DIY LGBT Couple Photography

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As a lesbian travel couple, we like cool pics just as much as everyone else. I just love to see a cute picture of the two of us. But that isn’t always easy to do. I don’t like to give my camera to a stranger in the street and only shooting selfies is not really the way to go, is it? We just have too many selfies (see below). So what are the possibilities to take a cute selfie of the two of you without the picture featuring your arm? See how we do it! 

Take a lot of pictures of each other

Even though you might be aiming for great couple photography, it never hurts to have pictures of your love as well. You never know you might be able to match them later. Taking pictures of each other can be a casual thing or you can organize your own little photoshoot. Both have their purpose and you never know when you will get that future profile pic. We take pictures of each other with all of our cameras, depending on which one is closest to hand. 

Don’t stop taking selfies!

We love taking a selfie to remember good times. We take them in crowded minibusses, in tuctucs, on the beach or the gay pride. These photos aren’t usually the same quality as pictures taken with other cameras since we usually use the front camera of our smartphone to take these. Some are taken with a GoPro which has better quality. Even though the quality is lower, we still think these photos take us back to that place and time and we love having them in our house! 

Set up your camera for couple photography

This is one of our favorites! We love taking pictures of the both of us to remind us of the wonderful times we’ve had and to inspire us to keep moving forward. Some of these are taken in stunning locations, while others were shot in our own living room. Setting up your camera for timed photography isn’t difficult and it’s very fun to do. You can use a tripod to hold your camera, but we never travel with a tripod. We try to be creative when installing our camera, but a lot of times, we just put it on a small wall or a backpack.

So, these are our tips to make romantic couple photography. Whether it’s lesbian couple photography or not, these ideas might inspire you to make your own set of cute pictures. Let us know how you like our pictures or check out our Instagram profile for more lesbian travel photography.

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