6 Tasty Cooking Classes in Antigua Guatemala

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What we talk about in this article

There is no better way to get to know a country than through its dishes and food. Guatemala is the perfect example for that. Their cuisine is so completely different from ours (in Belgium) that there is a lot to learn in order to spice up your own cooking skills. 

Following one or more of these cooking classes in Antigua Guatemala is the perfect way to finetune your skills and learn about Guatemala.

These are 7 cooking classes you can take in Antigua. Some of them teach you how to cook a specific dish, while others include a visit to the local market with information about selecting the right ingredients. Have a look at our selection!

1. Cuscun Authentic Guatemalan Cooking Class in Antigua

Experience the rich flavors of Guatemala by taking a hands-on cooking class in Antigua. Step into a local cooking school located in the quaint village of Jocotenango and unlock the secrets of traditional Guatemalan cuisine. This is more than just a cooking class; it’s an immersive cultural journey where you get to learn, cook, and taste Guatemalan classics under the guidance of the expert chefs, Carolina and Iris.

Why Choose this Cooking Class?

  • Authentic Guatemalan Cooking Experience: Dive deep into the heart of Guatemalan flavors as you prepare well-loved dishes such as Pepián, Jocón, Kak’ik, Subanik, Tamales, Chiles Rellenos, and delicious Guatemalan desserts. Vegetarian options are also available, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
  • Learn from Local Chefs: Swap restaurant dining for a unique opportunity to cook alongside local chefs. Our cooking class not only teaches you how to make traditional dishes but also introduces you to local cooking techniques, culture, and the everyday life of Jocotenango.
  • Spectacular Dining Settings: After cooking, enjoy your culinary creations on our rooftop terrace with breathtaking views of the Agua Volcano or in a colonial-style dining room that adds to the authenticity of your experience.
  • Travel in Style: Begin and end your cooking adventure with authentic Guatemalan travel experiences — choose between a traditional pickup truck or a vibrant chicken bus. We offer convenient pick-up services from your hotel, hostel, or family accommodation in downtown Antigua.

Example meals you learn to cook in this class:

  • Pepián: A rich and hearty meat stew thickened with seeds and spices.
  • Jocón: A green chicken stew made with tomatillo and cilantro.
  • Kak’ik: A traditional Mayan turkey soup with a spicy, aromatic broth.
  • Subanik: A ceremonial Mayan dish with meat, vegetables, and a unique spice blend.
  • Tamales: Corn dough parcels filled with meat or sweet fillings, steamed in banana leaves.
  • Chiles Rellenos: Stuffed peppers with a mix of meat and vegetables, coated in egg and fried.
  • Guatemalan Desserts: Indulge in sweets like rellenitos, torrejas, and flan.

The organizer: Cuscun

People at Cuscun have a passion for more than just cooking. The aim is to provide an authentic glimpse into Guatemalan culture and cuisine. Whether one is a food enthusiast looking to expand their culinary skills or a traveler eager for a unique cultural experience, their cooking class in Antigua is the perfect way to taste and learn about the true flavors of Guatemala.

By joining the unforgettable cooking class in Antigua, participants can bring the taste of Guatemala into their kitchen. Reserving a spot today allows individuals to embark on a culinary adventure that goes beyond the typical tourist experience.

2. Cuscun Guatemalan Cooking Class and Market Tour

Dive into the heart of Guatemalan culture and culinary arts with a small-group cooking class at Cuscun Cooking School in Antigua, now featuring an exclusive market tour. One can kickstart their culinary adventure by visiting the local market with a guide to select the freshest ingredients, herbs, and spices. Under the expert guidance of a local chef, participants roll up their sleeves in the kitchen to prepare traditional Guatemalan dishes such as ‘tamales,’ ‘pepián’ (meat stew), or ‘chiles rellenos’ (stuffed chilies).

This immersive experience offers a choice of morning (lunch) or afternoon (dinner) sessions, including hassle-free pickup and drop-off from one’s Antigua accommodation. The small group size ensures personalized attention from the instructor.

Why Choose this Cooking Class?

