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England is a part of the Island of Great Britain which again is a part of the United Kingdom.

In the north, it shares a border with Scotland and in the west with Wales. It is separated from the rest of Europe by the North Sea and the English Channel. The Irish sea separates England from Ireland in the west.

A great part of the landscape is made up out of grasslands and some small hills. The North and the west of the country have more mountains. The famous Pennines mountain range which is about 400 km long divides a big part of the country in an east and west part of the mountain range. The highest peak is around 890 meters and lies in the Cumbria district.

As it is almost completely surrounded by water there is a big shoreline with a lot of beaches to visit.

Getting around in England is pretty easy as there is a wide range of transportation possibilities to choose from. Big motorways connect the most important cities in England. Buses can take you easily through the whole country and also train travel is a widely used resource to get from A to B.

England is very LGBT-friendly. The LGBT community has overall the same rights as everyone else in the country. You can celebrate Pride every year at the London Pride Festival.  


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