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Travel to Europe, a continent with breathtaking landscapes, iconic cities, and rich cultural heritage. Europe offers diverse experiences that can enchant every traveller, from Budapest’s thermal baths to Vienna’s grand palaces and Innsbruck’s Alpine splendour. 

Uncover Europe by train

Stunning guided train routes through Europe

Where to stay in Europe

There are plenty of options to find good accommodation in Europe.


Everybody knows this immense popular platform. It’s super easy to navigate, and you can find the best places to sleep at just the click of a button. And, you can find big discounts on stays too.



Tripadvisor is a platform used worldwide to find a place to stay, good tours, and activities. With thousands of reviews of hotels and tours, you can make an informed decision and find a terrific place to stay.



We spend a lot of our early travelling years backpacking and stayed in very cool hostels all over the world. Hostelworld is a very nice platform where you can compare hostels in over 170 countries.


Trusted Housesitters

Find unique accommodation @ Trusted Housesitters. Take care of a property, which may or may not include pets, while the owners are on holiday. You save a lot of money, and you can stay in pretty houses.

Iconic cities.
Winter Wonderland.
Cosy winter breaks.

Amazing places to visit in Europe that aren't city trips

Discover Europe’s treasures, from the most secluded beaches to unforgettable nature. Let’s unlock another side of Europe.

Embark on a boundless adventure through ever-changing landscapes

A great way to explore new territory is by rail. Travelling to and through Europe by train is always an adventure. But in all honesty, not the cheapest way to get around. That said, we always had a great time discovering Europe by train.

Rail connects mostly all big cities, making it easy to travel between countries. You can also choose to travel slowly and do more stops along the way. This also gives you the opportunity to visit the less-known villages and get a sense of how people live outside the big city centres.

Stunning train itineraries
In Europe

Travel through Europe by train. Follow scenic routes that connect iconic cities. Have a unique & authentic travel experience.



Uncover Scandinavia's treasures. Explore fjords, forests and vibrant cities on an epic route.


Central & Eastern Europe

Embark on a scenic travel adventure. Explore historic cities and enjoy scenic landscapes.



Discover Spain's sun-soaked beaches and historic gems. This enchanting journey takes you to top places in Spain.


8 scenic train routes in Europe

Watch majestic mountains, natural landscapes and picturesque countryside unfold outside your window.

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