5 Best backpacker hostels in Medellin – Where to stay in Medellin

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What we talk about in this article

Medellin is the backpacker capital in Colombia and people tend to stay much longer than they initially intended! We did the same thing! We just fell in love with this beautiful and lively city and you might too!

During our stay in Medellin, we stayed in a few different hostels and we noticed that the online reviews aren’t always a great way to know what the places are actually like.

Opinions of others can always be different than your own and what we liked, may not be what you like!

Another difficulty is the fact that these hostels get new owners every now and then, policies change and a great hostel can quickly become a horrible one.

We decided to gather some of the very best hostels in Medellin in order to help you choose the right one.

In Medellin, you can find hundreds of hostels, small and large, party hostels and quiet family style hostels! How to find the best one? And which area to choose?

At the bottom of this post, you can find a little extra information about the different areas.

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Best Hostels in Medellin

Sugar Cane Medellin

Sugar Cane Hostel

Black Sheep Medellin

Black Sheep Hostel

Los Patios Medellin

Los Patios

Casa Kiwi Medellin

Casa Kiwi

Hostel Cattleya Medellin

Hostal Cattleya

Medellin Hostels - More information

Sugar Cane Hostel - Feels like home

Sugar Cane hostel is a very popular, small hostel in El Poblado. Even though it’s located in near the party area, this hostel is not a party hostel. But there is a great welcoming vibe here!

Backpackers absolutely love the atmosphere in this hostel and many stay longer than intended.

The hostel offers activities and tours. On Sunday night, you should definitely eat in the hostel, because there’s a communal BBQ and the hostel owner is a wizard at the BBQ!

Breakfast is included in your room price.

There’s a kitchen you can use to prep your own meals and a cozy rooftop terrace.

In Sugar Cane Hostel, you can get cheap dorm beds and affordable private rooms.

Black Sheep Hostel - The most popular

Black Sheep Hostel has been around for over a decade with the same owners and the same awesome reviews. Travelers really enjoy being in this hostel a lot!

The hostel itself is pretty basic, but the atmosphere is amazing. So this is not a boutique hostel or an expensive stylish place. This is a place where backpackers meet up and make friends for life.

Even though this hostel is a quiet place to sleep and relax, you’re still very close to where the action is!

Breakfast is not included in the room price, but there’s a kitchen where you can prep your own meals.

In the Black Sheep Hostel, you can get great drom beds and affordable private rooms.

Los Patios - Party hostel in El Poblado

Los Patios is a beautiful and stylish hostel in the Poblado area. So this hostel is perfectly located if you plan on going out at night.

There’s also a rooftop bar and the hostel organizes many activities in order to get their guests to socialize with each other.

But, this place is not just about having a party. There are also yoga classes, a fitness area, and many more cool activities.

Breakfast is not included, but there’s a café on site, which serves delicious food!

In this hostel, you can get a dorm bed or a private room. This hostel is definitely not the cheapest in town, but when you stay here, you can rest assured that everything is taken care of!

Casa Kiwi - Have fun and meet new friends

Casa Kiwi is a very nice hostel in Medellin with an excellent location. It’s located in the Poblado neighbourhood and it’s close to all the action, but still relatively quiet and relaxed.

It’s not a party hostel, but music is played in the bar until late at night.

There’s an on-site restaurant, a rooftop bar, and a pool table. There is, however, no kitchen to prepare your own meals. Breakfast is not included in the room price.

At Casa Kiwi, you can either get beds in a dorm or private rooms.

Hostal Cattleya - Best hostel in Laureles

Hostal Cattleya is one of the best hostels in Medellin, outside of Poblado. There are a few great reasons to stay in a different neighbourhood than Poblado and if you do, stay at Hostal Cattleya.

It’s located in the heart of La 70, the best area in Laureles. Within walking distance, you can quickly reach great bars, restaurants, shops, …

The hostel is neat, modern, and super clean. Beds are comfortable and this hostel has everything you might ever need.

Breakfast is not included, but there’s a kitchen you can use to prepare your own meals.

At Hostal Cattleya, you can either get super cheap dorm beds or cheap private rooms.

These are the Coolest Medellin Hostels

So! These are the very best hostels in Medellin city.

Depending on your personal travel style and wishes, personal favourites may vary.

Make sure to check out the different neighbourhoods and areas to see which fit you best.

Most travelers end up staying in Poblado, which is the most touristy and popular area of the entire city.

If you want to party and stay close to the action: book your stay in Los Patios Hostel.

Would you rather stay in a small and homely hostel? Choose Sugar Cane Hostel.

Or you want to know what all the other thousands of backpackers rave about the very best hostel in Medellin? Try the Black Sheep Hostel.

Last, but definitely not least… want to stay outside of the main tourist hub? Stay in Cattleya Hostel.

The neighbourhoods of Medellin

Since Medellin is such a large city, it has been divided into different neighbourhoods, each with their specific character.

El Centro or the downtown area is very lively and busy. You’ll see a lot of locals here as well as travelers and the Medellin city center can’t be missed. You’ll also find Parque Botero and the museum here.

Poblado, on the other hand, is a modern party area where accommodation is more expensive and the area feels a little unsafe at night. During the day, Poblado is perfect for shopping and finding great restaurants.

Laureles is more of a residential and quieter area, which is more laid back and you’ll still find some great bars and pubs here.

But of course, even the neighbourhoods are pretty massive and the same does not apply to every barrio in a neighbourhood. So if you want detailed information about the exact areas, continue reading this article about the Medellin neighbourhoods.

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5 Best backpacker hostels in Medellin - Where to stay in Medellin
5 Best backpacker hostels in Medellin - Where to stay in Medellin
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