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The Celtic country of Ireland is part of the Great Brittain area, but the Southern part of the island has been an independent region since the early 20th century. Northern Ireland, on the other hand, is still officially a part of the United Kingdom. We’re not really into discussing politics and border regions and we consider the entire island of Ireland as Ireland… and it is definitely a beautiful one!

Capital Dublin is a frequently visited city where you’ll always be able to find a good party or a cozy typical pub. Aside from cities, Ireland has a lot of stunning nature to offer with its famous Cliffs of Moher and a lot of stops on the Wild Atlantic Way.

You can get around in Ireland by bus or train and you can even board one of the most luxurious trains in the world here. But the best method is probably renting a car in order to get to more secluded landscapes and destinations where you can be all by yourself and surround by the rugged landscape Ireland has to offer. Ireland lends itself perfectly for a legendary road trip!

Ireland is an LGBT friendly country and you can attend a pride event in Dublin each year. Ireland also has some opportunities for a romantic lesbian getaway in lesbian owned accommodation.




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