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LGBT Travel

We aim to fill the information gap for lesbian travelers worldwide


Explore content about fun lesbian destinations, safety guides, accommodation, and read enthralling stories

What is it like to travel as a lesbian / gender-nonconform couple?

Lesbian travel blog

Lesbian Parties 2019

Lesbian Cities Europe

Lesbian winter holidays

Romantic lesbian getaways

Lesbian guide Belgium

LGBT safety guides

Are you questioning the LGBT safety situation in your next travel destination?

Want to learn more about LGBT acceptance around the world? Take a look at these guides





Europe Travel

Who doesn’t feel the need to escape every once in a while?

Check out these top city trips all over Europe and get your batteries reloaded!

4 Days in Krakow


2 Days in Hamburg


3 days in Zadar


3 Days in Nice


Check out our most popular compilation content of Europe right here

10 Best Ruin Bars 


10 Best winter tours

8 Must visit cities


10 secluded beaches

Central and South America Travel

Take a look at these travel guides and get inspired! 


Explore the land of Mariachi and Tequila


Discover crater lakes and Mayan Ruins


Uncover the wild land of Salsa and Sabrosura

Asia Travel

Have you already uncovered the land of the dragon?

Our top content about travel in China is listed below

23 Things to know


Inner Mongolia


Train travel


Travel tips & tricks on and off the road

Follow up on our most popular travel tips.

There are so many things to consider before you even start your next adventure.

Prepare for travel with budget management, insurance, resources, and apps.

Dodge common travel scams, learn how to haggle and so much more.

Train Travel

Discover the world from inside the iron rooster

Train travel takes you back to simpler times.

Sit back and relax, watch the scenery pass by, read a good book or listen to some music 

Night Trains Europe

2 Weeks Central Europe

8 most scenic rides

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