How to choose your luggage – Luggage Buying Guide

As former backpackers, we always doubt about which luggage to choose for different trips. It definitely depends on the type of trip you’re planning, which luggage is best. We’ll explain the different types of luggage and tell you which luggage

General Tips

Guided Tour vs Independent Travel

For us, this has been an ever-recurring question and opinions are divided about the subject. Should you travel with a guided tour or would you rather travel solo? We have put the pro’s and con’s together and make a list of

Schengen visa - How to get it
General Tips

Schengen Visa – How to get it – Complete Guide

Schengen Area and Schengen Visa have improved traveling experiences to Europe. It is now a lot easier to visit multiple countries and there is less hassle when planning a trip to Europe. The rules and restrictions are supposed to be