Travel Books to get you even more inspired to uncover the world!

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Travel books as an inspiration to uncover the world!

A good and inspiring travel book can make you empathize with different characters and it has the power to drag you into the story. Lobke and I both enjoy reading a lot as we believe it makes us live a thousand lives.

When traveling, we read even more. We read on the airplane, on the bus, during a long train ride in Europe or China, in a hammock or in bed.

It doesn’t matter where you are: a good book never gets boring. The only place you end up is the decor of the story. That is one of the reasons I love reading about travel: because it makes you feel like you’re traveling too!

These settings can be fictional and impossible to happen. But mostly travel books are based on a true story and they are often inspiring. Reading these inspiring travel books will make you realize how enriching travel can be. They take you around the world, not only literally…

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Little Princes – Conor Grennan

I recently read Little Princess and kicked it all the way to the top! What a great inspirational book! I couldn’t put it away. Conor is the founder of Next Generation Nepal and I think everyone should read this book. It’s about finding yourself in a tough world. Little Princes is about a young man, traveling to Nepal to volunteer with children. Eventually, this volunteering changes to trying to rescue all the lost children of Nepal. Great read!

A Walk in the Woods – Bill Bryson

A funny and easy-to-read story about a personal adventure on the Appalachian Trail. A book about planning, canceling, changing ideas and other travel-related issues. A walk in the woods is very insightful and inspiring.

Papillon – Henri Charrière

Papillon is a book that draws you in, an autobiography about a prisoner in a penal colony in French Guiana. The book tells the adventurous story of an incredible escape. This book made it to the big screen with actors Dustin Hoffman and Steve Mcqueen in the lead roles.

One Hundred Years of Solitude – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

This originally Spanish book has a bit of a weird storyline. It’s written in 1967 and describes the lives of seven generations of the Buendia family. It takes place in Macondo, a self -founded utopic town in the Colombian jungle. One Hundred Years of Solitude is filled with interesting thoughts and mind-broadening ideas. This inspiring travel book is an interesting read to expand your vision and get sucked into this weird world.

Into The Wild – Jon Krakauer

The story of Chris McCandless is commonly known. Into the wild is an inspiring travel book which also offers an insight into the super tramp culture and lifestyle. It really is an intriguing story of how society expects you to live your life. In contradiction to how a free spirit wants to live his life. How far would you go to obtain the life you desire?

The Motorcycle Diaries – Che Guevara

Originally written in Spanish, this iconic book tells the story of two young men going on an expedition. Che Guevara and his friend Alberto travel more than 8000 km through South America with a small motorcycle. They push the motorcycle through Patagonia and deserted dirt roads, while sometimes they’re lucky and other times they bounce back. The Motorcycle Diaries is A memoir of a real adventure.

Child of the Jungle – Sabine Kuegler

This European bestseller tells the story of a young girl who spent her childhood in the jungle of Papua New Guinea. Her family lives with the Fayu tribe, which is untouched by modern times.  How does she experience life without the comforts of Western civilization? What happens when she gets back in “modern” society? Child of the Jungle is a story that actually happened and it’s very compelling.

Earth’s Children – Jean Auel

This series of historical novels are set in ancient times. The author has done some serious research about life in Paleolithic Europe. These easy-to-read book series is mind-broadening and interesting. This is the type of book I could read a dozen times and it would never get boring. Earth’s Children is a series of 6 novels.

Adrift – Seventy-six Days Lost at Sea – Steven Callahan

Although you can probably never really understand the feeling, I know I hope to never be able to understand the feeling, Adrift is a very enthralling book. The story is about a sailor who goes on a transatlantic sailing trip on his own. Even though he’s a great sailor, something goes terribly wrong. One man ends up in a leaking safety vessel, with no way of saving himself. He survives for seventy-six days and lives to tell the story. Great inspirational book!

A Long Way Home – Saroo Brierley

This autobiographic book will catch you from the first chapter and it won’t let you go. A long Way Home is about a young Indian boy who steps into a train half asleep and ends up half a world away from home. After being in an orphanage and being adopted by an Australian family, he starts a quest to find his mother. With Google technology, he explores the earth in search of his hometown.

This is our Top 10 most inspiring travel books. Of course, there are many more top novels we still have to discover.

Let us know which novels are your favorites!

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