10 Best Hong Kong Tours to book right now

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What we talk about in this article

Hong Kong is a weirdly fun destination in China, but actually, it’s not really China!

The city is an independent region in the People’s Republic of China and you don’t need the same visa to visit this exciting city.

We noticed that it can be difficult to find the best activities and places to visit if you don’t speak the language or didn’t have enough time to do extended research on your destination.

If you only have a few days to spend in the city, you might be looking to get the most out of your time there.

What better way to maximize your time, than doing a tour with a professional guide to show you the very best of Hong Kong?

That’s exactly why we decided to gather the very best Hong Kong tours in this article.

This way, you can get the best of a lot of things in a short amount of time!

We gathered the best walking tours, city tours, foodie tours, night tours, … and more!

So keep scrolling to see if any of these activities get you excited as well!

Hong Kong walking tours

Walking is an awesome way to discover a new city. That is, if you know where to walk!

We’ve been walking and walking for hours in some cities, without finding interesting stuff. Some cities are rather difficult to explore, especially if you start walking in the wrong direction, like we tend to do sometimes.

These walking tours in Hong Kong will guide you through the most interesting places and neighborhoods.

Free walking tour

Let’s start off with the free stuff!

Free walking tours have proven to be an awesome concept and they’re usually super popular.

In Hong Kong, HK Free Walk is definitely your best choice.

The tour has been awarded by TripAdvisor and has a certificate of excellence.

You can join these tours each day at different times and they also provide walking tours to different areas of the city.

There’s the Hong Kong Island walking tour, the Tsim Sha Tsui walking tour, and some days, there’s also a nightly tour.

Remember: the walking tour might be free, but you are expected to tip your guide at the end of the tour.

Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Different tours: Tsim Sha Tsui Tour – Hong Kong Island Tour – Night Tour

Discover modern Hong Kong

During this 2,5 hour tour in Hong Kong, you’ll learn a lot about the past and present of the city and the role China had during this past.

This is mostly a cultural tour and you can expect to be enlightened with tons of inside information about the city.

You also get a lot of chances to ask questions and the guides involved in this tour are very knowledgeable and professional.

Travelers absolutely love this walking tour!

Duration: 2,5 hours

Discover the dark side of Hong Kong

The dark side of Hong Kong can be found in the Kowloon district.

During this tour, you get to see how people in Hong Kong really live and the impact of rising prices in the city.

You’ll get to see different local markets in Kowloon and dig deep into the local live, which includes a lot of poverty and decline.

It’s important to know that this tour won’t show you the highlights of the city, but rather the dark side, as the name of the tour already suggests.

If you’re looking to explore the richness of the city and the glamourous buildings and areas, this is not the right tour to choose!

Duration: 3 hours

Hong Kong boat tours

The harbour of Hong Kong is one of the key features of the city. But aside from the harbour, a lot of water surrounds the city and there are quite a few cool boat tours you can book in order to see the harbour or the surrounding islands and inlets.

So you can’t really skip a boat tour when visiting Hong Kong!

Evening Cruise in a Chinese Junk Boat

When calling it a junk boat, you might not be really convinced to do this tour!

But actually, the junk boats are these iconic ships you see in every Victoria Harbour picture. They look ancient and super cool.

During this harbour cruise, you get to see how daytime Hong Kong turns into a magically lit nighttime Hong Kong, while relaxing with a complimentary cocktail.

There are several options for timing your trip, so you can either cruise in the evening or wait until dark before taking off.

Duration: 45 minutes

Hong Kong - Chinese Junk Boat
Photo by Wong on Unsplash

Victoria Harbour Symphony of Lights Cruise

Each night, you can witness the free light show at Victoria Harbour.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people gather on the shore of the harbour to see the spectacle of lights on the other side of the water.

The Victoria Harbour Symphony of Lights Cruise takes you away from the shore, on to one of the iconic Chinese Junk Boats to watch the light show.

If you want to get an extraordinary view on the light show, this cruise tour is the one for you!

