posts, but also travel guides about the different reasons to visit Guatemala.

For instance, in Antigua Guatemala, you can find a lesbian bar!

Over time, we started receiving questions of lesbian travelers who were interesting in knowing more about lesbian travel in Guatemala, so we wrote this post about the subject.

Mexico is also one of our favorite countries and even though we didn’t exactly found a lesbian bar or club in Playa Del Carmen. We did write a post about the hilarious search for lesbian nightlife in this touristy Caribbean town.

Guatemala isn’t the only country we visited and we created a bunch of destination guides with information about LGBT laws and regulations to help you find out exactly how LGBT-friendly your holiday destination is before planning a lesbian holiday.

Travel as a lesbian couple in Guatemala
Romantic Lesbian Getaways in Europe

Lesbian holidays

Lesbian holidays include all-inclusive resorts and the popular lesbian cruises, which we haven’t been lucky enough to try yet!

We already wrote an interesting post about travel agencies that offer women-only tours and we have an article about lesbian travel agencies in the making!

On the internet, you can find quite a few lesbian travel agencies who organize trips for lesbian women.

Lesbian Travel Resources

A lot of websites provide lesbian travelers with information on the different aspects of lesbian travel.

A while ago, we published this article with a lot of resources for lesbian travelers, which is actually a great list of interesting lesbian websites. 

We update it regularly and will help you plan your holiday. You can also check the online resources we use for planning our trips.

Lesbian Travel Resources - Only Once Today - Photo by Greg Raines

Photo by Greg Raines on Unsplash

Find Inspiration

With this blog, we also try to inspire.

We share the best lesbian travel blogs and a list of lesbian Instagrammers you should be following.

When going on a holiday, don’t we all want to get the best and most romantic lesbian pictures possible?

Read our guide about getting that romantic lesbian photo that will be your next Facebook profile pic!

Set up your gear - Romantic lesbian photography - couple photography - Only Once Today
Romantic Lesbian Getaways in Europe

Travel and gender

Last, but definitely not least, I talk a lot about gender.

As a gender non-conforming person, I tend to run into trouble when traveling. Whether this is the search for a gender-neutral restroom or just not finding one.

Life and travel as a masculine of center lesbian can be harsh and I want to share my experiences with you. Are you in the same situation as I am or not, it doesn’t matter. If you are, you might find strength in our post about eating gender norms for breakfast. But if you’re not, this post might broaden your perspective on how the world looks from the other side of the spectrum: those who are breaking gender rules!

Our article about travel and gender is an informative post about how laws work and which actions you should take before travel as a transgender or gender non-conforming person.

As a genderqueer traveler, I’m always on the lookout for people who’re out to get me. I know I shouldn’t, but I do it anyway. In Krakow, we met a guy who is a role model for being an LGBT ally and we’re so thankful for people like him. After meeting him, I decided to write this post about how to be an LGBT ally when traveling.

Travel and Gender - What you should know - Only Once Today

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Romantic Lesbian Getaways in Europe

Only Once Today – Our Lesbian Travel Blog Posts

Yes, I admit it!

This post was needed to guide you around our website and help you find the content that we hope you’re looking for.

In this article, we sum up all the content we have about lesbian travel and LGBT travel.

Since we’re not ready for a break just yet, keep your eyes on this page, bookmark and share it, because we will be adding a lot more lesbian travel content and lesbian blog posts in the near future.

You never know what gem you might find on this page!

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