How to Find great Accommodation everywhere

Finding accommodation that is clean and comfy as well as budget friendly, can be a real hassle.

Sure, there are so many hotels, hostels and guesthouses everywhere, it’s hard to see through the clutter and make a decision on where to stay.

Keep reading to find out how to find gems and more important: how to get the best prices for your room! 

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How to find the best accommodation - Budget Travel - Only Once Today

Where to find good budget accommodation


Everybody knows Airbnb. This platform turns every spare room into a guesthouse.

You can find different types of accommodation on this website.

Find a couch, a private room or an entire house to rent for a night, a month or even longer. There’s something for everyone.

Many places offer discounts when you book the accommodation for a longer period, making it perfect for digital nomads as well.

We enjoyed every stay through Airbnb and it’s the first place we check for a bed for the night when traveling. 

Get 35€ travel credit on your first Airbnb booking

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Best travel apps for Android and iPhone

The most used hotel booking platform is

While traveling we have found some nice last minute deals on this website.

If you’re a last-minute booker, you can find huge discounts on

They’re not only a good place to find hotels. has a wide range of hostel listings and guesthouses as well. You can even find apartments here. 

Find the best discounts on screenshot


Hostelworld lists hostels all over the world.

The starring system is pretty decent and gives you a perfect idea of the place.

We usually sort by price and look for authentic, quiet places within your budget limit.

Hostelworld is the most used website by backpackers for booking hostels.

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Find the hippest hostels

Stay with locals

House Sitting

Many house sitting platforms offer the possibility to housesit someone’s place and care for their plants or pets.

Housesitting is an excellent way of traveling and absorb a destination from within.

Live like a local while walking a dog through the streets and get to know a place inside and out.

The assignments vary in length and location.

Most of these platforms ask for a fee to join their program and the fee is well worth the money you save on accommodation later.

Most popular house sitting platforms are Trusted Housesitters, Mind My House and Nomador

Become a House Sitter and save on accommodation


This one is not for everyone, though it should be.

People tend to fear unknown hosts that aren’t hotels. Couchsurfing doesn’t necessarily have to be scary.

Hosts on the website have a profile and you choose who you want to contact.

You can read the experiences of other travelers and check host reviews. If there’s anything you don’t like, you just don’t contact that host.

Couchsurfing is a great way to experience a place through the eyes of a local, without spending too much money.

There are some policies a good traveler should follow.

Don’t be a freeloader, but attribute to an enriching experience for the host as well. You might find a friend for life.

Be part of the community

How to find the best accommodation - Budget Travel - Only Once Today
How to find the best accommodation - Budget Travel - Only Once Today

Hostel Shopping

If you’re a slow traveler or just have time to roam around, I recommend trying to shop for hostels or hotels on the spot.

We tried this after booking a hostel for one night. We spent the afternoon wandering around town and stepping into hostels asking for the price.

We ended up being excellent hagglers when we didn’t have a pack to carry!

Do you have any tips or tricks for finding great accommodation?