Even though Hungary is a large and diverse country in Central Europe, most visitors travel to Hungary in order to visit the beautiful capital Budapest.

But there’s more to see and do besides the ever popular capital and you can find quite a few interesting cities in Hungary.

We had some time to explore parts of the country.

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Even though we haven’t had a chance to visit all of these cities, we have put these interesting places on our list.

12 Cool Cities in Hungary - Top places to visit in Hungary

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Budapest is the capital of Hungary.

I don’t believe we need to convince anyone to visit this beautiful city. Over the last few years, Budapest has grown out to become one of the most popular capitals in Europe and one of the top places to visit in Hungary.

Travelers enjoy Budapest a lot as a European Citytrip destination.

Located on the banks of the Danube River, Budapest offers magnificent views over the river. In Budapest, you’ll also find many cool and interesting ruin bars to visit. The capital of Europe has been the cultural capital of the area. Budapest has something for every type of traveler.

There’s tons of culture, history, and beautiful sights. The nightlife is pretty awesome as well!

Where to stay in Budapest

The Continental Hotel Budapest offers luxury for an affordable price tag. They have a rooftop swimming pool and a wellness center.

Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge Hotel sits in one of the best locations in town. This place is all about luxury and being pampered.

For budget travelers, we recommend the super cool and popular Activity Hostel where you can get cheap dorm beds in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Maverick City Lodge is a very cool hostel which has dorm beds, as well as, private rooms.

Budapest - 12 Cool Cities in Hungary - Top places to visit in Hungary
Boldogko Castle Hungary - Impressive Stronghold with a Whimsical View


This slightly smaller city in the North-East of Hungary is also a popular tourist destination and one of the most beautiful places in Hungary. Eger is a beautiful and ancient town where you can stroll the old streets for hours. Or sit in the town square, looking out over the city castle.

When visiting Eger, make sure to visit the sturdy fortress and the ’City under the city’ cellar of Eger…

Where to stay in Eger

The Senator House in Eger is perfectly located in the most charming street of the entire town, right next to the Castle of Eger. It sits in an 18th-century building and guests absolutely love it! This is, by far, the best accommodation in Eger.

Eger- 12 Cool Cities in Hungary - Top places to visit in Hungary


Pécs is one of the largest cities to visit in Hungary, located not too far from the Croatian border. This city is one of the most ancient and historic cities in Hungary. It was a settlement during Celtic times and officially founded during the Roman empire. The city offers a lot of interesting things to see and do.

With a location on a few hours from Budapest, you can easily visit Pécs day trip from the capital. In Pécs, you can visit the castle, mosque, cathedral, and other historic buildings.

Where to stay in Pécs

In Pécs, the Hotel Palatinus City Center is an absolute traveler favorite! It’s unbelievable that you can sleep in a place like this for so little money! It’s set in an ancient building in the heart of the city.

Adele Boutique Hotel is just a little more expensive, but it’s also more modern and airy.

Pecs- 12 Cool Cities in Hungary - Top places to visit in Hungary

Photo on Pixabay – Pécs Historic Centre

Suba Lyuk - Stone Age Cave in the Hungarian Bükk Mountains


In the North West of Hungary, you can visit the beautiful city of Gyor, which is one of the most important cities in the country. Gyor is a great stop along the way between cities like Budapest, Bratislava, and Vienna. If you like exploring castles and historic buildings, Gyor is one of the most interesting cities to visit in Hungary.

Gyor is also called ‘The city of Rivers’ because of the rivers meeting each other near the city. This medieval town is charming and fun to be in. Aside from the dozens of cultural sites, the Old Town of Gyor is an interesting and beautiful sight.

Where to stay in Gyor

The Barokk Hotel Promenade in Gyor is centrally located in the best area of the city and offers stylish, luxurious rooms.

Eden Center Home is a little more budget-friendly and it’s also located in one of the best areas in town. This hotel tends to sell out quickly!

Visegrad Castle at the Danube Bend - Look out over the mighty Danube


A little further away from the capital, Gyula is an amazing place to visit in the Hungarian grasslands. Be prepared to see wildlife and tons of different bird species on the ‘puszta’. Gyula is a smaller Hungarian city located in the South East of the country, next to the border with Romania.

Explore the wide-open plains or enjoy some chill time in the thermal baths in town. Gyula is a great getaway from the busier and larger places in Hungary. But it is, however, one of the highlights of Hungary. Did I mention Gyula also has an awesome castle/stronghold?

Where to stay in Gyula

When visiting Gyula, you should not skip the thermal baths, so why not stay in the Wellness Hotel Gyula? This hotel is super close to the castle and on top of that… it has a huge wellness area, which is included in the room price.

Komlo Hotel Gyula is your top pick for a romantic getaway with your lover. This hotel is cozy, romantic, and it also has a wellness area.

Kasteel van Gyula - Mooiste Kastelen in Hongarije

Gyula Castle – Image on Pixabay

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Balatonfüred /Siofok

Siofok and Balatonfüred are two perfect holiday destinations in Hungary. Both are located on the banks of Lake Balaton, which is stunning all year round. These Hungarian cities thrive in summer when campings and hotels are heavily visited by families visiting the lake. These cities are obviously great to visit with kids. During the summertime, loads of water activities can be done, but you can also find culture and beautiful sights. Lake Balaton isn’t far from Budapest.

Choosing between these two cities at Lake Balaton can be difficult. Balatonfüred is more touristy and busy. It also offers more activities. Siofok also has loads of stuff to see and we chose Siofok over Balatonfüred, because of the stunning sunsets!