  • Experience the authentic flavors of Guatemala through hands-on cooking and market tour.
  • Learn from a local chef who will share their knowledge and passion for traditional Guatemalan cuisine.
  • Enjoy a small group setting for personalized attention and an intimate learning experience.
  • Receive hassle-free pickup and drop-off from your Antigua accommodation.
  • Take home new skills to add to your culinary


Every tour begins with an authentic local experience, traveling either by pickup truck or chicken bus. The Guatemalan Cooking Class, enhanced with a Market Tour, starts either in the morning or afternoon. Your host, Joaquin, will guide you through the bustling market of Antigua. There, you’ll immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Guatemalan produce, learning about local fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and buying fresh ingredients from local vendors for your cooking class.

Example meals you learn to cook in this class:

  • Tamales: traditional steamed corn dough parcels
  • Pepián: rich and hearty meat stew
  • Chiles rellenos: deliciously stuffed chilies
  • Guacamole: fresh avocado dip, Guatemalan style
  • Rellenitos: sweet plantain desserts filled with beans

The organizer: Cuscun

At Cuscun, they dive deep into the heart of Guatemalan culture and cuisine, offering an authentic glimpse into the country’s rich traditions. Perfect for culinary enthusiasts looking to expand their skills and travelers seeking a unique cultural experience, their cooking class in Antigua is a must-try. It’s not just any class; it’s an adventure that combines the authenticity of their traditional classes with an exciting market tour, allowing participants to immerse themselves in local culture. This addition makes learning to cook Guatemalan cuisine even more special. Reserve a spot now and embark on a culinary journey that goes beyond the typical tourist experience.

3. Foodietenango Cooking Class & Market Tour

Immerse yourself in the heart of local culture with our one-of-a-kind cooking class. Dive into a culinary journey that begins at a vibrant local market, where you’ll handpick exotic ingredients, some of which might be entirely new to you. This experience goes beyond just savoring delicious meals; it’s about mastering the art of preparation.

Why This Cooking Class is So Special:

  • Authentic Local Experience: Start with a market tour to select fresh ingredients, guided by a local expert.
  • Stunning Location: Enjoy the class in our rooftop studio, offering panoramic views of mountains and a majestic volcano.
  • Cultural Immersion: Gain insights into the local way of life and culinary traditions.
  • Community Connection: Feel a sense of belonging as you cook and eat with others who share a passion for food.

Perfect for both culinary enthusiasts and travellers seeking to enrich their cultural understanding, this class promises an unforgettable journey through taste and tradition. Join us to create lasting memories and acquire new cooking skills.

Example of a menu you'll learn to cook

  • Starter: Tostadas, Dobladas – Authentic local snacks
  • Main Dishes: Pepián, Subanik, Jocón
  • Dessert: Rellenitos, Torrejas – Always save room for dessert!

The organizer: Foodietenango

Foodietenango, meaning “Place where there is food,” is a cooking school in Guatemala focused on more than just teaching cooking techniques. It aims to provide unique experiences that immerse participants in the local gastronomy, culture, and traditions. They offer authentic experiences that allow individuals to eat like locals, learn about the culture and history, and live the local experience, emphasizing the authentic and unique aspects of Guatemala.

4. Make your own Mayan Pepian - Kukul Tales Cooking class

Dive into the heart of Guatemalan culture by learning to cook one of its most emblematic dishes, Pepian. This cooking class offers you a unique opportunity to master the Mayan San Antonio Aguas Calientes recipe – a very specific dish.

Why choose this cooking class

  • Immersive Cultural Experience: Dive deep into Guatemalan culture with a hands-on Mayan cooking class, where you learn time-honored traditions and cook authentic recipes not found in any restaurant.
  • Explosion of Flavors: Master the art of creating Pepian with ancient techniques for a rich, savory experience, showcasing the depth of Mayan culinary heritage.
  • Sustainable and Ethical: Support local Mayan communities and sustainable food tourism, promoting fair wages and the preservation of indigenous traditions.
  • Complete Culinary Journey: More than just cooking, it’s about crafting and enjoying a traditional meal with fellow food lovers, offering a comprehensive Mayan Pepian dining experience.

Learn how to make Pepian

Pepian, a rich and thick soup, combines roasted ingredients to create an unparalleled explosion of flavors, a testament to ancient Mayan cooking techniques. Our class goes beyond just teaching you how to make Chicken Mayan Pepian; it serves it traditionally with rice or corn tamales, offering a full culinary experience.

