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Iceland is an immensely popular and beautiful island in the north of Europe. The last few years tourism in Iceland has grown exponentially and there’s a good reason why. Iceland is a country of natural beauty and extremes. You’ll find the most beautiful waterfalls and scenery on this remote island in the north of the Atlantic Ocean. The remote landscapes that you can find in Iceland have also been used to film movies like some scenes in Star Wars movies, James Bond movies, and of course… Game of Thrones!

Only 10% of Iceland is covered with glaciers and it sometimes seems as if Iceland and Greenland should have switched names. But still, Iceland has a mostly northern location, just south of the Arctic Circle and some nights in Spring nights never really sets in before the sun comes up again.

The most popular method of traveling around Iceland is by renting a minibus or campervan and slowly make way via the Ring Road that goes all the way around the island. If you’re a quick traveler or you just don’t have a lot of time, 9 days should be enough to travel all the way around, but if you have a little extra time to spare, 2 to 3 weeks should be a better timeframe to see all the best of Iceland.

Iceland is an LGBT friendly country and it has a cozy pride event each year in August!


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