Lake Balaton accommodation

When looking for Lake Balaton Hotels in Balatonfüred, Aura Hotel is an awesome choice to get that awesome holiday feeling. Enjoy the beach, as well as, the various swimming pools, wellness area, and the on-site restaurant.

In Siofok, check out the Topart Hotel, which is located out of town, but has a wellness center and lake access.

Or choose the luxurious lifestyle for an affordable price in the Mala Garden Design Hotel, an absolute traveler favorite! This hotel is perfect for romance!

Siofok - 12 Cool Cities in Hungary - Top places to visit in Hungary
Lillafüred - Romantic getaway in the Hungarian mountains


This highlight in Hungary is rather a town than a city, but it is a nice place to visit and it’s just too cute. This small mountain village can be found in the only Eastern Hungarian mountain range: Bükk mountains. Lillafüred has a lot to offer to its visitors. That’s why we wrote a guide about visiting the town and the things you can do in Lillafüred.

Where to stay in Lillafüred

In Lillafüred, we definitely recommend staying in the Hunguest Hotel Palota, which is located inside Lillafüred Castle. The hotel is perfect for couples, as well as families and it has on-site restaurants and wellness facilities.

Feel like a royal in the Hanging Garden of Lillafüred


The town of Héviz is a spa town near Lake Balaton. In Héviz, you can swim in the largest thermal lake in Europe and the second largest in the world. Lake Héviz is around 4,4 hectare large and it’s healthy to swim in. Water temperature in Lake Héviz is around 24 degrees Celsius on the coldest days of the year. In summer, the temperature rises up to 37 degrees Celsius.

This area and especially the lake has been used by humans since the stone age. Ancient tribes already understood the positive effects of the healing water. Thanks to the constant hot water flow, all of the water in the lake is refreshed every 72 hours.

Where to stay at Lake Hévis

Lake Hévis is another wellness destination where thermal baths are the main attraction.

Bonvital Hotel Hévis is an adults-only complex where you can expect to be pampered. With its excellent location near the lake and its superior, included wellness facilities, you can’t go wrong with this hotel! Breakfast and dinner are also included in the room price.

The Lotus Therme Hotel & Spa offers world-class accommodation and wellness arrangements for an affordable price near Lake Hévis. Travelers are super excited about this hotel!

Hévíz- 12 Cool Cities in Hungary - Top places to visit in Hungary
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Viségrad is one of the ancient, but cool places in Hungary. For a long time, it was called home by different kings of Hungary. At this time, it’s possible to visit the summer palace of King Matthias. The town has a beautiful location at the Danube Bend and it’s a cozy place to visit or stay a while. Just like the area around Lake Héviz, cultures seem to thrive in this area and it has been inhabited since the Bronze Age.

One of the highlights of Viségrad is the Castle of Viségrad, which offers amazing views over the Danube Bend. But the town is also a great place to spend a few days or even weeks!

Where to stay in Visegrad

The Royal Club Hotel provides a wellness center with various sauna’s, a salt chamber, and swimming pools. They also offer a billiard table, table soccer, table tennis, … Visitors could stay here forever!

Hotel Viségrad is a place of relaxation and luxury. The Hotel has an inside and outside swimming pool, sauna, and as a surplus: a hot tub with views over the Danube. Could you wish for anything else? In the summertime, they organize medieval tournaments.

Visegrad Castle - View over the Danube Bend
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The city of Vác is located on the banks of the Danube, near Viségrad. It’s a popular resort town for locals, as well as tourists and there are quite a few attractions for visitors. In Vác, you can find museums, churches, wineries and loads of beautiful sights.

Vác is located north of Budapest and you can visit it in a daytrip or stay a few days in this popular Hungarian destination.

Where to stay in Vac

The Bellevue Vendégház Guesthouse in Vac is an all-time traveler favorite accommodation in Vac. This guesthouse is located in the center of the city and offers views over the Danube. This top-rated accommodation is the best choice when spending the night in Vac.


This place is more of a village than a city, but it’s very worthy of your time. The authentic village of Hollókő is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Houses are built in an interesting and cute manner. Hollókő is a very beautiful looking place where you can easily spend a day or more.

The village is built at the foot of a castle and is bulking with culture and folklore.

Where to stay in Hollókő

Hollókő is a quite small town, but still, it offers world-class accommodation for travelers. Castellum Hotel Hollókő offers everything you can wish for: a wellness center and spa, a swimming pool, fitness center, delicious food, and an excellent location in the village center.

Hollókő- 12 Cool Cities in Hungary - Top places to visit in Hungary

Photo on Pixabay – Holloko

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Gödöllő is another Hungarian city that has been thriving for centuries. The area was inhabited in the Stone Age. Later it became the home of aristocratic families before it became the summer residence of royal families.

Currently, the Royal Palace of Gödöllő is one of the main tourist attractions in this city. But there are other highlights to visit, like the World Peace Gong, the town market and a few interesting buildings.

Where to stay in Gödöllő

Hotel Queen Elizabeth Superior is the absolute best accommodation in Gödöllő City. This hotel offers free access to its wellness center and it has an excellent location inside a beautiful building in the center of town.

12 Cool places to visit in Hungary

Planning a trip to Hungary? These are our top picks for places to visit in Hungary. We’re in the process of discovering the diverse country of Hungary our self and we have a lot more information about Hungary coming up in the future.

For now, these are the best cities in Hungary to visit right now!

Have you been to some of these places? Do you know other interesting places in Hungary? Let us know in the comment section.

Bory Castle - Fairytale castle in a daytrip from Budapest

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