The organizer: Kukul Tales

Kukul Tales is dedicated to sustainable food tourism, working with Mayan communities and Guatemalan producers to offer culinary experiences that showcase the essence of Guatemalan culture. Beyond mere cooking classes, they immerse participants in the rich culinary heritage of Guatemala, ensuring fair wages and promoting indigenous traditions.

The cooking studio is located at 1st Avenue South House 4B, easily found across from Fermento Restaurant on Google Maps. It offers a hands-on cooking experience in a convenient setting.

5. Guatemalan Bean to Bar, Cacao and Chocolate Experience

Dive into the rich history of Guatemalan chocolate with a unique bean-to-bar experience. The Mayan people of Guatemala, known for harvesting some of the finest cacao seeds, continue a tradition that yields exceptional chocolate.

Participants will learn to create a sacred Mayan cacao drink from scratch, using authentic methods passed down through generations. Enjoy tasting four types of high-quality Guatemalan chocolate, each with a distinct flavour profile shaped by the origin of the cacao seeds and their specific roasting process.

Why choose this workshop

  • Authentic Mayan Cacao Drink: Prepare a sacred Mayan cacao beverage, immersing in the traditional flavors and techniques.
  • Professional Chocolate Tasting: Experience a professional tasting session featuring four premium, single-origin Guatemalan chocolates. Discover how terroir and roasting methods influence each chocolate’s profile.
  • Discover Chocolate’s True Flavors: Understand the bean-to-bar process and the global renown of Guatemalan chocolate for its quality. This experience will transform the way chocolate is viewed, making it hard to return to commercial brands.


Explore the deep roots of Guatemalan chocolate culture. After delving into the world of high-quality cacao, an appreciation for artisanal chocolate will be forever changed.

6. Coffee Workshop in Antigua Guatemala

Participating in a coffee workshop shares a delightful kinship with attending cooking classes, where the magic lies not just in the ingredients but in the passion and precision of the craft. This unique experience, much like a cooking class, fosters a deeper appreciation for the process behind the final product, turning an everyday ritual into an act of mindful creation and discovery.

Discover the Art of Coffee Brewing with Colonial Travel Agency. Dive into the world of coffee through Colonial Travel Agency’s interactive coffee brewing workshop. Participants will master the secrets to brewing the perfect cup as they explore various techniques under the guidance of a Professional Barista.

Participants will learn the intricacies of each method and the art of coffee extraction to achieve their ideal cup. The hands-on approach ensures a comprehensive understanding, from the basics of brewing to advanced tips and tricks.

What’s Included

  • Comprehensive introduction and step-by-step brewing demonstrations.
  • All necessary brewing equipment provided for use during the workshop.
  • Coffee tasting session to explore different flavors.
  • 400 grams of specialty Guatemalan coffee beans, celebrated for their exceptional quality.
  • Deep dive into the 8 distinct coffee regions of Guatemala and the attributes of specialty versus commercial coffee.


This workshop, hosted by Colonial Travel Agency, offers participants an informative and unforgettable experience, celebrating the exquisite world of Guatemalan coffee culture.

Selecting the best Antigua cooking class

If you’re in doubt about which cooking class you should follow in Guatemala, then I can give you a few recommendations!

First of all, if you have the extra hour to spare, select a cooking class which also takes you to the local market. Visiting the market with you cooking instructor is invaluable. You get to ask questions and learn a lot about how to select the best ingredients for your dish. Plus, local cooks can also show you the products you don’t know, as there are plenty when visiting a market abroad. 

So yes, take the market visit as an interesting extra!

Then, when it comes to the dishes you learn to prepare, all of the cooking classes we mention include traditional Guatemalan or Mayan food. So, you can’t really go wrong there. Select any of the cooking classes and you’re sure to get an interesting day ahead!

Cuscus, Foodietenango, and Kukal Tales are all well-known and respectable cooking schools in Antigua and around. 

Maybe you have a special interest in chocolate or coffee, or both, like many of us. In that case, the Bean to Bar Chocolate Experience might be interesting. We enjoyed making our own chocolate a lot when travelling.

We hope you find the perfect cooking class where you not only have an amazing time, but also learn a new skill.

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