Duration: 45 minutes

Cruise to Stanley in a Chinese Junk Boat

Stanley is the leasure side of Hong Kong Island. It’s less populated and has loads of cute bays and beautiful beaches.

During this cruise, you get to escape the bustle of the city for a few hours and explore some of the most beautiful areas of Hong Kong.

This boat tour takes you from Victoria Harbour to the other side of Hong Kong island, where you sail through some of the hundreds little islands with views over the rugged coastline.

After that, the ship makes way for the harbour, where you can explore the local markets, temples and the town for 2 hours before returning to Victoria Harbour.

Duration: 5 hours in total – 90 minutes boat ride

Hong Kong foodie tours

Hong Kong is an excellent destination for foodies, as well as, tea lovers.

You say tea? If you rather have your fabulous coffee, Hong Kong also has loads of great coffee shops!

Back to the food!

Who doesn’t dream of eating the very best Chinese food in an iconic place like Victoria Peak, where you can dine with an excellent view!

These are some of the best foodie tours in Hong Kong.

Secret Foods in Hong Kong

Explore the Hong Kong cuisine, which is a mix of Asian Chinese cuisine, with the input of food habits from all over the world. Hong Kong is truly a melt pot of cultures and people from all over the globe reside in this city. The result shows in the local cuisine.

During this tour, your group will be accompanied by a professional guide who takes you to 7 different places.

Obviously, there will be a lot of food tasting along the way!

If you happen to have allergies or food restrictions, you should definitely inform the tour company while booking the tour!

Duration: 3 hours

Hong Kong Street Food Tour

Opinions about street food are divided. Some only eat street food, while other are somewhat afraid of it!

With this street food tour, you may rest assured you’ll get the best and most tasty food there is to be found!

Explore local food stalls and find out where locals actually eat.

In Hong Kong, street food is an important aspect of daily life and with this tour, you’ll learn a lot about the types of food and their ingredients.

After this foodie tour, you’ll know where to go for delicious street food in the next days of your stay!

Duration: 4 hours

Get out of the city

Getting out of the busy city can be a relief sometimes. These tours take you into the nature that surrounds Hong Kong. They’re ideal if you have a few extra days to add to your Hong Kong itinerary.

Hike Dragon’s Back

The Dragon’s Back hike has been called Asia’s best urban hike by Times Magazine and hiking in Hong Kong is one of the best things to do in China, according to travel bloggers.

This half day hike takes you to Lamma Island, where you get some of the very best panoramic views in the area.

The hike is done with small groups of up to 9 people and a professional guide leads the way!

You start your trip in the city, as your group makes its way to the start of the hiking trail. So it’s not just the hike in the woods, but also an urban discovery on how to get out of the city.

After that, the trail leads you through hillsides and flower fields, into Shek O Country Park, where you start hiking the mountain ridge of the iconic Dragon’s Back.

Here’s where the spectacular panoramic views begin!

Duration: 4 to 5 hours

Lantau Sunset Tour

The Lantau sunset tour is one of the spectacular tours you can do while getting out of the city for a few hours.

Lantau island is mostly known for the giant Buddha statue and Po Lin Monastery.

But there’s more to this tour than just the sightseeing.

It starts with the ‘getting there’, which involves taking Asia’s longest bi-cable transportation. During this trip, you can expect to get some amazing views and scenery.

You also visit an old fishing village and stay around long enough to see the spectacular sunset.

On the island of Lantau, you can also discover a few gems like this secret beach!

Duration: 5,5 hours

The best Hong Kong Tours

This was our collection of the coolest and most interesting tours you can book in Hong Kong.

We hope you found the perfect excursion that will spice up your visit to this interesting city.

Aside from finding the very best tours and day trips, you can also find a lot of weird and cool souvenirs in Hong Kong, to take home with you and surprise your family or friends.

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10 Best Hong Kong Tours to book right now
10 Best Hong Kong Tours to book right now
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