Do you dream of spending a night in a treehouse? A home boat maybe? Or a water mill? Nothing is too crazy to dream about. Chances are good you can actually do these somewhere in the world. Thanks to Airbnb a new world of accommodation possibilities has opened up and a lot of specialty lodging options are available on the website. We threw these cool Airbnb listings for less than 100€ together. All these listings are in Europe, which makes them perfect for an awesome European road trip or maybe even combine them with a lesbian festival trip!

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is an online platform which allows people to rent their spare room or apartment to travelers for a price they can estimate by themselves. This means hotel regulations don’t really apply and any place can become a part-time hotel. We are big fans of staying with local families and we use the platform a lot. We haven’t had any bad experiences so far and have enjoyed the local knowledge of families who live in the destination we visit. This gives us access to great information about nontouristy sights, transportation and much more. If you consider signing up for an Airbnb account, we can offer you a discount on your first booking with our link for friends. If you join through our special link, you will get a discount on your first booking and we will get a discount on our next booking as well.

Podrašnica – Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the charming woods of Bosnia Herzegovina, this wooden bungalow is a unique lodging option. For nature lovers and budget travelers, this listing is an excellent choice. Zelenkovac bungalows offer private cabins with the possibility to include all meals in their own little restaurant. If you’re hoping to get back in touch with nature and you’re looking for a laid-back relaxation time, this listing might be the perfect one for you.

Lombardy – Italy

If you’re looking for a room with a view, you just found it! This Airbnb listing in Lombardy, Italy has a pretty amazing view over the lake. Located close to one of the picturesque mountain villages in the north of Italy, this is a perfect hub for day trips in the region. The apartment accommodates up to six people and has multiple bathrooms, a kitchen, and living area. In summer, you can even take a swim in the pool.

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Umbria – Italy

This Old Tower in Umbria, Italy accommodates two people. This one-of-a-kind listing is a small, old tower with an amazing view over the nearby lake. It used to be an old stable which was abandoned. The current owner has restored it and now it’s available for rent on Airbnb.

Amsterdam – The Netherlands

Amsterdam is known for many things, the canals being one of these. That’s why Amsterdam is the perfect location to rent a ‘woonboot’. These cozy ships take you to the center of the action and they’re definitely a cool place to spend the night. This houseboat is located in the Jordaan area in the city center. This Airbnb listing is perfect for a romantic getaway in the city of sex, drugs and other things!

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Golejow – Poland

Poland is a lesser known destination and that’s why you can rent an entire fairytale castle for just a few € in Golejow. This castle can house up to 30 guests and the price is per guest, so it might not be a budget listing if you’re throwing a party. This place is an excellent location for a holiday with a couple of friends. The location is sublime and in the middle of nature.

Granbergsdal – Sweden

Ever dreamt of living on a deserted island? In Sweden, you can! Privacy is guaranteed on this small island. You can only access the accommodation by rowing boat and it’s a little back to basics. If you’re looking to get away from the daily hassle and take some time to catch up on reading, this is the place for you. The house has room for 10 guests and it has all basic amenities.

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Galway – Ireland

This 200-year-old church in Ireland has been restored and is available through Airbnb. You can book a room with private bathroom in this church. This place breathes history and has left many guests in awe before.

Andalusia – Spain

These Geodesic domes are a different design of the iglo and they look a little futuristic. Other dome shapes are available on the domain. All of the accommodations are secluded and offer a great view over the valley. The main house on the domain is an old and restored country house which also has rooms for rent. With a location in the far south of Spain, chances on sun are pretty high.

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Wales – UK

This train carriage is located directly at the sea near Aberport in Wales. This remodeled railway carriage still has a lot of the old school features it had before, but now it’s a guesthouse too. The location by the beach is superb and the view is amazing. This unusual Airbnb listing has a quiet and secluded location, but don’t worry: there’s wifi available!

Spice up your trip to Europe by staying in one of these cool Airbnb listings in Europe. They’re not too heavy on your budget and the setting of these accommodation options might just add a little extra flavor to your trip. Airbnb is bulking with opportunities like these and if you take some time to research the platform, you will probably find dozens of other listings that might interest you a lot! We can’t deny being big fans of the concept and we never travel without first checking Airbnb. We also have a discount code for your first booking, so before you sign up, check this link to claim your 35€ discount!

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